Cooking for the Caps

Chef Robert Wood met with Washington Capitals’ season ticket holders and shared a bit about himself and his interaction with the Caps. Raised in Georgia, Chef Robbie  started out helping in kitchens when he was too young to be working. He learned at an early age that kitchen work was more than just washing dishes.


Chef Robert from the Eco Caters Instagram

Chef Wood, as the chef for Eco Caterers,  has been preparing food for the Capitals organization for four years.  He supplies the players with everything from a breakfast served anywhere from 830 am to 1030 am and lunch starting around 1130 am to post-game dinner served half an hour after a game ends.


Chef Wood said he uses local farmers & fisherman in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and gets information on where the food comes from and how it’s raised, caught, or farmed before using it to make his meals. Asked what are the  Caps players favorite things to eat, he replied “Bison burgers and banana chocolate nut bread!” He said one of the strangest things he has ever made was a soup sandwich for a player with swollen lips!

Hockey players are a unique clientele to feed. Each player consumes a pound of protein a day and the younger players, like Tom Wilson, know that spices like turmeric and chiles help with inflammation. Chef referred back to Alan May’s days when a hockey player’s diet was more pizza and beer compared to current-day players who know more about  nutrition. And the team doctors test blood work for each individual player to see if their body is lacking certain nutrients which helps Robbie to prepare his meal plans.

Want to cook like the Caps?!  Well, soon you can.. A Washington Capitals Cookbook will be released March 29th and will include a favorite recipe from each player! In the mean time, check out Chef Wood who has now branched off from Eco Caterers into a new business found at Go check it out to see more recipes, nutritional information and read about his experience as an NHL chef.

Written by Melonie Abernethy