Capitals Dev Camp: All About the Goaltenders

Every summer the Capitals host development camp in Arlington, Virginia. And every summer we get to look at a new crop of goaltenders that are learning from some of the best coaches in the NHL and AHL. This summer is no different. Continue reading “Capitals Dev Camp: All About the Goaltenders”

Hershey Spotlight: Riley Barber

By now you know that the guy in our spotlight today has just signed a brand spanking new one-year extension with the Caps/Bears. If he plays in the NHL his contract is worth $650,000.00 as opposed to the mere $115,000 as a Bear. This really gave us some perspective on how little AHL players make in comparison to the guys in the show.

But let’s focus on the spotlight at hand. Riley was drafted in 2012 along with notable Capitals prospects Filip Forsberg (Nashville Predators), Tom Wilson (you all know where he is), Connor Carrick (Maple Leafs), and last but not least, Christian Djoos (Hershey and Capitals- he’s next up in our Hershey Spotlight).

Even though they were drafted in the same year they have traveled very different paths. The guys that have made it to the NHL permanently have stepped up in ways that we haven’t seen from Barber yet.

Barber played three years for University of Miami (Ohio) and scored an average of 18 goals per season. The numbers are a little bit deceiving though due to the length of the college hockey season. The length of a regular season is about half that of the NHL- so just think how amazing those numbers would be if they had the full 82 games to play like the NHL.

Unfortunately due to a wrist injury and accompanying surgery in the 2016 season, the numbers for Barber are a bit inconsistent in the AHL. What we do know is that Barber was number one in goals for the Bears in the 2017-18 season, which most certainly solidified his new one-year extension.

Next up Djoos!

Martin Fehervary, a Defenseman with Offensive Presence

Martin Fehervary, drafted as the 46th overall pick in the second round during the 2018 NHL Draft, has been signed by the Capitals to a three-year entry-level contract. The 18-year old defenseman from Bratislava, Slovakia seems to be a good addition to the offensive zone. Continue reading “Martin Fehervary, a Defenseman with Offensive Presence”

The Beagle is Gone

Oh Jay Beagle how we adore you and that infectious boyish smile of yours. You have always been so kind to your fans. You always showed us that we were all part of this team. And he has shared the love of this sport with the youngest of players – setting a high bar for them.

And the guy who doesn’t get on social media may never know how much we admire him and how much we will miss him, as well as Ashley and the children. Continue reading “The Beagle is Gone”

Caps Development Camp Day One

As normal with day one of Camp, tings started a little slow Tuesday afternoon. We had our first look at some of the newest players drafted by the Capitals last week. It’s too early to really make a call, but in general- these are some fast players. Just what this team needs for the future.

Some general observations:

Garrett Pilon really has that speed thing down.

It was good to see Jonas Siegenthaler. He seems to be stronger and faster every year.

Tobias Geisser returns a year after he was drafted. It was hard not to watch him. He is tall – 6′ 4″ and a bit lanky but has a nice glide on the ice. We like his stick-handling.

Shane Gersich was the surprise return to Development Camp this year. The 21 year-old played three games in the regular season and two in the playoffs. He only had one assist which might account for his selection for dev camp. This kid has a heck of a slap shot that could be deadly for an opponent.

Lucas Johansen returned to camp this year. We were excited when he was first drafted and have hopes that he will developers as a player. He looks bigger this year and as a defenseman, we want to see how he is at pushing back other players.

Connor Hobbs is a return. He looked feisty today. He has that “I want a slot” look to him. He should be fun to watch in the days ahead.

And Cooper Zech kept flashing in front of us. Definitely needs more of a look.

And of course the goalies were having their own training session too. More here.

We will have more coverage and videos throughout the week. Follow our blog and mostly us on Twitter for updates.

Grubauer Changes Sweaters

Washington Capitals trade Philipp Grubauer

We knew it was going to happen, we just didn’t want to believe it.

Philipp Grubauer, beloved backup goalie, is no longer a Washington Capital.

