The NHL Draft: My Experience

Lily Rosenberg shares with us her experience attending the recent NHL draft in Chicago, Illinois. 

A couple weeks ago I went to the NHL draft in Chicago. The experience was incredible. So much so that afterwards I was completely drained.


When we went, we first checked out the Hawks Fan fest. I was probably very obnoxious out there wearing my Caps red as opposed to their Hawks red. We quickly realized that the most interesting things, the Centennial Museum and the Stanley Cup, had pretty much an hour long wait.

We then went into the draft. Midway through the second round we realized that if we could get a special band we could then move to the lower levels. The rules for getting bands were simple. If the person who paid for the seats came, you could leave and find other seats. I convinced my uncle to let us sit in the section where the Caps table was.

I wish I could have heard what they were saying because it was an experience of a life time being this close to the action of your favorite team.

img_0219Then the coolest thing of the whole draft happened! Barry Trotz noticed another kid in a Caps  shirt in my section and asked him if he wanted a picture. My uncle told me to go up and take a picture with him as well. I was extremely nervous but when I asked him if I could also have a picture, he said: “Sure.” That was the coolest part of the whole draft for me!!

Another cool thing was when we were picking our seats. Little did we know that we were sitting next to the family of the fourth round San Jose Sharks pick, Scott Reedy. When he was called they just stood up and cheered!! I also got to see a Vegas Golden Knights pick up close, which was very exciting.

While the draft was going on inside, there was a Draft Fan Fest outside. So basically, there was the Hawks Fan Fest and a Draft Fan Fest at the same place and the same time. At the Draft Fan Fest they had the NHL trophies on display, including the Vezina, the Rocket Richard, and the one the Caps keep winning–the Presidents Trophy.

They also had places where you could try on the new Adidas team gear,  take a picture and even make a hockey card of yourself.

This was an amazing experience and if you ever get the chance to go to an NHL draft don’t pass it up!

Photos by Lily

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We all come to hockey through different avenues. Some think women come to hockey differently than most men; however, our stories are much like the men who love hockey. Somewhere along the line we are exposed to a practice or a game–and we are hooked for life. Lily Rosenberg was like that, as you will read below.


I come from a long line of hockey fans representing both the Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks. I attended my first game was when I was 14 months old. But the experience that really opened my mind to hockey happened when I was wight. It was late when I went to bed thinking of my American Girl dolls. Little did I know that I would wake up the next day with my head next to an Alex Ovechkin bobblehead!  My dad had attended the game, got the bobblehead, and left it there as a surprise for me when I woke up. Continue reading “Lily – Our Newest Writer Shares Her Hockey Story”