Caps Take the Glow Out of the Knights

At long last, DC had an NHL Final Championship round played at home when the Caps welcomed the Vegas Golden Knights to the capital city.


It was an amazing night in which fans fought the humidity and the rain to watch inside and outside of Capital One Arena. We’ll have more of those photos later.


Needless to say, Caps fans were pretty darn excited when the Eastern Conference champs took the ice.

For a while it looked like it was the Ovi vrs Schmidt Show, as old friend Nate Schmidt did his best to keep Ovi off the score board. It worked pretty well for the first period which ended with a couple of pings off the post but no goal by either team.

The second period heated up with a couple of power plays, including one brought on by chief Golden Boy Marc-Andre Fleury:

Ovi finally shook off Schmidt and scored! It was a thing of beauty!

And then there was Kuznetsov, who the Knights tried to take out in game two, only to have him return to skate and score a jaw-dropping goal!!

So that brings us to the third period. Back and forth we go. And then BAM Devante Smith-Pelly, with a little help from The Beagle, scores on a wrister to make it 3-1 Caps.

What an incredible feeling to be there and see this what team can do when all the pieces fall in place. They now take the series lead 2-1.

Next game is Monday at 8pm. Fall Out Boy will be performing on the street before the game. Come down to watch in the street if you don’t have tickets inside. We will have more coverage inside and outside for you!

We’ll leave you with these images for now. More after we dig through the thousands we took- no really, thousands!

How could they not win when Wonder Woman shows up for them?!?


Photos by Brittney Marcum

Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps

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watermarked65(2018-05-26-1747)And the fans turned out in a HUGE way. The Capitals said there were around 6,000 in attendance. They arrived in droves, some like us as early as 8:30! That’s some dedication there! Including our favorite PA Wes Johnson! Continue reading “Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps”