Capitals Season Ticket Holders Take the Ice at Capital One Arena

One of the benefits of being a Capitals season ticket holder is the in-season skating sessions after select Capital games on the Capital One Arena ice. The first of this season’s skating sessions took place on Sunday following the Capitals somewhat stressful matinee victory over the Rangers and, as is generally the case, it was well attended and included a raffle of sticks, pucks, and a jersey autographed by Caps players and alumni. Continue reading “Capitals Season Ticket Holders Take the Ice at Capital One Arena”

Caps Fan to Get Tattoo of Brett Connolly Getting a Tattoo for Retweets

Washington Capitals fan Tyler Duchaine wants to take his fandom to a whole new level and will do so if he reaches his goal on Twitter. Many Capitals fans have Caps-inspired tattoos and with the team winning the Stanley Cup last season, some fanatics have the Cup or “Stanley Cup champions” tattooed. Duchaine wants his next ink art to be more unique though. In addition to fans, Capitals players got tattoos two nights after winning the Cup during their party around D.C. that weekend. Duchaine wants not just a tattoo of Brett Connolly but a tattoo of Brett Connolly getting a tattoo.

Continue reading “Caps Fan to Get Tattoo of Brett Connolly Getting a Tattoo for Retweets”

Capitals Plates!

We know a lot of you got new tags for the cars after the Caps brought home the Stanley Cup. What did you get??!

We ordered our new plates at the start of the playoff but we held off putting them in until the Cup was ours!!

As we walked through the Capitals Fan Fest June 30, we had a chance to see some pretty cool Caps plates.

Send us yours for an update!!

New Caps Book Ready for Pre-order 

Sports  journalist Ben Raby and Craig Laughlin have a new book coming out in November 2017. You can preorder your copy today for $10.16 from

This promises to be a great read for old-time and brand-new Capitals fans. Ben covers the background to many time-honored traditions. 

Here’s the official description:

We can’t wait to read it!! 

Capitals Family Wishes All the Best to the Smailys

If you have spent any time at Kettler Ice Plex you have undoubtedly seen four-year old Jonas and his dad Sigi. They are part of the Capitals Practice Pack and good friends with the Caps Russian players. And they are heading off to Texas for some new adventures.  

We got to know Sigi as we began writing our blog in November 2015. We adopted Jonas as our mascot and quickly came to realize the we were watching a future hockey star in the making. JoJo spends every minute his dad can spare, skating on the ice. He is so good that he is already skating with older kids.

We, the Caps Practice Pack, and all of Kettler and the Verizon Center will miss seeing the Smailys around. Thanks for all your support to our little blog. Keep posting those videos Sigi so we can keep watching Jonas grow into that elite hockey player. We can’t wait to see Max follow in his big brother’s footsteps!! (Haha- you know it’s coming!)

From Sigi’s Facebook

May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Maggie, Brittney, and FiCP

Nightmare at the Museum: Caps STH Party

The Washington Capitals hosted the annual season ticket holder party at the Smithsonian National The Museum of Natural History. The event has been held at Six Flags and the National Zoo in previous years so fans were pretty excited about the new venue. The night was a bit of a mixed bag – some fun and some disappointments.

The night started when fans lined up outside starting as early as 5 pm when the doors weren’t due to open until 6:30. The lines were long but they moved fairly quickly, for the most part.Once inside visitors were given a map with symbols indicating where players would be for photo opportunities or autographs. Unfortunately, the map didn’t tell you who was where so it was a bit of a mystery as fans wondered around looking for lines.

Wrist braclets were available for fans wanting pictures or autographs with Braden Holtby or Alex Ovechnkin, provided they had signed up earlier through Monmental Rewards. Alex was paired with Dmitry Orlov and Holtby with Taylor Chorney. Fans were pretty excited for the chance to meet these superstars, although many commented that they wished the could have had individual pictures with each player rather than the combined shots.

The night was a bit rushed as fans fought to find the right line. Unlike previous years the players shifted signing tables. For example, some fans were in the very long line for T.J. Oshie, Zach Sanford, and Matt Niskanen when all of the sudden they left and were replaced by Karl Alzner, Jay Beagle, and Nate Schmidt. The movement of players seemed to add to the confusion. Those fortunate enough to get through the lines were pretty excited to have a chance to say “hello” to favorite players and get their autographs. Many, however, were left disappointed (putting it mildly).

There were plenty of bag lunches, beverages, and cookies around the museum. Good thing because there seemed to be more fans than in previous years. It might have been because the venue was smaller and fans were in a more confined place. Additionally, the focus was clearly on photos and autographs with nothing else to do. In the other venues the fans and players seemed to intermingle more. There were rides and things to do. And we missed seeing the players families. This venue was missing some of the fun element!

