T.J. Oshie Overcomes Injury Adversity to Lead Caps to Big Win Over Penguins

michael banner 2CAPITAL ONE ARENA – On Wednesday night the entire hockey world fixated on Washington D.C. as Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby went head-to-head in the latest chapter of the Capitals vs. Penguins rivalry. This game was epic and the Caps delivered a birthday present I will never forget as T.J. Oshie scored a game-winning goal with 1:14 left to give the Capitals a 2-1 win over their rivals. Speaking of Ovechkin and Crosby, they each had goals of their own but it was Oshie pulling through after two hits that could’ve knocked him out of the game that provided the heroics.  Continue reading “T.J. Oshie Overcomes Injury Adversity to Lead Caps to Big Win Over Penguins”

Evgeni Malkin Will Not Be Suspended for Hit on T.J. Oshie, Per Report

NHL Insider Greg Wysynski has reported that the NHL Department of Player Safety will not suspend Pittsburgh Penguins center Evgeni Malkin for his shoulder-to-head hit on T.J. Oshie. The injury sent Oshie to concussion protocol but he would remain in the game and score the eventual game-winning goal with 1:14 to go.  Continue reading “Evgeni Malkin Will Not Be Suspended for Hit on T.J. Oshie, Per Report”

Caps Road to the Cup Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #2: The Demons Are Exorcised

Believe it or not, there was once a time when Washington, D.C. teams just couldn’t get past the second round and it didn’t matter the sport. The 1998 Capitals, who went all the way to the Finals, were the last Caps team to get past the semifinals. Whether it was May or October, there would always be a Washington Post article chronicling the drought and all the missed opportunities Washington teams had to just simply win one game to get to the conference finals in their respective sport.

There was also a generation gap since the 1991 Redskins Super Bowl title. Any D.C. fan born after that was used to the losing, the playoff choking, and the disappointment. Accustomed to it because we all knew that one day, things would go differently and all this suffering would be worth it. That one day came on May 7 in Pittsburgh of all places.  Continue reading “Caps Road to the Cup Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #2: The Demons Are Exorcised”

Caps Road to the Cup: Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #8 Jakub Vrana’s Go-Ahead Goal Lifts Capitals to Unfamiliar Territory

Capitals jersey off back Bowey Vrana Chiasson (2018-04-08-1037)

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There was some nervous tension around Capital One Arena on Saturday May 5 after two periods. After Alex Ovechkin scored a game-winning goal in Pittsburgh to put the Capitals in front 2-1, Tom Wilson was suspended for three games for a controversial hit on Zach Aston-Reese. The Caps dropped Game 4 and were trailing the Penguins 3-2 entering the final 20 minutes.  Continue reading “Caps Road to the Cup: Top 10 Moments from the Playoffs #8 Jakub Vrana’s Go-Ahead Goal Lifts Capitals to Unfamiliar Territory”

Stanley Cup Champions Washington Capitals Salute the Fans

Remember this day children:

June 12, 2018 The Washington Capitals celebrated with their fans in one big giant humongous party down Constitution Avenue.

Continue reading “Stanley Cup Champions Washington Capitals Salute the Fans”

GAME SIX is ALL the Caps Needed!

The excitement all around the DMV was palpable across social media on Monday night. The Capitals were back up in Pittsburgh, in enemy territory, for what we all knew was going to be one of the hottest games of the playoffs. And the Pens and Caps did not disappoint.

Especially the Caps who looked like a playoff winning team!!! And they proved they ARE a playoff winning team as they head to the Eastern Conference Final!!

The lineup changed again– we still aren’t used to the constant and inconsistent changes. And no, Jakub Vrana did not start on the top line…sigh…



Backstrom was out with an injury from Game Five and well – we know where Tom Wilson was.

As the game got ready to go there was a lot of talk about Alex Ovechkin needing to set the tone early in the game. Nathan Walker and Travis Boyd played in their first NHL Playoff game. It was going to be a one-shift-at-a-time kind of night.

Here’s what the FiCP team was sharing during the game as well as what we got from your tweets.

