Caps Fan For A Night

A few days ago Friends in Cold Places offered me a ticket to the last Caps game before the Playoffs begin and I accepted. I was excited because for once I would be attending the game as a fan and not working it in the PWC Club. Continue reading “Caps Fan For A Night”

A Caps Fan’s Guide to Vegas

A month ago I made the last-minute decision to fly to Vegas for the Caps first ever game against the newly established Vegas Golden Knights. I have to say that I was a little nervous as I had never been to Vegas. So if you are anything like me hopefully this post will help you out if you decide to make the trip (which I would highly recommend for anyone at least once.)

The Airport:

When you get off the plane and head towards the terminal, you immediately know you’re in Vegas. There are slot machines and Liquor stores right there in the baggage area so you can get a head start before you even leave the airport. There are several different areas to exit for taxis etc.

The Hotels: 

I stayed at The Luxor which is towards the very end of the strip, making it a little bit cheaper than other options. Would I recommend it? Not necessarily. It was a nice enough place but the room smelled old and felt a little on the dirty side. For a place with a casino and so many bars you would think the room would have at least a mini-fridge, that was not the case. There was no fridge, no microwave, and a key for me- no late night room service. Me being me I decided to explore the other hotels for myself, which was pretty easy because from the Luxor you can take pedestrian bridges and tunnel type areas to get to neighboring New York New York, Excalibur, or MGM Grand.

There is also a tram that runs up and down the strip but I chose to travel by foot or taxi instead. So my conclusion was that the closer you got to the busier part of the strip, the better the hotels got. My favorite by far was The Bellagio which is about a 20-30 minute walk from my hotel at the other end and a 15 minute stroll to the T-mobile Arena where the Knights play.

The inside was decorated beautifully and the inside didn’t smell of smoke as soon as I walked in which is a huggeee plus for me. They also had several amazing smelling restaurants, and who could forget the iconic Bellagio Fountains out front of the massive hotel? 10/10 from me for sure, and worth the few extra bucks to splurge.

Hockey Stuff: 

The Knight’s practice facility, City National Arena at 1550 S Pavilion Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135 is around 20-30 minutes in a car- or twice that length by bus. The facility itself is absolutely beautiful and gives Kettler a run for its money. Once you get there and go in the main entrance head to the right and the Knight’s rink will be there, along with their team store/ pro shop. One thing you all might be interested to know is that there is a full bar at the top of the practice rink.. the food is delicious and worth the drive alone.  I took my Nikon DSLR in and got some excellent shots of Schmidt and the whole team.

T-Mobile Arena:

The arena is so close to the strip you can walk there after a day of exploring. If you go through New York New York and follow the signs to T-Mobile and The Park you will end up right on the walkway to Toshiba Plaza directly outside the main entrance. The doors open 90 minutes before game time giving you PLENTY of time to explore the new arena and get whatever food you want before puck drop. The seats are comfortable- WAY more so than Capital One Arena..

The Caps or  away team will warm-up in the 9-13 sections end of the arena and ushers are really great about letting you know where you can and cannot stand to watch the warm-ups. We stood all the way in front behind Holts and only had to scoot over when those that owned the seats walked in. Overall a really great arena! You can park in any of the casino lots nearby- New York New York is the closest if you’re looking to be in and out.


I hope you enjoyed my guide and let me know if you have any other questions, I will answer them the best I can!!



Nicky B. The Big 3-0!!

We just wanted to take a minute and wish our favorite Swede a very happy birthday on this Thanksgiving! We all know how awesome he is on the ice. But let us not forget what a great husband / father he is too!

So Happy Birthday Nicky! We hope it is a great one!

Here are a few shots from his last day in his 20’s!

Capitals Inconsitency and Missing Identity 

coachng trotz

Everyone seems to be frustrated with the Washington Capitals inconstant play. And while there is frustration, there is also an understanding that the team is still adjusting to a summer of roster changes. And then there is the rookie element.

Coach Trotz hit the nail on the head in his post-game comments following the loss to the Panthers Saturday. The team doesn’t have an identity yet and they are really struggling to find a way to make it all click. By his own admission, he can’t get a handle on the mistakes and which players need to get some consistency back. Hearing that from the Caps coach is troubling. Continue reading “Capitals Inconsitency and Missing Identity “

Capitals Opening Day Red Carpet


The Washington Capitals arrived to Capital One Arena on Saturday afternoon, walking the red carpet to greet fans and get the new season going.

