New Caps Pick-a-Seat Process

Washington Capitals season ticket holders (STH) were notified today that the process to move their seats is changing this season. And it’s gonna be a mess!!!

Traditionally, STHs come into the arena at a designated time, based upon their length of time as a STH. They are allowed to walk around and see which seats are available throughout the arena. It helps to imagine the view of the ice from your seat as well as number of steps up or down to your seat.

Additionally, fans are allowed to purchase additional seats. It has been a one-step process of moving and adding or sitting tight and adding.

This year; however, because of the renovations underway at Capital One fans will not be able to enter the arena. All transactions will be on-line or over the phone with one’s representative. And, the process is a two-step now. Move your seat online and then call your rep and hope you can get through to add seats.

That means waiting for your turn during your time slot in hopes that what you see online is still available. Good luck!

We wish all our reps well during this time. Try to remain calm and cool friends. We all remember flaring tempers during the viewing party fiasco.

Caps Fans Come Together for Post-Game Skate

Even after the dull loss at this afternoon’s Blue Jackets at Capitals game, Caps fans found a way to have fun. Shortly after the game, season ticket holders were invited down into the ice to skate freely.

The ice was packed with fans of all ages and all varieties of skating skills, from amateur to expert. Skaters also had access to the home and away benches, while those who preferred to not be on the ice relaxed in the seats.

Some special guests were on the ice, as well, like a few of the Red Rockers and Air Slapshot.

img_5284 Not only did fans get the opportunity to skate on Capitals ice, they also were able to participate in a raffle. Some of the items given away were a Justin Williams signed puck (which yours truly won), a few other signed picks, some signed sticks, and a couple signed jerseys, one of which was signed by the whole team.

Overall, it was a fun chance for season ticket holders to get together and share in their love for the Caps and hockey, in general.

Washington Capitals Weekly: 24 to 30 October 2016

The Caps have three games this week; all in Canada  They will be in town for a couple practice sessions and a a Season Ticket Holder’s event before heading north. Check the times below because we have some late nights ahead of us.

Game Schedule

Wednesday, 26 October at the Edmonton Oilers, 9:30 pm on CSN-DC

Saturday, 29 October at the Vancouver Canucks,  10 pm on CSN-DC

Sunday, 30 October, at the Calgary Flames, 9:30 pm on CSN-DC

Practice/Morning Skate (Schedule subject to change)

Monday Practice at Caps Kettler Iceplex at 10:30

Tuesday Practice  at Caps Kettler Iceplex at 10:30

Wednesday Morning Skate at Rogers Place, 11:30

Thursday the Caps have the Day OFF

Friday Practice To Be Announced

Special Events

The Washington Capitals will host their annual Season Ticket Holders Member Party on Monday evening at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Fans will be taking pictures and getting autographs and your FiCP team will be there to bring you all the news!

Caps Movie Night at Verizon Center


Monumental Sports hosted a movie night for their season ticket holders on Tuesday night. After spending the day at development camp we headed there. How exciting to go watch a movie in the same place you watch your favorite team play!!

Tuesday’s movie was Star Wars The Force Awakens. How fitting for me. My Dad took me to seethe original Star Wars in movie theaters at least 20 times when I was little and we also shared a love for hockey,  I wrote an article on Father’s Day telling how my Dad had passed away last July and I became a season ticket holder for the Caps to be closer to my Dad, because his spirit is definitely in the Verizon Center!  I could feel his presence tonight just like the force in Star Wars.

imageMonumental employees checked us in. All Caps, Wizards and Mystic season ticket holders were invited to watch a movie, take part in special themed events like storm trooper bowling, Jedi target training and a light saber ring toss. There; were hot dogs, mini slider hamburgers, popcorn, candy and drinks before the movie–all for free.. Specialty mixed drinks were available for purchase to those over 21 years old. We  were all given blow up light sabers that lit up in blue and red, ’cause you are never too hold for a light-up saber!!.  The telscreen played the movie for us as a few hundred people  sat in the sections behind where the players benches are usually. Tuesday it was set up for Mystics basketball.

What a great opportunity to not only see a free movie, but to be at Verizon for a different setting.  As I waited for the movie to start, I kept thinking about all the great moments Verizon center has seen from our Washington Caps hockey team. The one that stuck out the most tonight was Ovi scoring his 500th goal and how Verizon was rocking like I never had seen before . So many more great memories to come.. image

Star Wars the force awakens did not disappoint, it was action from start to finish and a few tears for me.If you haven’t seen it, I won’t give anything away!  I can tell you that I can’t wait for the next Star Wars movie! i  can only hope I get to see the next movie in a great venue like Verizon center again.. Hint hint ..Monumental network!

From Russia with Love: Kuzy, Dima, and Stan

Season Ticket Holders were treated to a rare private session with three of the Washington Capitals four Russian players in honor of Russian Heritage Night at the Verizon Center Tuesday night. The boys were in great moods coming off a night in which Alex Ovechkin, on an assist from Evgeny Kuznetsov, scored the game winning goal in overtime. Jovial doesn’t even come close to explaining Kuzy’s mood!!

watermarked photo 4 (2016-03-16-1133)

They talked about the difference in playing in the NHL and the KHL–mostly the size of the ice. Kuzy said one difference is how loud Verizon Center gets. In Russia the rink usually holds about 7,000 people compared to the 18,000 in DC and he said it is so much louder here. And they love it. He said, “we feel the fans, how they are feeling” when they are playing. They draw energy from the crowd – so keep being loud friends!!

