Washington Capitals Continue Support to LGBT Community w/Rainbow Shirts

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The day before the horrific shooting in Orlando, Braden Holtby  (and his wife Brandi) of the Washington Capitals led Monumental Sports employees in Rocking the Rainbow as part of the Capital Pride Parade. Holtby said of his participation: “I am honored to represent the Capitals and participate in this important event that shines light on the contributions the LGBT community makes every day,” Holtby said in a statement. “I believe in equality for all people and I look forward to showing my support along with our organization and fans.” (Washington Post & DC Sports Blog). Continue reading “Washington Capitals Continue Support to LGBT Community w/Rainbow Shirts”

When Tragedy Hits

The day after the Washington Capitals walked in the Pride Parade, a deranged human took it upon himself to destroy the lives of members of the LGBT community in Orlando. By now we all know the horrific details of a gunman who walked in to the gay bar Pulse and shot and killed 50, physically injured 53 more, and traumatized a city and a nation.

We at FiCP stand with the LGBT community. We support the Caps and Braden Holtby’s walk  in the DC Pride Parade. We support You Can Play as we believe that any person should be allowed to play the game of hockey without fear of being isolated and harassed by teammates and/or staff. 

We at FiCP have all witnessed the discrimination of our LGBT friends. We have seen a hockey player taunted by his team and made to feel as if he does not belong. We have witnessed a brave academic take the step to transform to the life he believed he always should have lived–even though it cost him credibility with some of his colleagues.  We have seen some walk in silence, afraid to tell friends and family who they are for fear of being cast out by them. And we have seen the joy of many who have courageously embraced a lifestyle that we don’t always understand and yet we have respected and loved them just the same.

We live in a world that seems to spew hate at every turn. There may have been a terrorist intent in the actions of one person in Orlando Saturday night; however, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the target was a gay bar. There was hatred that led to mass murder.

We offer up prayers tonight for a grieving city. We pray for a peace that passes all understanding. We pray that those most impacted will have the courage to face another day. 

Caps Fans Rock…the Red!!

Saturday night’s game was only one part of the winning story. The entire Verizon Center came dressed in red and fans were full of hope and  positive that their hockey team was going to win and not be eliminated.

At the Caps practice facility, Kettler Iceplex, fans put up signs saying “We Believe.” And fans shouted  words of encouragement to the Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin as he ran to his car, “You got this Ovi!”

It seems like all over the DMV Caps fans were sending good thoughts and showing their RED pride to our team and it worked!

There are some great Caps’ traditions: the signs, RED faces and hair paint, “More Cowbells,” the Horn Guy, Man in Red, Unleashing the Fury with Wes Johnson, shouting “Red!!” during the National Anthem. Its letting the Ref know he’s not doing a good job with a rousing “Ref you suck” chant on those more challenging games of not getting penalty calls and even turning the chicken dance song into a  version of “The Flyers Suck!”

Caps fans find ways to be creative to show their team pride. Young and old, they all rush get down to the glass for warm-ups to cheer our team on, show off homemade signs made to with a sense of humor or to let a player know they appreciate them.

This season we even had  custom made t-shirts of players names and even their faces!

Justin Williams on this one!

You better believe that even when the visiting teams fans start chanting for their team in OUR house, Caps fans drown them out right away!

From new fans just starting out, to those that have been with this team from day one, Caps fans are the best!  We love our Washington Capitals and are so proud to show it in many ways!!img_7460


Keep ROCKING THE RED fans and sending those positive vibes!