What Do Those Long-Term Contracts Mean for the Capitals Future?

Every team in the NHL is planning for the future and lining up younger players to fill in as contracts expire or older players are “moved” off the roster. The past couple of summers, the Capitals have made some long-term investments in players that may make it harder for younger players to have their opportunity on the NHL ice. Continue reading “What Do Those Long-Term Contracts Mean for the Capitals Future?”

Happy Caps Fan


Well, Saturday was a blast even though it was hot. That morning I awoke to the ding of my Facebook account and messages from my friends asking if I was coming to the Caps Fan Fest. Of which of course I was. I have never missed a fan fest event. Continue reading “Happy Caps Fan”

Martin Fehervary, a Defenseman with Offensive Presence

Martin Fehervary, drafted as the 46th overall pick in the second round during the 2018 NHL Draft, has been signed by the Capitals to a three-year entry-level contract. The 18-year old defenseman from Bratislava, Slovakia seems to be a good addition to the offensive zone. Continue reading “Martin Fehervary, a Defenseman with Offensive Presence”

Caps Fan Fest: Some Good, Some Not So Good

Party on Friends!

Many of you arrived really early to get in line for a chance to have your photo taken with the Stanley Cup. Some folks arrived before the sun was up- ok some of you got there the night before!

Stanley Cup Viewing

The lines for the Cup viewing and photo op wrapped down through the garage at Kettler. Last we looked, the lines were down to the third level. Unfortunately, the Capitals were unable to accommodate everyone who showed up, leaving plenty of fans disappointed. The line was cut off at 3, two hours later then planned and fans were given until 4 to make it through rather then the original 2 pm close. Of you arrived after 9, chances are you didn’t have a chance to take a photo.

Our gal Velvet Jackson didn’t wait in line – but she took a sneak photo for us!

It was HOT HOT HOT out there waiting in 90 plus degree weather with no shade on the roof top. The lines just seemed to go on and on and on. (Swipe for all the photos)

Security had their hands full, trying to keep the incoming cars from running people over and getting folks where they needed to be. They managed to do it with the same good cheer we saw at the Stanley Cup Parade.

Fans had some troubles in the terrible heat and long wait. There was free water available early on; however, it was only at the top of the line. Lots of folks were pretty exhausted and dehydrated by the time the made it through the garage and into Kettler. Some had to leave the line because they felt faint. We think Kettler didn’t fully anticipate the huge number of fans that were coming!!


There were numerous complaints on Twitter about the lack of information or the wrong information that was provided by the staff brought in to work the event. Additionally, some fans who were in the late afternoon crowd were forced to take group photos with people they didn’t know– other than having spent several hours standing with them in line. In the end, the Capitals issued tickets to people who stayed in line but were unable to have their photo taken. Many of you did not get a ticket, but we suggest you click this link and fill out the information.  From the Caps:

Thank you for attending this year’s Capitals Fan Fest. We appreciate your patience as we moved through as many fans as possible to take a picture with the Stanley Cup. If you were in line and did not receive a photo please fill out the below and we will communicate future Stanley Cup photo opportunities to you. If you received a green or red ticket please be sure to reference the number.

Many of your were among the fortunate to have your photo taken. The Caps were overwhelmed uploading the photos and we have heard they are working as quickly as they can to load them. The link for photos can be found here.

Equipment Sale

And there was used equipment to be had. The lines for the equipment sale were so short that people were able to walk right in. There wasn’t much left following the development camp scrimmage, but some folks did walk out with hockey sticks with player names like Orpik, Chiasson, and Kempny.

Ice Skating

Also part of the day was the the $5  ice skating. We saw many families lacing up and jumping on the ice. A great way to cool down!

And let’s not forget Caps Development Camp and the prospects scrimmage. Click for more.

Outside there were few activists compared to previous years. Most likely because the Stanley Cup line took up half the deck!

The FiCP team was everywhere and we will have more personal stories about the day. Oh and check out our piece on the Development Camp scrimmage. For now, we share this photo of our Man Dan (Daniel Johnson) and his brother. Two who made it through the lines to the prize of the day.


Photos by Brittney Marcum

Contribution photos from Daniel Johnson and Velvet Jackson

Capitals Development Camp Ends With Scrimmage And Hopes

Photos by Brittney Marcum Click Here

The Capitals concluded this year’s development camp with a high-paced game in which some players really stood out. Kettler Capitals Ice Plex was packed for the game, although some fans braved the heat for a chance with the Stanley Cup – more from our team later.


The group was divided into Team Red and Team White. Out of play today were Lucas Johansen and Kristofers Bindulis.dsc_0496

The goalies were also split between the two teams with Mitchell Gibson, Peyton Jones, and Frank Marotte in the net for White while Ilya Samsanov and Logan Thompson protecting the net for Team Red.

Scrimmages are short bursts of play and the prospects have a limited time to show their skills to coaches as management. Watching from rafters were the new Caps coach Todd Reirden, Olie Kolzig (professional development coach and former goalie goalie mentor), Blaine Forsythe, Mitch Korn, as well as GM Brian MacLellen. Not that that added any pressure to the guys hoping to get to the show soon.

The game was full of lots (we mean LOTS) of hits between the guys. And some decent scoring too!!!

Goal makers today included:

Eric Florchuk (Red)

Mark Simpson (White)

Sebastian Walfridsson (White)

Shane Gerish (Red)

Chase Priskie (White)

Final score 4 – 2 Team White!

We had a few favorite standouts today and we will dive deeper into their play and potential in a few features later this summer. For now, let’s take a look at some of them:

Connor Hobbs is our number one player from camp and the scrimmage. He is everywhere on the ice, reading where the puck goes and getting there quickly. Everyone we spoke with today mentioned him. And there is something different in his play. A definite level of confidence we haven’t seen in previous camps.

