Caps Development Camp & Fan Fest: Things Have Changed, A Pictorial Guide to Parking

Things look a lot different around Ballston Common Mall these days. The mall is home to Kettler Ice Rink – home of the Washington Capitals organization and host of Development Camp and the Fan Fest this week. And it is undergoing a major transformation which may impact your journey there, especially on Tuesday for Fan Fest

The Washington Capitals provided the following updated information in response to our post about parking last week:

Limited parking will be available in the Ballston Commons Parking garage due to construction. Alternate parking options are available in the Ballston area. 

Have no fear – we’ve got you covered. We checked on Sunday and there should be ample parking in the garage and nearby garages if necessary.

Lets start at the beginning – the entrance to the parking garage is 627 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22203. Parking on Russell is closed. Turn left into the garage if coming from Rt. 66 or right from Arlington/Alexandria on Glebe.

There is a gated ticket dispenser once you enter the garage. Push the button for your parking ticket. Rates are posted at the entry way. For up to three hours it will only cost $1.00, if you are there all day it could cost up to $10.00 It is the best rate in the area!

There is a pay machine in the Kettler Entrance if you want to pay before coming down the ramps. Or you can pay either by credit card or cash on your way back out. We find it just as easy to pay going out.

Ok, now pull forward to the stop sign and then begin the curvy drive up!

We did a check for you on Sunday and found several parking levels (3,4,5) are closed to construction. We recommend that you park on levels 6 and 7. The roof (8) will be closed for Fan Fest on Tuesday, which will decrease the number of available spaces.

You can park on the ramps for those lower levels and walk through the cones to the elevator in the far corner.

Take the elevator to level 8 – it should say ‘Ice Rink’ and enter through the glass doors.

The first rink you find is known as the “Arlington Rink” and where public skating is usually available.

Keep walking around the rink to the next set of door and enter into the lobby. Here you will find skate rentals, information about skating classes, and most importantly Eco Cater’s Caps Cafe. They have some light fare for breakfast and lunch as well as a new expresso machine. Be sure to say “hello” to Chef Robert Wood if you see him. And get his cookbook too!

There are bleachers available for viewing on the Caps rink. It is standing only on the Arlington Rink. Additionally,  there is viewing from the upper level (just take the steps in the lobby or the elevator mid-way down the hall). The upper sections may be closed though for scouts and managers as they were at the end of last season.

Finally, if you can’t find parking inside the Ballston Common garage, here is a link to other garages in the area from Parkopedia.

img_9852You can also take the Metro’s Orange and Silver line to Ballston and walk over to Glebe Road. If you are used to doing that and cutting through the NSF building, you should know that the walkway is no more! Be careful crossing the streets – pedestrians are open targets in Ballston!!


However you get there, we hope you have a great time seeing the prospects up close. We post more info on Development Camp shortly.


Cooking for the Caps

Chef Robert Wood met with Washington Capitals’ season ticket holders and shared a bit about himself and his interaction with the Caps. Raised in Georgia, Chef Robbie  started out helping in kitchens when he was too young to be working. He learned at an early age that kitchen work was more than just washing dishes.


Chef Robert from the Eco Caters Instagram

Chef Wood, as the chef for Eco Caterers,  has been preparing food for the Capitals organization for four years.  He supplies the players with everything from a breakfast served anywhere from 830 am to 1030 am and lunch starting around 1130 am to post-game dinner served half an hour after a game ends.


Chef Wood said he uses local farmers & fisherman in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area and gets information on where the food comes from and how it’s raised, caught, or farmed before using it to make his meals. Asked what are the  Caps players favorite things to eat, he replied “Bison burgers and banana chocolate nut bread!” He said one of the strangest things he has ever made was a soup sandwich for a player with swollen lips!

Hockey players are a unique clientele to feed. Each player consumes a pound of protein a day and the younger players, like Tom Wilson, know that spices like turmeric and chiles help with inflammation. Chef referred back to Alan May’s days when a hockey player’s diet was more pizza and beer compared to current-day players who know more about  nutrition. And the team doctors test blood work for each individual player to see if their body is lacking certain nutrients which helps Robbie to prepare his meal plans.

Want to cook like the Caps?!  Well, soon you can.. A Washington Capitals Cookbook will be released March 29th and will include a favorite recipe from each player! In the mean time, check out Chef Wood who has now branched off from Eco Caterers into a new business found at Go check it out to see more recipes, nutritional information and read about his experience as an NHL chef.

Written by Melonie Abernethy