Caps’ Streak Ends in 8-7 (OT) Loss to Penguins. What Did the 10 Last Games Show Us?

Monday night the Capitals’ streak came to an end. But nobody could ever guess how it would be. After a wild game in the Steel City, tied 7-7 in regulation, the Penguins won in OT. The last 10 games, with nine wins, show us a lot about the Caps’ development as a team.

Monday  was the Caps’ first loss in 2017. The streak began on New Year’s Eve, after a 6-2 victory against the Devils. In nine games, the Caps scored 40 goals and 11 against. The team was in the Wild Card and, for a moment, was the league’s leader. In a tough schedule, the team had a 5-0 winning over the Blue Jackets, Canadiens (4-1), Penguins (5-2) and 6-0 over the Blackhawks. In other words, it was 20 goals for and just three against, playing with elite teams in the NHL, including the Caps’ greatest rival and Stanley Cup Champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins. During the nine-game streak, the Caps got four shutouts.

In a wild game against their greatest rival, the Caps saw the streak ending. However, the game itself, with fans complaining about some possible goalie interference, did show that the team has the strength and capacity to fight against adversities. The Caps tied twice as a visitor, in 5-5 and 7-7. Certainly, the game was a “prologue” of what may come ahead: that was their last meeting during the regular season (two victories each in four games) and there’s a huge chance to untie it in the playoffs.

watermarked82017-01-13-2204Even with the streak ending, the Capitals show us a good chemistry. The bottom lines are also scoring and participating effectively on the team’s campaign. Teamwork is evident with moves, passes, showing the important factor a team must get in order to have big achievements: individual skills and the aptitude  to combine it collectively. It’s a mature team that surely shows that they deserve to be in the league’s top rankings and it’s on pace to fight anyone.