Alex Ovechkin Scores 40th Goal but Caps Fall to Ducks in Anaheim

The Washington Capitals were looking to build off a big win Thursday night in San Jose but they fell to the Anaheim Ducks 5-2 at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Sunday night. Alex Ovechkin achieved another milestone, John Carlson added a goal too but in the end, the Caps couldn’t stay out of the box and the Ducks made them pay with three unanswered goals. The Ducks have swept the Capitals this season after they stunned them in December at Capital One Arena, overcoming a four-goal deficitContinue reading “Alex Ovechkin Scores 40th Goal but Caps Fall to Ducks in Anaheim”

About Monday Night…

So Monday night the Caps loss was hard for me because of all the preparation I did to be able to stay up late. I was working the Wizard’s game last night at Capital One Arena and after seeing it go into overtime, I realized I had to leave. I grabbed my personal’s and ran out.

I truly believe the hockey god’s were with me because I was able to catch both of my buses in the snowy rain, which is something that never happen. I soon bust through my kitchen door yelling to my hubby “What I miss?” as I slung my purse onto the table and tossed my coat onto the floor.  

I began to do the shoe dance which landed me on the bed only to see that the game hadn’t started/  I took the time that Joe B  and Craig Laughlin were talking to get my supplies which consisted of two two-liter cokes, M&M’s, Snickers and an energy drink.

As I began to watch the game it happened . The one thing that all who have the DISH know all to well: the dreaded loss of signal. I could only scream and cry out in agony, and beg my hubby to do something about it. Of course he just looked at me and turned on his side to go to sleep, leaving me contemplate my demise.

mmAs I sat there looking at a blank screen and the two two-liters of coke I drank, the half of Snickers and the few M&M’s I had left,  I began to tweet my agony.

In the end I missed the game so I didn’t know if Ovi made six hundred.  I do now….

Inside The Caps Opponent : Josh Manson

When the Caps face the billed birds from Anaheim tonight they’ll have to deal with one of the best young physical defencemen in the league. At 6’3″ and weighing 213, Josh Manson plays a big game. And while he may not be as quick to drop ’em like his father (former NHL’er Dave Manson), he picks his battles and is not afraid to take on anyone. You could call him more disciplined than Dad was, maybe with more ability with the puck and skates better.

The Ducks locked up the versatile Dman for four seasons after signing him to a $16.4M last year and along with Vatenen, Lindholm and Fowler he will provide a pillar on the back end. While remaining physical, Manson was also able to suit up in every game last season proving some durability in a league where that is priceless.

The Caps forwards will have to keep their head up and expect a rough ride in front of the net with #42 on the ice. At the same time, the Caps forwards will use their creativity and speed to play keep away from the big man.

Go Caps Go

Caps-Ducks: Meeting the Pacific Best

The Anaheim Ducks knocked the LA Kings out of first place in the Pacific Division on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Washington Capitals, after narrowly defeating the Boston Bruins, have a firm lock on first place in their division, not to mention the league. Of course, there is always something about the Caps playing their former coach that raises the level of competition between these two teams.

watermarked photo (2016-03-06-2129)-3

Bruce Boudreau, with 663 games played, is the fastest coach to reach 400 wins in NHL history. 201 of those wins occurred during his five seasons with the Caps.

The Capitals will face some new challenges while in California; however, Coach Trotz said Saturday night that this team has a lot of battle in them and that they are committed to winning.

  • Matt Niskanen: Coach says he ‘flies under the radar’ and is one of the best defenseman going. He has had three points in the last five games, two which were goals.
  • The defensemen will need to be at their best against Anaheim, including the goalie.
  • Given the faith Coach has in his fourth line  grinders, (Beagle Richards Winnik), don’t expect to see Latta or Galiev in on this road trip.
  • The Caps power-play lines will have stiff completion from the Ducks PK lines.

The Ducks have fought their way up from the bottom. There were days when all we heard was news that Bruce Boudreau might be out because of their poor scoring. And then everything turned around and they are now on an 11 game winning streak entering the game tomorrow.

  • Expect Frederick Anderson in the net against Braden Holtby. He hasn’t lost a regulation game since December 21st.
  • Cam Fowler is great on the power play, including the one Saturday to give the Ducks the lead against the LA Kings.
  • Ryan Getzlaf leads the team in overall points and assists. On the other side, Kevin Bieksa leads in penalty minutes and is likely to try and stir stuff up.
  • The Ducks rank second in power play percent (23.7 %) and third in power play kill percent (86.2).