Update: Brooks Laich Signs One-Year with LA Kings

One of Washington Capitals favorite former players is getting a chance to play in the NHL again, according to reports from the LA Kings. Now with Jeff Carter out for a long while with a lower-body injury; the door is open for someone to step in. Laich has been practicing with the Kings, albeit without a contract, waiting his time out.

Brooks signed a one year two-way contract on Thursday afternoon, according to CBS Sports. Laich’s contract will have an Annual Average Value (AAV) of $650,000.

Brooks, who the Caps sent off to Toronto after the 2015/16 season is not officially part of the roster. This summer, following his marriage to Julianne Hough, he was given a player tryout (PTO) with the Kings. The tryout expired 1 October with no offer of a contract.

We expect he will be in the number 25 jersey, as he did in the preseason.

He has been keeping busy with projects and  fitness routines.

It might only be a short-term opportunity for Laich. We’re happy for him to be back in the game!!!

Brooks Laich Might Skate for LA Kings Yet

Washington Capitals favorite tire changer might get a chance to play in the NHL again, according to reports around the organization.

Brooks, who the Caps sent off to Toronto after the 2015/16 season is not officially part of the roster. This summer, following his marriage to Julianne Hough, he was given a player tryout (PTO) with the Kings. The tryout expired 1 October with no offer of a contract.

Now with Jeff Carter out with a lower-body injury- the door is open for someone to step in. Laich has been practicing with the Kings albeit without a contract, waiting his time out.

If it works out, it might only be a short-term opening. But who knows. We’re happy for him to be back in the game!!!

Brooks Laich and His Jules Tie the Knot

Summer is the time for hockey weddings!!

The Ovechkin wedding wasn’t the only big news this weekend. Former Washington Capitals player Brooks Laich married his love, Julianne Hough. They were married in Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Former Caps photographer, Cheryl Nichols ran into another former Cap, Mike Green, who was there for the wedding.   Continue reading “Brooks Laich and His Jules Tie the Knot”

Roster Recap- The Hershey Bears

Connor Carrick now playing for the Marlies

The Hershey Bears have made a few roster adjustments since the last time we spoke of them. And since the Bears are currently in round three of the Calder Cup Playoffs facing off with the Toronto Marlies, we thought it would be an excellent time to do a roster update for you! Via the Hershey Bears site this is their roster through the playoffs.

Chris Brown and Connor Carrick were both traded away by the trade deadline this season. Ryan Bourque (brother of Chris Bourque) was acquired for Chris Brown, Daniel Winnik (playing in Washington) was acquired in exchange for Connor Carrick and Brooks Laich.

Any other names you don’t recognize are back-ups in case of injury in the playoffs.
2 TYLER LEWINGTON D R 6-1 197 Dec 5, 1994 Sherwood Park, AB
4 MADISON BOWEY D R 6-2 209 Apr 22, 1995 Winnipeg, MB
5 CHRISTIAN DJOOS D L 6-0 162 Aug 6, 1994 Gothenburg, Sweden
6 MIKE MOORE D L 6-1 206 Dec 12, 1984 Calgary, AB
7 RYAN STANTON D L 6-2 205 Jul 20, 1989 St. Albert, AB
10 DUSTIN GAZLEY RW R 5-9 161 Oct 3, 1988 Novi, MI
11 ZACH SILL C L 6-0 202 May 24, 1988 Brookfield, NS
12 NATHAN WALKER LW L 5-8 186 Feb 7, 1994 Cardiff, Wales
13 JAKUB VRANA LW L 5-11 190 Feb 28, 1996 Prague, Czech Rep.
14 RYAN BOURQUE LW L 5-9 178 Jan 3, 1991 Boxford, MA
15 TRAVIS BOYD C R 5-11 184 Sep 14, 1993 Hopkins, MN
17 CHRIS BOURQUE LW L 5-8 180 Jan 29, 1986 Boston, MA
18 CARTER CAMPER C R 5-9 173 Jul 6, 1988 Rocky River, OH
19 RILEY BARBER RW R 6-0 198 Feb 7, 1994 Pittsburgh, PA
20 LIAM O’BRIEN LW L 6-1 220 Jul 29, 1994 Halifax, NS
21 CHANDLER STEPHENSON C L 5-11 195 Apr 22, 1994 Saskatoon, SK
23 SEAN COLLINS C L 6-1 198 Dec 29, 1988 Saskatoon, SK
24 DOMENIC MONARDO LW R 5-10 187 Oct 6, 1988 Oakville, ON
25 COLBY WILLIAMS D R 6-0 195 Jan 25, 1996 Regina, SK
27 AARON NESS D L 5-10 192 May 18, 1990 Roseau, MN
28 PAUL CAREY LW L 6-1 190 Sep 24, 1988 Weymouth, MA
29 CONNOR HOBBS D R 6-1 196 Jan 4, 1997 Saskatoon, SK
31 DAN ELLIS G L 6-1 191 Jun 19, 1980 Saskatoon, SK
32 ERIK BURGDOERFER D R 6-2 210 Dec 11, 1988 East Setauket, NY
35 JUSTIN PETERS G R 6-1 210 Aug 30, 1986 Blyth, ON
36 GARRETT MITCHELL RW R 5-11 196 Sep 2, 1991 Regina, SK

