Best NHL Expansion Draft Tweets


Sunday the NHL blogosphere was loaded with all kinds of tweets about the Vegas Golden Knights expansion team draft.  In the morning the NHL released all of the teams’ available and protected players. Twitter was alive with rumors and guesses about what GM George McPhee (GMGM) would do.

For his part, GMGM said there were no real surprises and that he had already begun to work with the teams. He is after all, the best negotiator in the business.

All day long the Golden Knights trolled the other teams about their lists. Follow them on twitter @GoldenKnights to keep up. One of our favorites was in response to Roberto Luango’s tweet in which he crossed through his own name on the Panthers’ list.

We would be remiss if we didn’t include our own tweet with the link to our post about former and current Caps players and where they ended up on each list.

There are all kinds of mock lists out there for your consideration. Almost all of them have Marc-Andre Fleury as starting goalie and either Philipp Grubauer or Nate Schmidt as the pick from the Capitals’ list.

At least Bailey is safe from the draft…

All teams have their favorite players they want to keep:

There is nothing easy about this process:

Musings about the Caps and who might be leaving:

At the end of the day, the Vegas Golden Knights explained what their day was like and what lies ahead:

Now they get down to the real work–ordering jersey’s with names! This is getting real folks!!

So now we wait for Wednesday night. In the meantime, we are sure there will be some leaks, ’cause we are all about the leaks now!

The NHL Awards and Expansion Draft show begins at 8 pm on NBCSN. It is a fast moving process with GMGM and his team having only 72 hours to complete their selection. Per the NHL rules: “The Golden Knights must submit their selections to the NHL by 10 a.m. Wednesday, roughly 72 hours after the protected lists went public.” There is a trade freeze in place now through 8 am on 22 June.

This morning he said that today is the last day that he will be talking to teams. He will finalize the list by Tuesday night and then sleep on it. He will submit the final list on Wednesday morning. He offered no hints…

Perfect Day for Caps Fan Fest

It was an unusually cool summer day in Arlington as the Washington Capitals hosted their annual Fan Fest. We met so many great people and heard so many stories from our new friends.

Following a break from the development camp tests and drills, the prospects returned to have some fun with some kid fans on the ice.

The players were split between two rinks and each assigned a section to work with the young  hockey players. It was a chance for them to give back and remember what it was like to dream big!

During the Fan Fest, fans were given the opportunity to purchase used/new Caps player equipment.

We kind of went a little crazy–especially over Michael Latta sweatshirts and some other stuff…

Fans gathered on the eighth floor deck to shoot some pucks and take pictures with players and Red Rockers.

There were more interviews and just a lot of fun as fans and our favorite ladies mingled in the warm June sun.

The day concluded with the Caps Alumni game–more on that to come but here’s a sneak peak!

It was an exhausting day and one of the best days since the abrupt end of the season. Caps fans remain ever hopeful!!