The United Center: A Caps Fan’s View by Lily.

As you all know I went to the Hawks-Caps game on Friday. The overall experience was quite lovely. As my uncle explained, it was basically “a stadium with drunken Chicago fanatics.” So not quite the safest place to wear a Capital’s jersey.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

I have been to the United Center several times; the best time was the Hawks-Flyers Stanley Cup finals Game 1 in 2010. This was my first time rooting for the hime team at the United Center. This was actually my first time rooting for the visiting team at any NHL stadium since then.

The fans at United were absolutely amazing and wished me luck before the game. I also wasn’t alone in my row. There were a ton of Caps fans. A fan in the next section over was the loudest Capitals fan in the stadium. Whenever we would score he’d yell “C-A-P-S Caps Caps Caps.” And whenever Tommy Hawk would beat his drum and the rest of the crowd cheered “Let’s go Hawks,” he’d cheer “Let’s go Caps.” Toward the end of the game, the Hawks fans got really tired of him and yelled “Let’s go Hawks” even louder.

I, towards the end screamed “Unleash the fury!”

I understand that I may have had a different experience as a 14 year-old girl, but the fans were very kind. In the end I may have been the most obnoxious fan there.

You should check it out yourself too!