We were between the edge of our seats and throwing things at the TV while screaming during the first period. Oshie pinged off the goalpost on the PP and our hearts sunk a little. Boyd received good marks for his play. Kempny headed to the box for a bit of a lame tripping at the 1125 mark and the Caps PK was pretty darn good. The defense on both sides of the ice kept the shots on goal to a minimum. There were 13 shots total with zero goals.

And we were all freaking out and drinking lots! As our own Tweeter @FederalDuck added a bit of Literary Summary for us all:

Even the Pens played around with their lines to keep the Caps on their toes.

The second period the Caps came out with a lot of hustle – just enough for a Beagle to Walker pass to get a shot to Chiasson to score first for the Capitals. And PPG got really quite as Walker celebrated his first NHL Playoff point.

The Penguins seemed to lose some steam after the goal. The Caps kept peppering Murray- especially that Vrana guy. Man we like him! And then that guy Letang tied it up with a shot under Holtby’s arm and with it came renewed fan energy. Holtby, all-in-all had some awesome saves!

Second Period Literary Summary:

Back at the third period we saw our heroes doing more of the same. Everyone was getting a little antsy. They kept getting close. Holtby kept up the brick wall routine. All players on both sides were looking tired; we think our hearts stopped a couple times. Unfortunately the clock ran out. Gotta say the Caps dug in deep but couldn’t make it happen.

Third Period Literary Summary:

And then there was OT

It was an amazing OT – made perfect by a heck of a Russian play- Kuzy scored on a pass from Orlov and Ovechkin!!!

The curse is broken. Hallelujah!!!

Carlson Back (Pens Guentzel Didn’t Have a Hearing); Backstrom a Maybe GAME 6

The series between the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, one of the most iconic rivalries in the NHL, just got more fuel added to its already big fire. After winning Game Five by 6-3,  Caps fan are anxiously expectant about what will happen in Game Six. But with two injuries during the game to Nick Backstrom and John Carlson, fans were a bit worried at the end of the game.

During the second round series, Tom Wilson involved himself twice in controversial hits. Though in the first occasion he wasn’t called for a hearing with the NHL Player Saftey, he couldn’t manage to escape it after his hit in Game Three. There was much discussion about whether Wilson’s hit was legal or not; it was Zach Aston-Reese who was left with a broken jaw and a concussion. That led to a three-game suspension for Wilson. Even with Willy already missing two games, the Caps are leading the series by 3-2 after beating the Penguins in Game Five.

Although the Caps walked away with a victory, Caps fans were scared after seeing what happened with Carlson and Backstrom. Nicky left the game in the third period going to its final minutes and didn’t return. Barry Trotz later said Backstrom has an upper-body injury.  As of this afternoon, Trotz has said it is a “game-time decison,” and would not comment further.

Carlson took a hard hit from Penguins’ Jake Guentzel, which Trotz called “a headshot” and a “unsuspecting, high hit.” But the NHL’s Department of Player Safety has decided not to call Guentzel for a hearing. Anyway, Carlson is expected to play tonight, since as  the nature of the hit doesn’t indicate that the injury was enough to take Carlson out of Game Six.

“John took a high hit, he was unsuspecting with a minute left. He’s being evaluated. I know the standard’s been set and I’m going to leave it up to the league. It was a headshot, in my opinion. An unsuspecting high hit.”

Both Backstrom and Carlson are important players to the Caps roster. Carlson has become the most productive defenseman during this season and a huge presence in the playoffs and this series as well. The team, which is already missing key players with the suspended Wilson and the injured Andre Burakovsky, had fans worried for a few moments about Backstrom and Carlson.

Backstrom did travel with the Caps to Pittsburgh — Burky did not.

The Caps are going to Pittsburgh for Game Six, at 7:00 PM and they’re just one game away for classifying to the Eastern Conference Final they don’t see in 20 years. As Trotz has asked; WE ARE 100% BEHIND THE CAPS!!


Caps and Pens Rivalry is Back

Ok Caps fans, it’s time to meet our Pittsburgh foes again. The Pens are fired up after a White House celebration of their 2016/17 Championship win. The Capitals have a score to settle and it starts tonight!

One slight change for tonight from the previous two lines; Christian Djoos is paired with Aaron Ness and Taylor Chorney will take a seat with Tom Wilson to watch the game. This is Djoos’ premier to the NHL and we understand his folks will be watching from the stands. 

