What my Dad taught me about being a Caps fan

As young as 8 years old, I remember my Dad teaching me about hockey.  He would say ” Hockey is the best sport, it’s fast, fun to watch and the players have to be in really good shape to be able to skate, shoot and even fight!”

My Dad passed away almost a year ago after suffering a stroke.  We watched the Stanley Cup final last June. He wasn’t able to comprehend what teams were playing due to the severity of the stroke, but he still smiled when the announcers got excitement in their voice.

I’m thankful for my Dad and his love for sports and  this Fathers Day I’m filled with memories of my Dad and I going to Caps games.

When I was a little girl he would take me to the Cap Centre, buy the cheaper red seats, then say let’s move closer to the blue seats after the 1st period. This was a time when the Caps record was not the best, so there were a lot of empty seats.  Not only would we go to games, we also attended Caps events like their team store opening in DC; my Dad let me play hookey from school and I got my picture taken with every player ( I’ve got my Rod Langway picture included in this article) .  We also collected team memorabilia and listened to away games on the radio with Ron Weber calling the games.  Best memory of a radio game was seeing my Dad cry when the Caps finally beat the Montreal Canadiens at the Forum in Montreal. A feat the Caps had never done til that night. My Dad cried. I was like WOW!  My Dad is a true fan through

thick and thin and he taught me to be that way about the Caps.

As I grew older, I still kept up with the Caps but lost touch with going to games because grown-up bills was where all my money went and life had just gotten too busy.

My conversations with my Dad would always be “Are you watching the Caps?.. They are doing really well. You need to watch them,” and I would always turn the TV to watch. My Dad was always right about the team and I had felt I let my Dad along with the team down by not keeping up with hockey. Something I shared a love for with my Dad.

After my Dad passed away, I decided to become a season ticket holder to keep that passion for hockey alive.  My Dad will always be a true fan of hockey – I look for him in the Verizon center, just when I think he’s not there, someone yells “Get your head out of your a$$ Ref!!” Then I realize …he’s here!

I love and miss you Dad. Happy Fathers Day and thank you for showing me how to be a true fan of the Caps!