As we walked out with other fans we heard them talking about sore feet and wishing they had been able to sit down more. Some were excited about the evening but most were just plain tired. Parking was a challenge. With Metro and all its problems, many fans drove and parked several blocks away. Flipping through Twitter, it’s clear a lot of fans were unhappy and left early. 

All-in-all it was a good night. Friends of the Capitals had time together as community and for many it was the only chance they had to meet their players up close and personal. However, we, along with many fans, hope they will go find a better place next year!!

Caps Open Somewhat Dull – Fan Perspective from Chris Cleveland 

I really was not too impressed with the Caps  opening night for a few different reasons. The night seemed to be off to a great start with the red carpet event.

red-carpet62I wasn’t at it my self, but it looked pretty fun and was fairly crowded. Some of the guys’ suites were on point. Oshie was asked by a reporter if he was best dressed – he said, “Not a chance. I would go with Holts or one of the Swedes. They always seem to have something clever in store.”

I jumped on the Metro around 5 and I thought it would be a lot more crowded then it was. I got into the Chinatown area around 5:45 and it still was not too crowded with Caps fans. It made me kind of curious as to what the crowd would be like at the game. There is  usually a decent amount of Caps fans around the arena.

I went and grabbed dinner at Vapianos, a fan favorite. When we got there I thought, “So this is where everyone is! The place was packed with Caps  fans. Once I finished dinner we went across the street to enter Verizon Center. When we arrived there still were all that many people in the concourse. I headed to my section to watch the Islanders warmups.

watermarked42016-10-16-2207I sit in Section 101, right off the visiting’s team bench. When I walked down to the ice there were a few scattered Islander fans.  As it came closer to puck drop,  I thought surely this place would get at least a little louder.

I was wrong . It was pretty quite.

 Even during the player introductions, I was like hmmmm, this was a lot quieter then last year. The game seemed to start pretty slow itself with the Islanders controlling the momentum the first few minutes. As I looked around the stands, some parts were pretty empty. I kept wondering, “What are people doing tonight? The Nats have just been knocked out of the playoff.” I was really starting to wonder where the late arriving crowd was.

Anyway, we finally put up a goal and the place went crazy! Who would have thought Daniel  Winnik would score our first goal of the season!  A few minutes later Zach Sanford took a god-awful penalty which lead to the Islanders tying it up on the power play. The kid didn’t see much ice time after that.

The Caps were having so many problems with the power play. For some reason Ovi couldn’t catch a pass in his one-time spot and no one could get a shot on net. Other than the Swede line and our 4th line, a lot of the guys looked out of sorts. I barley noticed Oshie or a other key players. We finally scored again and  who thought it would be Winnik again??

My overall impression of opening night is I thought it was dull. The building seemed really quite. It was 1-1 for quite sometime and a lot of our guys weren’t playing that well. Also I really was not that impressed with the play of Sanford. I have to wonder how long he’s going to be up here when you have guys like Vrana, Barber, and Galiev waiting in Hershey to be called up.  The Caps closed the night out with a 2-1 win and the place quickly emptied out.

Maybe Tuesday night will provide a bolt of energy. I’ll let you know!!

Photos of Caps Fans’ Night Out

RFD DC, the Scarlet Caps, and Wes Johnson played host to loyal Caps fans Thursday night for the season opener in Pittsburgh.

The were fans rocking the RED and Emily Wright had a chance to talk with you and take some great pictures.


Wes Johnson kept the crowd charged and helped raffle off prizes to the viewing party, including a team autographed jersey and lots of other signed memorabilia.

It was a great night despite the loss. Just enough to get us ready for Saturday’s home opener.

Navigating Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Autographs: A Photographic Tour!


We have been stalking following Caps players at Kettler Iceplex for a few years now. Last year we gave you some hints on where to stand and how to get photos and autographs of your favorite players.

In this article we want to give you a visual presentation of Kettler Iceplex that we hope will help you navigate the complex in Ballston/Arlington, Virginia.

Finding Kettler Iceplex

So first things first: The Washington Capitals (an occasionally visiting teams) practice most mornings when they are in town on the top deck of Ballston Common Mall, 4238 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA  22203. You can enter the complex via the parking garage either from Glebe Road or N, Randolph Street. You will know you are there by the Caps player banners which hang from the rooftop. Continue reading “Navigating Kettler Capitals Iceplex for Autographs: A Photographic Tour!”