The Pens lines from today’s morning skate, according to @PensInsideScoop: 

Forward Patric Hornqvist is a game-time decision. Defenseman Kris Letang is 1 point shy of the 300th of his career.  

Capitals and Fans in Shock

We knew it would be tough against the Penguins, again. We believed the Capitals could take them. We felt confident in two home wins. And we sure had no doubts about Braden Holtby.

And then Thursday happened (3-2 Pens) and we gulped. We made excuses. The players had some strong words themselves. 

And we still believed.

And then Saturday followed Thursday and the unthinkable happened. The Caps went down hard with a 6-2 loss this time. Fans emptied Verizon before the final horn and those pesky Pittsburgh fans did their ‘in your face’ takeover of the Gallery steps.

It’s now Sunday and we have all had a minute to digest what is going on.

The team reportedly had a private meeting to vent and bemoan what happened. Coach Trotz has to answer for pulling Holtby in the third and putting in Philipp Grubauer – he needed a ‘game changer.’ The players were in no mood to talk with the media and no one really wanted to hear what they had to say.

Fans run the gamut of ‘it’s only two games’ to ‘here we go again.’ They are beyond frustrated to see this winning team battling in the playoffs just to be out coached and unable to score. They are battling- there are signs of tenacity. And there are signs of a weakness no one can adequately name.

So what now friends?

Keep wearing your Believe shirts. Keep watching on Monday and Wednesday for a positive outcome that brings the round back to Verizon. Show up at practice and the game on Saturday with your signs and keep being loud!! 

It is not time yet to throw in the towel. It ain’t over yet!! We’ll walk with you. We’ll be there as friends should be, through the bad and the good. Just gotta hang on for the good. 

Caps-Pens: The Challenge of Captains & Goalies

Here we are again friends – Capitals versus Penguins in the second round of the NHL Playoffs. Fans on both sides are betting on their team. Thursday night we had the first glimpse of what lies ahead this series. One thing we know is it’s gonna be physical and there is no telling who will make it through.

The game started with Nick;as Backstrom winning the first faceoff against Pens Captain Sidney Crosby and they were off to battle! First five minutes were fast and furious with the Caps getting the first shot on goal (SOG). The Pens had the first power play when Alex Ovechkin went to the naughty bin for interference. Five became 10 minutes of pass the puck with the Pens out shooting 3-1. (note with 44 seconds on the ice, Brett Connolly was the only Cap with a SOG – yes Connolly) Caps had one really good chance with about four minutes left in the period – T.J. Oshie did his best but couldn’t break past Marc-Andre Fleury. Period ended scoreless.

The second period made us cry–really it MADE US CRY!!!

Crosby would score not once, but twice in 52 seconds!!  That’s all we are going to say about it…. With 1:43 left in the period, the Capitals captain slammed one right over flower and it didn’t get called back!!!  A Verizon Center went N U T S!!!  2-1 Pens at the end of the period. With 18 seconds or so left, we had our first real scrum as the pressure finally let go for both teams.

Third period started with a little four-on-four as a result of the scrum. Just as we were starting to think the Caps wouldn’t score B A M Evegny Kuznetsov with a clever wrist shot ties it up and has an incredible celle as the Weagle Lands!!  The sleeping giant is awake again.

Tie wouldn’t hold long as Nick Bonino dodges a third goal for the Pens in the net 3-2 now. Matt Niskanen would give the Pens another advantage by heading to the penalty box for slashing. At the 2:45 mark there was a strong effort in front of Fleury, the Caps pushed and shoved, they whacked and rolled Fleury over, and still the Caps just couldn’t make it happen.

In the end it was 3-2 in the Pens favor. Thankfully Crosby didn’t get a hat trick.

There were so many close calls and times it looked like the puck would go in and nothing could get past Flower.It felt a lot like last season with Murray. The Caps need to look a the tapes and find out what they can do to improve their success rate. Saturday will surely continue to battle between the captains and become more physical. The trick will be for the Caps to avoid penalties which give the Pens the advantage.

We’ll try to get you some photos later.