Chris Cleveland: FiCP Twitter King

Don’t know about you – but we can’t watch a Caps game without having Twitter open. And for one of our writers, Chris Cleveland, he can’t watch a game without tweeting.


He is hilarious! He gets right into it and isn’t afraid to call it like he sees it. That usually means he may also start a twitter-war — like with Alan May. Click here to read the full story.

It gets really funny when he tweets for us and answers as himself. Or when other members of the FiCP take him on.


Chris seems to be everywhere and he also tweets about DC sports from his own twitter account, so follow him there too. He has run into Caps players at Wizard’s games. He tweets from Caps practice. And he tweets from Caps home games. He is master of all things social media!!dsc_0326



If you want insider information on getting Caps autographs and photos at Kettler – Chris is your man.

Any way you slice it – Chris is one of the many reasons you should follow us on twitter. Join in the fun. Share your views. Who knows, they might even end up in an article later…


If you want more  of Chris on FiCP – give us a follow on Twitter: @inColdPlacesDC

And follow Chris on is own Twitter account: @swisschris19