Caps Fan to Get Tattoo of Brett Connolly Getting a Tattoo for Retweets

Washington Capitals fan Tyler Duchaine wants to take his fandom to a whole new level and will do so if he reaches his goal on Twitter. Many Capitals fans have Caps-inspired tattoos and with the team winning the Stanley Cup last season, some fanatics have the Cup or “Stanley Cup champions” tattooed. Duchaine wants his next ink art to be more unique though. In addition to fans, Capitals players got tattoos two nights after winning the Cup during their party around D.C. that weekend. Duchaine wants not just a tattoo of Brett Connolly but a tattoo of Brett Connolly getting a tattoo.

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What A Night for Caps Fans in DC

Yesterday I waited like so many fans until it was game time. I was so anxious all day but thankful I didn’t have to work my day job because I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done. I arrived at my other job at the Capital One Arena PWC Club early.  I usually just go inside the Vault  and stay but I couldn’t on Monday.  I just had to venture out before it was time for me to clock in. Continue reading “What A Night for Caps Fans in DC”

Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps

The Washington Capitals put the word out on Friday that there would be a grand sendoff for the boys at Capitals Kettler Ice Plex in Ballston, VA. We came to wish the Caps success as they headed into the desert to face the Vegas Golden Knights. In the end though, it was all about the fans who have waited a very very long time for this moment and were crazy with CAPS FEVER!!

watermarked65(2018-05-26-1747)And the fans turned out in a HUGE way. The Capitals said there were around 6,000 in attendance. They arrived in droves, some like us as early as 8:30! That’s some dedication there! Including our favorite PA Wes Johnson! Continue reading “Saturday was ALL about CAPS Fans, Photos Celebrating the Caps”

Jay Beagle the people’s Capital.

Mr Jay Beagle as far as I can tell, is probably in as much love with the game now, as he was when he first laced up his skates for the Calgary Royals fifteen years ago. I’ve got to meet Jay three times, once at a Caps Kids Club signing when he was injured, and twice I have run into him at Kettler Capitals IcePlex. All three times, he seemed genuinely happy to be where he was, and more than happy to interact with me and my son.


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How to Know You’ve Got it Bad

I come from a long line of sports fans. Growing up in Connecticut, my entire neighborhood would battle it out when the Yanks played the Sox. (And when I say “battled,” I mean it. We’d wildly honk car horns when runs were scored, and phones would get unplugged out of frustration during extra innings.) I ran 5Ks in the hopes of meeting some of the venerated UCONN Huskies that had been on a winning streak no one could believe. Our high school basketball games were filled with chants of “Lets Go Whalers”… even though they’d left the area years ago. Continue reading “How to Know You’ve Got it Bad”

Capitals and Their Fans: Photo Review of Season

Throughout the summer of 2016 and the entire 2016/17 season, Brittney Marcum and Mel Abernethy captured Caps fans and season ticket holders around the area. They also caught the Capitals doing their best on the ice and interacting with the fans and the Washington DC community. Here are some of their favorite photos. ENJOY!img_7681

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Caps Fans are Playoff Ready

Thumbs up from Michael Latta for our ROCK THE RED car. #FreeLatta


Washington Capitals fans have been waiting all year to get to the playoffs and their excitement and energy was amazing during Game One. Fans came out Saturday to encourage the players during an optional morning skate.


 There are a few changes for those of you looking to get player pictures and autographs. The area in front of the Kettler Offices is now barricade to give players easier access to their cars.


In some cases the staff is actually bringing the cars up for the players. On the lower garage level there is even a police officer to escort them to their cars.  They aren’t’ being rude friends, they are game focused!! And we want that right?

The Fan Club has hung signs at Kettler and fans are there to support the team. We at FiCP believe that we have some of the best fans in the NHL and we love meeting you at practice and games. We have quiet fans who show up for every practice and quietly watch from the rafters. And we have some crazy enthusiastic fans who scream and yell when they Caps come out of the team room.

We even saw a car from Pennsylvania that was Rocking the Red. We couldn’t help but wonder how they survive in enemy territory!


How ever you chose to do it – KEEP ROCKING THE RED!!