The Pregame: Viva Las Vegas! The Caps are Back Where the Stanley Cup Magic Happened

michael banner 2When I think of Las Vegas, Nevada two things come to my mind: magic shows and the place where our hockey team, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. Tuesday night, the Caps and the Vegas Golden Knights will square off inside T-Mobile Arena for the first time since that June 7th night and there will be a whirlwind of emotions for the players, coaches and fans.  Continue reading “The Pregame: Viva Las Vegas! The Caps are Back Where the Stanley Cup Magic Happened”

Caps Road to the Cup Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #1: The Cup is Ours

On Thursday June 7th there was a buzz around the DMV that a lot of us never witnessed before. The area was ALL CAPS. The Washington Capitals, after taking Game 2 and dominating on home ice in Games 3 and 4, were one win away from winning the Stanley Cup. Many Caps fans invaded T-Mobile Arena in Vegas. For those who couldn’t fly out there, the streets around Capital One Arena and throughout the District were full of red. With an entire region behind them, the Capitals were determined to end the series, the 26-year D.C. championship drought, and the 44-year long quest for that elusive Stanley Cup. Continue reading “Caps Road to the Cup Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #1: The Cup is Ours”

Caps Road to the Cup, Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #7: Stanley Cup Finals Action Returns to DC


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Many fans waited their whole lifetime for this night. Others waited 20 years. Either way, it was a” lit night” as the kids would say. The Stanley Cup Finals returned to Washington, D.C. on the first Saturday of June.

Fresh off their first ever Stanley Cup Finals game win in franchise history, the Caps looked to deliver in front of their fans and take a 2-1 series lead. This day was magical and surprisingly just the first of even greater things to come. The morning skate was flooded with fans, which became a normal thing since the start of the Stanley Cup Finals. Even if you couldn’t afford a ticket to the game, the Caps and the NHL hooked us all up with big screens outside the arena so the entire Caps fan base can take part in what was a special run.  Continue reading “Caps Road to the Cup, Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #7: Stanley Cup Finals Action Returns to DC”

Hershey Bears Spotlight: Travis Boyd

Today’s Hershey Player Spotlight turns to Travis Boyd, a 24 year old (25 in September) centerman who has more than earned his spot in the lineup. Apparently GMBM thinks so too after yesterdays two-year contract extension- Congrats to you Travis!!

Travis comes from a full four years in the University of Minnesota program which also produced the likes of Nate Schmidt (they were roommates), Erik Haula, Phil Kessel, and Kyle Okposo. As you can tell the pedigree of players from the university really speaks for itself.

In 2011 prior to playing college hockey Travis was drafted in the 2011 NHL Draft in the sixth round 177th overall. At the time he was playing in the USHL for the US National team and was scoring an average of 5-8 goals per season accompanied by 10-13 assists. Low numbers by NHL standards but it was a start. Travis’ numbers continued to rise the longer he played for Minnesota, beginning with one goal in his freshmen year all the way up to 19 in his senior year.

Though he only played two games for the Bears in the 2014-15 season he managed a goal and an assist. The upward trend continued for Boyd in 2015-16 season scoring 21 goals and 32 assists, showing that he has excellent passing skills and knows how the get it to the net, while being a team player. Boyd reminds us a lot of Nicklas Backstrom in this respect. Although Boyd’s numbers seem to be sliding ever so slightly in regards to goals, his assists are still sky rocketing with 47 in the 2016-17 season and 32 the following year.

Travis has now had the opportunity to play a few games in the NHL  recording his first point in March of this year and playing one game in the Stanley Cup Finals 2018.

All this to say that Boyd is the kind of guy you want to have on your line every night and in the locker room. We have had so many great experiences with Travis in Hershey, he is always willing to sign for fans and take a picture too.


What A Night for Caps Fans in DC

Yesterday I waited like so many fans until it was game time. I was so anxious all day but thankful I didn’t have to work my day job because I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done. I arrived at my other job at the Capital One Arena PWC Club early.  I usually just go inside the Vault  and stay but I couldn’t on Monday.  I just had to venture out before it was time for me to clock in. Continue reading “What A Night for Caps Fans in DC”

When Hockey Hurts!

The Washington Capitals are known as the “Heart Attack Team.”

Did you know that watching a Caps game can actually increase your heart rate and increase your blood flow?  All this excitement can get you to a peak heart rate.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.54.47 AM

Heck – who needs the gym when we have the Caps and Knights to keep us on the edge? One of our team writers swears she looses at least three pounds every game just from watching.

We’ve all been there. And we want you to get through the FINAL RUN!

So have fun, laugh it up, cancel the gym membership and order tickets to a game,  and pace yourself friends. We gotta make it to the end.

Stanley Cup Game 369



We’re Just Getting Warmed Up…

Warm-ups are always a fun thing to watch, and you most definitely want to get there early to get a good spot because it will fill up FAST! This was the fastest we have ever seen Capital One fill up prior to puck drop. If you are a Capital One card holder you can use the entrance on 6th street to get in a little bit earlier than the general public.

We love going to warm-ups to see the players emotions and they always come out pumped! Last night was no exception as this was the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals at home, and the crowd was just as pumped as the boys!

These faces are serious but you could tell they were seriously excited!

And it wouldn’t be warm-ups without a little TJ Oshie, Tom Wilson fun!

The Caps Practice Before the Madness

The Caps had their last practice before the big game 3 tonight and they were nothing but happy and relaxed.

Because we know this is what you really want look no further- here are our favorite photos from the day!

Viewing the Caps Game One Loss from Capital One Arena

Wow! We are still getting used to the reality that the Washington Capitals are in the playoffs. Monday night, while many Caps fans were seen entering T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas a whole lot more at home filled Capital One Arena.

Continue reading “Viewing the Caps Game One Loss from Capital One Arena”