NHL Season Hits Pause Over COVID-19 Concerns

The NHL and Monumental Sports announced on Friday they were pulling the plug on the season over growing concerns about Coronavirus. Emotions are mixed: it’s the right call for the health of players, staff and fans while disappointing at the same time as things are left unfinished.

It’s been a great season for the Washington Capitals, except that little stretch of losses. It’s possible the season will resume at some point but the break could change the current trajectory for teams and individual players.

We may never know if they were poised for a rebound as they entered the playoffs.

We may never know if Alexander Ovechkin would hit 50 or more goals.

Ovi holds at 48 goals.

We may never know if the Caps would go with Braden Holtby or Ilya Samsonov in the playoffs.

We’ll miss seeing John Carlson finish a career high in goals, assists, and points. Would this be his year for the NHL to award the Norris Trophy?

Basically, we will miss hockey. We hope that all of you, and all our Capitals staff and players, remain healthy through this crisis. Hockey is resilient. We bounce back from things like lockouts and we will come back from this. In the meantime- enjoy some family time and we’ll keep watching the boys on IG for a little dose of hockey.

Capitals: Looking Back to Move Forward

Here we are still reveling in the Stanley Cup win weeks later. There were key contributors all season and even more essential players in the final round. But it took a season of determination to get past injuries, suspensions, and a lot of negative press about their performance.

No doubt the Caps managers and coaches are looking at the totality of the regular and playoff season while considering a second run for the Stanley Cup. Who were the major players who we think will be critical for the 2018/19 season? And what gaps do they need to fill to keep the momentum going? What changes to the lines and on-ice partnerships. Continue reading “Capitals: Looking Back to Move Forward”