On Friday the Caps traded him to the Colorado Avalanche WITH Brooks Orpik in a surprise move. Caps got a second round pick out of it. We didn’t see all that coming.

Continue reading “Grubauer Changes Sweaters”

The NHL Draft: My Experience

Lily Rosenberg shares with us her experience attending the recent NHL draft in Chicago, Illinois. 

A couple weeks ago I went to the NHL draft in Chicago. The experience was incredible. So much so that afterwards I was completely drained.


When we went, we first checked out the Hawks Fan fest. I was probably very obnoxious out there wearing my Caps red as opposed to their Hawks red. We quickly realized that the most interesting things, the Centennial Museum and the Stanley Cup, had pretty much an hour long wait.

We then went into the draft. Midway through the second round we realized that if we could get a special band we could then move to the lower levels. The rules for getting bands were simple. If the person who paid for the seats came, you could leave and find other seats. I convinced my uncle to let us sit in the section where the Caps table was.

I wish I could have heard what they were saying because it was an experience of a life time being this close to the action of your favorite team.

img_0219Then the coolest thing of the whole draft happened! Barry Trotz noticed another kid in a Caps  shirt in my section and asked him if he wanted a picture. My uncle told me to go up and take a picture with him as well. I was extremely nervous but when I asked him if I could also have a picture, he said: “Sure.” That was the coolest part of the whole draft for me!!

Another cool thing was when we were picking our seats. Little did we know that we were sitting next to the family of the fourth round San Jose Sharks pick, Scott Reedy. When he was called they just stood up and cheered!! I also got to see a Vegas Golden Knights pick up close, which was very exciting.

While the draft was going on inside, there was a Draft Fan Fest outside. So basically, there was the Hawks Fan Fest and a Draft Fan Fest at the same place and the same time. At the Draft Fan Fest they had the NHL trophies on display, including the Vezina, the Rocket Richard, and the one the Caps keep winning–the Presidents Trophy.

They also had places where you could try on the new Adidas team gear,  take a picture and even make a hockey card of yourself.

This was an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance to go to an NHL draft don’t pass it up!

Photos by Lily

Caps Development Camp: Day One Morning Session

OH GREAT DAY!! Professional hockey is back at Kettler Ice Plex!!

This morning prospects arrived at Kettler for an early skate to demonstrate their talent and learn something from the best coaches around the NHL.

Coaches and drills – that’s the focus!

Defensemen began on the Arlington/Public side. We had a chance to see the newest drafts in action.

Forwards and goalies took over the Capitals Ice. Coach Korn worked with the goalies.

dev camp Korn Shields

Most of the players here this week will return to their home teams, unless they are selected to join the Hershey Bears. We should see more of the ‘seasoned’ players at training camp.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And of course: goalies!

This morning was more of a ‘get acquainted” type of session. We expect to have a better chance to evaluate the prospects as the week goes forward.

Check back with us later today for Caps Fan Fest and afternoon Dev Camp photos!


Caps and Fans on Social Media Monday – 26 June

It’s Monday in Hockey Town and there is a lot going on for the Washington Capitals.

The 5 pm deadline for teams to extend qualifying offers to their restricted free agents has now passed. What do we know so far?

Per Isabelle and Tarik:

Caps Development Camp and Fan Fest starts on Tuesday. Here is info about prospects and getting to Kettler:

Even the Bears will  be there!

Our guide to it all: 



And on this day!

Caps Development Camp: What To Expect 


The Washington Capitals announced the schedule for Development Camp on Monday. Development Camp is a time for Caps management to get a closer look at their drafts and prospects and see how they are coming along and where they best fit in the organization. For many, this is the first up close evaluation by the Caps and the first time management will really think about the future of their careers within the organization.

The roster can be found here. Print it and bring it with you to camp since most of these are new faces to us.

So what can you expect at camp? We’ve highlighted a few things and included photos from previous camps. Continue reading “Caps Development Camp: What To Expect ”