The Russians looked dapper as ever:

And can we just talk about Tom Wilson?  He may not be playing tonight but he made a huge impression in the fans when we went to the end of the block to sign autographs.

Oshie Oshie Oshie

There even some “old timers” with Peter Bondra and Rod Langway.

Oh and Holtby wins the award again for best dressed.

The crowd was a bit smaller this year but the excitement was over the top!!

We have some sharp looking gents on this team. They were sharp on the ice too!

Caps Scrimmage Action Shots- An FiCP Gallery

Well folks, we will keep this short and sweet. We are BACK, the Caps are back to Kettler, our fingers are still defrosting, and we have camera arms. Today was the first scrimmage of the 2017 Washington Capitals Training Camp and playing today were the Red and Blue teams (roster here).

Prior to taking the ice for the 45:00 minute scrimmage each team had a brief practice:

Then there was the main event, and it was filled with hard hits, turnovers, and goals (by Team White who came out on top with four goals to Team Red’s zero.


We are happy to be back and bringing you all the photos we possibly can!!!


The very first pre-season game will take place in New Jersey tomorrow night September 18th… and yes our hearts are still a little sore from losing Mojo to Jersey.


Photos by: Brittney

Thanksgiving Week in Photos…

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and let me tell you I was feeling very thankful for the 4-3 win over the Blues, and the 3-1 win over the Sabres. Because of the holiday we are little behind on our gallery posts so we figured why not combine the two games and give you one big AWESOME photo gallery. Enjoy the sights!

Excuse me, you’re in my way there…

Goalie looks

Those dang Blues!




Buffalo Sabres- 11/25:




Action Shots


Actions Speak Louder Than Words; A Practice Gallery

The boys were back on the ice after a 3-2 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets The boys were skating harder during a practice than we have seen this season. The feel was almost training camp-like.

So… This is new. Nate Schmidt was moved to a forward line with Beags and Whip. Thoughts?

A little keep away perhaps?

The faces these guys make…


Use your hands!!


Finally.. The Sharks-Caps Photo Gallery

First we’ll focus on the Sharks.

How a hockey player cleans their stick is their business.. unless of course caught by yours truly… Here’s looking at you Brent Burns…

We missed you Wardo, welcome back to DC.

Stretchhhhh it out boys.

Now for the boys in red.



Photos by: Brittney Marcum and Mel Abernathy

Sharks Devour Caps’ Win Streak

Today’s 3-0 loss against the San Jose Sharks was all too painful, as the Capitals’ five-game winning streak comes to an end. What hurts the most, though, is that the Caps really tried. While they didn’t start out with much energy, the boys in red were seriously pushing themselves towards the end, but Jones and friends came out of the game victorious.

The first period was practically dead. Perhaps if the Caps had come out of the gate with more energy, the scoreboard would’ve read differently, but the first twenty minutes were nothing more than dull. It wasn’t until after a few nearly successful scoring attempts that the Capitals really started to wake up, and even then, it was sloppy. Passing was weak and no one was paying attention, and we were lazy overall. The penalty kill was fairly good, however, and Braden Holtby was a star player, as usual.

It was evident in the second period that Barry Trotz gave his team a good talking to during intermission, as they actually came out with a lot of improvements. The hits were strong, the energy was high, the power was there, and the Caps were taking their scoring opportunities. It just wasn’t enough, though. Soon enough, Marc-Edouard Vlasic scored for the Sharks and Brent Burns added onto it shortly after.

The third period was the most frustrating of all. The Capitals pushed and pushed, took every shot they could, and skated as fast as possible, but nothing was getting past Martin Jones. They never gave up and neither did the fans, chanting and screaming to motivate the Caps. The 3-0 loss was solidified, however, when Joe Thornton scored an empty-netter in the last few minutes.

There was one highlight of the night, though – the Capitals Bobblehead Election. All day today, Caps fans voted for the next bobble head giveaway, with the choices of Braden Holtby, Tom Wilson, or Justin Williams. The winner? Holtby, by a long shot. His bobblehead will be handed out on March 21 at the Caps vs Flames game to all in attendance. At least we have that to celebrate on this frustrating night.