Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps

The Washington Capitals put the word out on Friday that there would be a grand sendoff for the boys at Capitals Kettler Ice Plex in Ballston, VA. We came to wish the Caps success as they headed into the desert to face the Vegas Golden Knights. In the end though, it was all about the fans who have waited a very very long time for this moment and were crazy with CAPS FEVER!!

watermarked65(2018-05-26-1747)And the fans turned out in a HUGE way. The Capitals said there were around 6,000 in attendance. They arrived in droves, some like us as early as 8:30! That’s some dedication there! Including our favorite PA Wes Johnson! Continue reading “Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps”

Capitals Grueling Practice; Photos & Video

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The Washington Capitals leave Tuesday for Vancouver, but before they packed up they held practice at Kettler ice Plex. And the coaches put them through the paces. They went over an hour and then many stayed to work on specific skills.

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Navigating Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Autographs: A Photographic Tour!


We have been stalking following Caps players at Kettler Iceplex for a few years now. Last year we gave you some hints on where to stand and how to get photos and autographs of your favorite players.

In this article we want to give you a visual presentation of Kettler Iceplex that we hope will help you navigate the complex in Ballston/Arlington, Virginia.

Finding Kettler Iceplex

So first things first: The Washington Capitals (an occasionally visiting teams) practice most mornings when they are in town on the top deck of Ballston Common Mall, 4238 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA  22203. You can enter the complex via the parking garage either from Glebe Road or N, Randolph Street. You will know you are there by the Caps player banners which hang from the rooftop. Continue reading “Navigating Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Autographs: A Photographic Tour!”

Caps Fans Rock…the Red!!

Saturday night’s game was only one part of the winning story. The entire Verizon Center came dressed in red and fans were full of hope and  positive that their hockey team was going to win and not be eliminated.

At the Caps practice facility, Kettler Iceplex, fans put up signs saying “We Believe.” And fans shouted  words of encouragement to the Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin as he ran to his car, “You got this Ovi!”

It seems like all over the DMV Caps fans were sending good thoughts and showing their RED pride to our team and it worked!

There are some great Caps’ traditions: the signs, RED faces and hair paint, “More Cowbells,” the Horn Guy, Man in Red, Unleashing the Fury with Wes Johnson, shouting “Red!!” during the National Anthem. Its letting the Ref know he’s not doing a good job with a rousing “Ref you suck” chant on those more challenging games of not getting penalty calls and even turning the chicken dance song into a  version of “The Flyers Suck!”

Caps fans find ways to be creative to show their team pride. Young and old, they all rush get down to the glass for warm-ups to cheer our team on, show off homemade signs made to with a sense of humor or to let a player know they appreciate them.

This season we even had  custom made t-shirts of players names and even their faces!

Justin Williams on this one!

You better believe that even when the visiting teams fans start chanting for their team in OUR house, Caps fans drown them out right away!

From new fans just starting out, to those that have been with this team from day one, Caps fans are the best!  We love our Washington Capitals and are so proud to show it in many ways!!img_7460


Keep ROCKING THE RED fans and sending those positive vibes!


Following Hockey for the Love of Hockey

We started this blog a month ago today because we love hockey and we love the Washington Capitals. We had contributed to another blog but it wasn’t our cup of tea. So we banded together a group of women who love hockey and here we are! As far as we know, we are the only all-female blog covering hockey, or at least the Caps, out there.

There are some great blogs reporting on the Caps, like Russia Machine Never Breaks and Japers Rink, who write in-depth statistical analysis of each game and season. We aren’t them. We love reading their material but we didn’t think you needed another place to come read what others are already doing a great job covering. We will give you a quick shot of stats but tune into them for the full range of data. And yes, we will even retweet the good stuff by them in case you missed it.

britBrittney, our primary photographer is at practice nearly every day. She has a way of capturing the player at just the right time. And now that they are used to seeing her, they almost pose for her. We chat with them after practice and are getting to know them a little better. Feel free to ask her to take your picture with a player if you see her outside of Kettler. Or if there is a specific player you’d like to see more of just let us know.

We have met some great people hanging out at Kettler. It’s where we met Renee who does a fabulous job summarizing the games for you. Ashley has just started writing with us and we look forward to the stories she shares. Both will be writing more in the weeks ahead about Caps-related events.

We have a great time with the Caps Fan Club who are at Kettler nearly every day too. We have adopted an adorable little mascot who brings a smile to our faces every time we see him. We have met other people, like Jill Sorenson, who follow the Caps and will be bringing you more stories about women in hockey as a result. And then there is you: the fans who come up for the first time and we get to talk to you about how best to meet a player or get your picture. We talk hockey on all levels with the ladies at the rink and will do our best to represent you here.


We are open to adding other writers to our team. And you don’t have to be female to contribute. We are looking for people to cover other hockey happenings in the area–youth hockey, college hockey, and Wounded Warriors. Simply send me a message on the blog or DM us on Twitter or Facebook and we will get back to you.

Check us out on Twitter (@incoldplacesDC), Facebook, and Instagram for updates, including practice pictures and game-day notifications.

We hope you are enjoying our contribution to the hockey world and if there is a story you would like us to cover or photos you would like us to get, please let us know. We are here because we want to share our love of hockey with you!

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