Cooper Zech, a defenseman who at 5’9″ and 161 pounds was a real powerhouse. We liked him from day one and he confines to impress us in the scrimmage.watermarked24(2018-06-30-1552)

Shane Gerish is the real deal. He has fast feet, good hands control, great in the corners, and lots of control. Oh and he can score too! He had a goal and an assist today. We can’t wait to see him at training camp!watermarked28(2018-06-30-1552)

Jonas Siegenthaler had full control today. He has a new maturity in the ice. Today we saw a nice move forward and a backhand pass that looked effortless for him. Like Hobbs, he seems to have a new-found confidence in his performance.watermarked19(2018-06-30-1551)

Chase Priskie was outstanding- including that sweet goal late in the second period. There is something about his style we like. You know he is there, and yet he can skate under the radar and make a play like he did today. He is one to keep an eye on.

And we just have to mention Patrick Giles. He was one of the three youngest players at camp this year. He is a local guy and his family and fellow teammates came out today to watch him. It was fun seeing their excitement for their buddy! Giles wasn’t drafted but he was invited to camp. He will be off to Boston College and we hope we get to see him back at camp again.

We will cover more of the players, especially those heading to Hershey and those drafted by the Capitals. It can take a while for the dream to come true, but this crew has a lot of potential.

Next up for the Caps? Capitals Training Camp in September.

Caps Dev Camp – Goalies and Defense Day

Friday was day four of Caps Development Camp. The morning focus was on the defense, including goalie drills.


There were a few D-men who caught our attention and we think will be worth watching in the coming month and years. The players worked on some angle shots, some pass and shoot drills, and puck control exercises. Continue reading “Caps Dev Camp – Goalies and Defense Day”

Hey Caps Fans, Ready to Celebrate Again??

The Capitals WON THE STANLEY CUP and we haven’t stopped celebrating yet!!

We get to party on down again on Saturday, 30 June at Kettler Ice Plex in Ballston/Arlington Va. Fan Fest Is Back. Click here for our helper on parking or taking the metro to Ballston.

And it is the last day of Caps Development Camp and their final scrimmage. We love this last bit with the prospects as we can finally see who is ready to push ahead for Hershey or Washington. The game begins at 10 am on the Caps Ice Rink. Get there early for a spot to sit in the bleachers or around the glass.

And then there is all the excitement of Fan Fest. Here is the general run down on what happens when:

Key Events

Photo Op with Lord Stanley. The line officially opens at 10 am but we have heard people plan to arrive really really early to secure their spot. Think Parade and the Rally Area!!!

Caps Equipment Sale also starts at 10. Get in line over near the entry doors to the Arlington Rink or near the garage elevators. Stuff goes fast and there is no telling what might be available. Prices run from low 20s for basic gear to 100s for sticks.A Public Skate has been added this year from 10 to 2. Cost is super reasonable and a good day to try out some skates if you haven’t yet. Only $5 with skates!!Typically the Caps have loads of things to do on the roof with great music playing. Frequently the prospects can be found running around. We aren’t sure that will hold true for this year or not.

The Rooftop is clear and ready to go! They are setting up tables for the Cup lines- likely to be at the entrance with the line outside. Bring water and wear good shoes!!

So come on out and hangout with a bunch of friends who aren’t ready to quit celebrating! Take a few pictures! Watch the young dudes play! It’s a great way to spend a sunny Saturday!!!

Caps Development Camp Day Two Standouts and Photos

The Capitals continued with their development camp on Wednesday. After an easy start on Tuesday, the coaches really put them all through the paces. It was Test Day for the forwards and defensemen on the Arlington Rink while the goalies worked on their skills over on the Capitals Rink. They all came together for more drills at the noon hour.

Caps dev camp2 testing2 2018-06-27-1416)

Continue reading “Caps Development Camp Day Two Standouts and Photos”

Caps Development Camp Day One

As normal with day one of Camp, tings started a little slow Tuesday afternoon. We had our first look at some of the newest players drafted by the Capitals last week. It’s too early to really make a call, but in general- these are some fast players. Just what this team needs for the future.

Some general observations:

Garrett Pilon really has that speed thing down.

It was good to see Jonas Siegenthaler. He seems to be stronger and faster every year.

Tobias Geisser returns a year after he was drafted. It was hard not to watch him. He is tall – 6′ 4″ and a bit lanky but has a nice glide on the ice. We like his stick-handling.

Shane Gersich was the surprise return to Development Camp this year. The 21 year-old played three games in the regular season and two in the playoffs. He only had one assist which might account for his selection for dev camp. This kid has a heck of a slap shot that could be deadly for an opponent.

Lucas Johansen returned to camp this year. We were excited when he was first drafted and have hopes that he will developers as a player. He looks bigger this year and as a defenseman, we want to see how he is at pushing back other players.

Connor Hobbs is a return. He looked feisty today. He has that “I want a slot” look to him. He should be fun to watch in the days ahead.

And Cooper Zech kept flashing in front of us. Definitely needs more of a look.

And of course the goalies were having their own training session too. More here.

We will have more coverage and videos throughout the week. Follow our blog and mostly us on Twitter for updates.

Caps Development Camp Day One With the Goalies

There is a lot of excitement about the future for the Hershey Bears and the Washington Capitals, and much of the excitement is about goalies. Tuesday we had a first look at who might be in the pipeline.

Like Evgeny Kuznetsov before him, we have been watching for a certain Russian goalie to join the workforce. Meet Ilya Samsonov – number 30.

Add Logan Thompson, a free agent:

Additional goalies at camp include Mitchell Gibson (57), Frank Marotte (59), and Peyton Jones (60).

Coaches were kind of light on them today but expect the pace to pickup now that they have all gotten acquainted.