The Capitals Gave Me and Allie a Birthday We’ll Never Forget

michael banner 2CAPITAL ONE ARENA – Me and my friend Allie have had some memorable birthdays from high school through our Radford days but not even our 21st could top what happened on Wednesday night at Capital One Arena. The Capitals came through and defeated the Penguins 2-1 thanks to T.J. Oshie‘s heroics but it was also a total team win with Alex Ovechkin getting a power play strike and Braden Holtby practically standing on his head. The whole day was incredible.  Continue reading “The Capitals Gave Me and Allie a Birthday We’ll Never Forget”

Washington Capitals Fan Club: Keeping Caps Friends Together

The Washington Capitals have a great group supporting them, on and off the ice. The Fan Club has been around since 1975, almost from the Caps beginning in 1974; developing interest in the team by connecting fans through organized events including road trips, membership meetings with media, and happenings during the off season. In addition, the Fan Club has a rich history of fund raising and donating to charity organizations, which is one of the reasons we love this group!

During the season, the Fan Club hosts monthly meetings with notable speakers like CSN’s Jill Sorenson, Tarik El-Bashir and Caps TV personalities JoeB and Locker or Capitals Alumni Hall of Famer, Rod Langway. They provide many opportunities for fans to interact with the people behind the scenes that most only see on their TVs, like the on-ice officials. They keep us linked with the broader NHL hockey community by hosting visiting booster clubs and connecting with them on road trips. And while we are talking about road trips – they have several planned each year. Some members even travel in groups to the All Star Game and the NHL draft. Be sure to check out the web page for planned trips, including visiting the Hershey Bears, during the 2017/18 season.

  • And let us not forget their presence at Kettler Ice Plex. Have you seen those banners hanging over the Capitals Ice Plex? Those are compliments of the Fan Club. There is a core group—the Caps Practice Pack—that shows up nearly every day for practice. We analyze players performance and postulate who is in and who is out.

They aren’t content to just meet up during the season; they also make sure we join together during the off season. One of our favorite and fun events is the annual Nats Baseball Game.

This year they are hosting a special wine tasting event in McLean, Virginia for friends to meetup and catch up.  All this designed to keep the sense of community alive. After all, the Fan Club is more than scheduled gatherings. Many lovely friendships, and even romantic relationships, have grown out of these times together.

karl signing ballAs we said, the Fan Club is one of our favorite organizations because of their charitable giving. This past season, they (and you) donated over $12,000 to excellent charities. One special event is the annual fundraiser that includes bidding on Christmas balls signed by the players. All their events led to the Fan Club sending over $10,000 to Fort Dupont this season for their Kids on Ice Hockey Program which “focuses on providing increased opportunity, education, and inspiration to the young people of the DC area through ice skating & educational activities.” Fans also join other fans during the summer to help with the Caps Cares rejuvenation day to spruce up the rink area for the coming season.

  • In addition to this great holiday-focused giving, the Fan Club honors players for shut-outs, hat tricks, first goals, and other milestones. They honor the players by giving to their designated charities, including Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), the Alzheimer’s Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and other children’s programs.

Stop by the Fan Club Table this season to renew or initiate your membership. And during the year, stop and vote for your favorite player of the month. Donations are then made in their name to Fort Dupont or the player’s favorite charity.

christma fanclub

If you are new to the Caps Family, this is the perfect way to become part of an active community. If you have been around a while, it’s a great place to share stories about the old days. And if you are already a member, invite a friend to check out their events as your guest. There is always room for more friends!

Check out their home page for all the details on the Capitals Fan Club. The Committee and Board Members work hard to make this a GR8 community with something for everyone. Come for the fun and leave with some new friends!!

Caps Fans: Tips for Family Rivalries; When You Win and When They Win!

I find that there are three common hockey families:  

  • the families that just don’t care except for one person,
  • the families that are all huge fans of one team, and
  • then we have the one that my family fits under,the family rivalries.

In reality, the Capitals and the Blackhawks don’t have that much of a rivalry; however anytime they play my family goes all out. One time my sister and mom (the two Hawks fans) went to the game. The Capitals won so they came home to this:


Look, I get it wasn’t too nice and it was a sore winner thing, but she would’ve done that if the Hawks won. I’ve said before that if we played against each other during the Stanley Cup Finals “A house divided amongst itself cannot withstand.” We have talked about who would leave to protect our family from going crazy.

As long as I’m talking about family rivalry I must add the honest truth. I have family in Pittsburgh and they are Penguins fans. That makes the Penguins-Caps games that much better. I’ve been forced to wear a Penguins shirt. I had a photo of me taken wearing the shirt in which I was told to smile. Looking back it was hilarious because I’m very secure with how big of a Caps fan I am but back then it was humiliating

So, it is even more tense for me when we play the Hawks in a season game then when we play the Penguins in a season game. I know if we win then I get some serious bragging rights; but if we lose, I will face a day of terrible misery and humiliation. If we win I’m talking to my uncle about the game and bragging a bit.

Family rivalries especially when it’s within your immediate family are so much fun, here are a few tips.

If They Win:

  1. Don’t shy away and lock yourself in your room; then you seem like a sore loser
  2. A good comeback to something about how many Cups the Caps have won is “oh so original.”
  3. Let all the comments slide off your back.
  4. Most of all, don’t listen to a losing playlist and cry while that game might be important to you it has an 1.22% effect on whether or not your team make the most important games of hockey the playoffs.

If You Win

  1. Think about their feelings and how you will be treated if you lose
    1. If it’s worth it go ahead just don’t be surprised when you lose and they do the same to you
    2. If it isn’t worth it then don’t say anything
  2. Don’t celebrate like you won the Cup. Unless you did. But don’t overdue it. In the season, that’s 1/82 games and in the playoffs there are generally more rounds or at least more games to win.
  3. Once again if your family is like my family they are all like “oh we’re all crying into the Stanley Cup.” you can reply “oh how original.” because seriously I hear that insult way too much mix, it up once and awhile.
  4. Think about others feelings and if they need a hug then they need a hug. Losing can be tough.

Good Luck our Cold Places Friends!