More Caps Jerseys Off Their Backs Photos

Photos by Mel Abernethy and Brittney Marcum

Following the end of Sunday nights last regular season game, Caps players continued  long-standing hockey tradition of giving their jersey to select fans. The guys always have such a good time and the fans are thrilled for the personalized sweater and photo. Here are some of our favorite moments of the night.

Kuzy had a little fun with Slapshot while he waited. And he made faces and waved at Jonas too!!

Schmidty was pretty excited to give his jersey away to a young man. But then when isn’t Nate excited???

Everyone was getting ready for the main event but Burkie seemed to be having a wardrobe issue, so Ovi and fellow Swede, Jojo came to the rescue

Karl Alzner was once again in shorts for the presentation. And he took some extra time to sign autographs for fans who stayed after the game, as did some of the other guys, including Jay Beagle.


TJ Oshie was a healthy scratch but that didn’t stop him from exuberantly hopping on the ice to present his jersey to one of the Verizon Center staff, Charles.


Other scratches, John Carlson and Justin Williams were looking pretty as they presented their jerseys.

Players continued to watch the jumbo screen while they waited for their number to come up.


One lucky lady walked away with an Alex Ovechkin jersey, a hug, and a picture!! You could see how happy she was!

Our great goalies Braden Holtby and Philipp Grubauer got in on the fun too. Each spent a little extra time talking with the winners.


Kuzy finally heard his name and with a big smile made his way over to a young man who we are sure what thrilled to meet the adorable Russian.

Of course the best moment of the night was with Garrett Mitchell who the Caps called up from Hershey to play in his first NHL Game. We loved it so much we devoted an entire post to Mitchy’s great night. Click here to see for more.

It was a memorable night for all the players and fans, even the ones who waited on the sideline for autographs.

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Slapshot, Some Crazy Hats, and Smiling Children


We can’t think of anything better than a visit by the Washington Capital’s Slapshot to bring laughter and smiles to children suffering from cancer, other than some fun hats from Ellie’s Hats. That was the perfect mix on Monday when the two partnered together to bring a special holiday blessing at Pediatric Specialists of Virginia. Jay Coakley, president of Ellie’s Hats, invited Slapshot to join him to visit the clinic and entertain the children, their parents, and the wonderful giving staff. You know Slapshot–he HAD to be there!!

Slapshot met with about 15 children, taking pictures and high fiving as Jay passed out hats for the children. Why hats you ask? Many children who go through the grueling chemotherapy treatment loose their hair and their spirits may dwindle too. Founder Jay Coakley discovered that when a child puts on a fun hat, (even Caps hats)  it is the ultimate way of lifting the spirits of a child and letting their personality shine through in the hats they select.

What’s next for Ellie’s Hats?

  • They will be bringing dinner from Jimmy John’s to patients and families on the oncology unit at Inova Children’s Hospital on December 14.
  • They will attend the Holiday Party at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and donate $2,000 worth of Visa Gift Cards to the families on 15 December.
  • They will be going to Medstar Georgetown University with the Capitals to visit the children and pass out more hats on 19 December.

watermarked82016-12-12-2044FiCP is partnering with Ellie’s Hat to encourage you to help this wonderful and wide-reaching cause. We would love nothing better than to see the hockey community flood Jay with hats, other gifts, and donations for the children. Click here to find out how you too can help.  And keep checking with us to hear more about our partnership with the Washington Capitals Fan Club and future hat drives!

Pediatric Specialist provide specialized care for children who suffer with a variety of health issues, including cancer. Click here to donate to help them.

The Force is Strong in the Caps Tonight

It is Star Wars Night at Verizon and the fans and Caps embraced the night. There were Troopers and Jedi Knights everywhere! Our own Mel got caught up with Darth Vader herself!! 

The open was special as the Troopers  provided protection to the Caps as they came on the ice. 

And of course Obi-Wan Slapshot had his own Lightsaber protection!! 

Let’s do this again!  

Caps Fans Come Together for Post-Game Skate

Even after the dull loss at this afternoon’s Blue Jackets at Capitals game, Caps fans found a way to have fun. Shortly after the game, season ticket holders were invited down into the ice to skate freely.

The ice was packed with fans of all ages and all varieties of skating skills, from amateur to expert. Skaters also had access to the home and away benches, while those who preferred to not be on the ice relaxed in the seats.

Some special guests were on the ice, as well, like a few of the Red Rockers and Air Slapshot.

img_5284 Not only did fans get the opportunity to skate on Capitals ice, they also were able to participate in a raffle. Some of the items given away were a Justin Williams signed puck (which yours truly won), a few other signed picks, some signed sticks, and a couple signed jerseys, one of which was signed by the whole team.

Overall, it was a fun chance for season ticket holders to get together and share in their love for the Caps and hockey, in general.

Caps Fan Club Welcomes Jill Sorenson

CSN’s Washington Capitals Emmy Award winning reporter, Jill Sorenson, met with the Fan Club on Saturday, November 21 to talk all things Caps before our game with the Colorado Avalanche. Jill talked about her journey from  NBC sports anchor and reporter with George Michael at WRC-TV from 2000 to 2004 to WTTG-TV (Fox),  before joining CSN in 2005. Today Jill leads CSN’s coverage for SportsNet Central and contributes to Capitals Pregame Live and Postgame Live coverage. She can often be seen near the Zamboni reporting before the game and has a reputation for some of the best interviews with players and coaches. She said she got her start reporting out in Minnesota, “where hockey is everything.”

Jill talked a bit about the impact of social media on reporting. She said for the beat reporters who are there every day, “twitter is very important” especially for breaking news. The challenge for her is to balance her responsibilities with CSN for SportsNet, other shows, and other sports coverage and making sure that fans get the information they want and need. She “gets a lot of her news from social media” too.

She spoke about how she got where she is today covering sports. She was an English and Spanish major in college because the college lacked a specific journalism program. Jill interned with a studio in Minneapolis and was advised by a sports producer that it didn’t matter what she majored in, just that she could communicate. She said she chose English as a major to sharpen her skills as a writer and the internships provided her with the experience she needed to advance in broadcasting. She was an athlete growing up and though she thought she would “be writing for Sports Illustrated or something” she interned with a news station and fell in love with it. Today she still loves writing and whenever the opportunity arises, she will write her own short pieces. Continue reading “Caps Fan Club Welcomes Jill Sorenson”