They all spoke about the difficulty in coming to America and  learning the language. Dmitry said he knew no English when he came and ultimately hired a tutor to help him learn. Stan, who came to the US when he was 16, had a much harder time, in part because he was so young.  When asked if the non-Russian speaking players are learning Russian or if they are learning Swedish, Kuzy giggled and said “only the swear words. We can’t say in locker room because they all know”

They also agreed that one of the hardest things about living here is being away from their family and friends. Orlov said he typically goes home for a couple months during the summer just to be with his family and see friends. Kuzy spoke about his mother and father and how difficult it is for them to change their routines by living in the DC area. That said, he talked lovingly about his mother’s cooking and that when she is here the day starts with a big breakfast, then a lunch, then another lunch…someone loves his mother’s cooking!!

There were more personal reveals too. Asked what their favorite thing to eat at home after being in America was, Kuzy’s first word was “vodka.” Then he explained what a great cook his wife was–grinned that grin we are all used to by now and said again: “vodka.”

Dima and Evgeny told the crowd that one of their favorite memories was of the Buffalo and the World Juniors Game when they beat Canada in the final. Stan said his best memories are of leading the Saint John Sea Dogs to capture the Memorial Cup in the 2010-11 season.

And then there was Canada. As Stan tells of Kuzy calling a local restaurant to make  reservations for five at 7 pm. The person on the other end of the line said it was not possible–too late to do on a Saturday night. So Kuzy asked if it would make a difference if one of the five was Alexander Ovechkin. The reply? “Five with Ovechkin available any time!”  There IS power in the Ovi name!!

It was a great 30 minutes with some of the most talented players in the league. All of them, for their accomplishments, were pretty humble and completely hysterical. One can only imagine what happened when they were in Los Angeles…but apparently no one is talking!!

Thanks to the Caps and our Russian boys for a great evening.



Perks of an STH: An Evening with John Walton and Mike Vogel

Washington Capitals season ticket holders received an early gift on Friday before witnessing the Caps-Bolts win. To kick-off the holiday celebration theme around Verizon Center, Caps Radio Voice host John Walton and Caps writer Mike Vogel (Dump ‘N Chase) talked with fans about the fun they are having covering this exciting time.  Here is a sampling of some of the discussions.

Things started with John Walton promising that if the Caps make it to the man in redStanley Cup Final he will adopt the Man in Red motif and broadcast in red paint. We’ll be holding him to it!

Vogs joined the discussion straight from the coach’s pregame brief and reported that Brooks Orpik will be out and not skating for the foreseeable future. Coach hopes that he will make it back in time for the playoffs.

John spoke about the emergence of Nate Schmidt  post the Brooks Orpik injury, and the value he brings to the team on and off the ice. He said T.J. Oshie and Justin Williams were great additions to the team as well. He had high praises for the experience that Williams brings to the ice; he called him a “steal”. They also said that our defense is great. And Ovi is going to keep scoring but the others are scoring as well now too. It has taken some time for them to get the flow on the first line but they seem to be in sync now.






Vogs and Walton talked about the strides Braden Holtby has made and the influence of the coaching style of Mitch Korn and Dave Prior and their relationship. Vogs said he felt that Holtby would have gotten to where he is eventually but Mitch was able to fast-track his success. He saw two things in Olie Kolzig: fire and competiveness. He thinks he sees that fire to win in Holby too.


There was quite a bit of discussion about Tom Wilson and the match penalty he took in the Senator’s game and how they arrived at the three-minute penalty. They explained that it was a match penalty which is given out when there is  an intent- to-injure situation. The ref deemed there was, even though we now know it was an erroneous call. It started with a five-minute major for the team and five-minute power play for the team that was offended upon. Ten minutes of penalties would go on Wilson’s record. If you look at the score sheet it says ‘matched penalty 10 minutes.’ Ottawa should not have gotten a five minute power play with 4.40 left in the game. But Chris Neal body slammed Tom Wilson which the referees saw and declared that wasn’t an intended injury, which was a two-minute roughing minor so the two was subtracted from the five and that takes away and leaves a three minute power play. Something you don’t normally see.

See Vog’s article, “Why Tom Wilson Needs to Keep Being Tom Wilson” which provides more information about the play.

Talking about penalties, Vogs shared that the league has a tendency to adjust to the way players play, such as Chara. The refs at some point stop calling penalties and he thinks that Wilson needs to keep playing the way that he is playing. His hits are legal and he happens to be a big guy who hits hard. No one wants him to change, including his teammates.

Vogs and Walton spoke with fans for almost an hour and were great about answering questions. Be sure to tune in to hear Walton calling games and check out Vogs interviews on Monumental Network as well as his articles at Dump ‘N Chase.

Thanks to both of you for an insightful night.