Stanley, Ovi, and a Few Friends and Family

We wish we could have been there first hand to see Alex Ovechkin share the Stanley Cup with the people of Russia. Thankfully there is social media we have gathered up our favorite shots of Ovi celebrating, as shared by the media and his friends.

Alex took the Cup to the the FIFA Fanfest – a perfect venue for tons of fans to have their photo taken with their favorite hockey player!

Thanks to Tom Gulitti for some of the best photos of the day- starting with the fan conveyor belt and Team Dynomo visit. Check out the little kids who he has inspired!

More from various sources:

More with the kids!

And with a friend’s picture…

Of all the moments Ovi shared today- nothing touched us more than seeing him pass the Cup to Papa O!!!

Proud MaMa looking on:

The day ended in perfect Ovi fashion– a BiG party with his friends.

And the ever beautiful mother to be as well! What a couple!!

Sleep tight Ovi for tomorrow your little friend continues his journey without you!

Stanley is Heading to Moscow in July

The Stanley Cup will be making a world tour this summer as The Championship Washington Capitals each have a special day with it. We don’t have full details about its planned journey, but some players are sharing about their big day via social media. That includes Captain Alex Ovechkin who is home making his own rounds in Russia.

Ovi posted this to Instagram on Monday:

We know the Orlov’s will have a front row seat!

It doesn’t look like there will be a game opening coin toss by Ovechkin like the opening pitch at the Washington Nationals game.

But have no doubt, if Ovi and his Russian hockey buddies are there – fun will be had!!!!!

photos from Instagram