NEXT GAME: Sunday May 29th @ 3:00pm (Game 5)

Caps Meet Leafs Tonight, With Added Emotion

Caps Moving Forward

By now everyone knows that the Caps traded Brooks Laich and that he, along with D-Man Connor Carrick will be in the Leafs’ line-up tonight. But it is time to move forward and tonight we should see just how this newly adjusted Caps team is doing. They still have the hurdle of the first period slump and the third period comeback to overcome. Coach continues the shifting of lines and though we have some projections, we aren’t really sure it matters much once the game starts. Here’s what to expect:

Caps Line Projections (But don’t hold us to it)


Ovechkin  Backstrom  Oshie

Burakovsky  Kuznetsov  Williams

Chimera  Johansson  Wilson

Winnik  Richards  Beagle  (Galiev/Latta not likely)


Alzner  Niskanen

Orpik  Orlov

Schmidt Weber


We expect Grubauer in tonight backed up by Holtby

What the Leafs Bring

They have a new roster which played together for the first time on Monday. Apparently there is a strange new alliance between Brooks and William Nylander stretching back to Nylander’s dad’s (Michael) time with the Caps. Prediction is that much of this game will be determined by who does better on the power play and power-play kill. The new players make this an unpredictable team.


Soshnikov  Kadri  Komarov

Grabner  Nylander  Hyman

Boyes  Holland  Kapanen

Greening  Smith  Laich


Humwick  Rielly

Gardiner  Corrado

Marincin  Carrick


Bernier expected in the net backed up by  Sparks

Don’t forget to check us out later for great game shots on Twitter (incoldplacedc) and  Instagram (friendsincoldplaces) AND tune in at 630 pm when we Periscope warmups live from Verizon Center.

Missing Brooks Laich

We hockey fans are a passionate bunch. We wear our heart on our sleeves. We are quick to critique failure and even quicker to celebrate success. And usually we understand when a player needs to be traded from our favorite team and there is a social media buzz about the years they played with us. Caps fans have gone through some of that in the last couple of years with trades from Matt Hendricks to Mike Green. We felt the disappointment that they had to go, we wished them the best, and celebrated them in videos at Verizon Center.

And then there is Brooks Laich.

brooks serious

We knew his stats were slipping. We all wrote about it. We all knew there was trouble on the fourth line and that Brooks was part of the problem. We knew it was only a matter of time.

  • First the rumors started about trading Brooks.
  • Then the Caps put him on waivers.
  • He cleared waivers.
  • We attempted to explain that he could stay or he could go (to Hershey)
  • And then the Caps announced he was gone – a trade with Connor Carrick to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the worst team in the NHL.

Now that hurt!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We have great memories of Brooks on and off the ice.

And the tweets late Sunday night, (because everyone was up watching the Oscars) expressed the depths of respect for Brooksie and extreme sadness that he is moving on from us.  One such tweet from Anna Knox is representative of the massive tweets that went out to Brooks on Sunday and Monday.

Laich it or not, trades are a part of hockey. Ok, let’s just say the business side of this sport stinks sometimes!  Losing a player such as Brooks Laich has been devastating to our hockey family here in DC . From the GM getting choked up when talking about the trade. to ourselves completely crying over the fact that Brooks will no longer be a part of the Caps! Admit it, tears were shed!!

How exactly are you supposed to handle this kind of stuff?!  Our photographer Mel writes:

“Well, I thought I would write how much I appreciate Brooks and it looks like I’m not the only one. Which really makes me feel better about the fact that I’m not alone . Together we Caps fans can console each other and know that we were lucky to have Brooks with us for the past decade!”

Good luck Brooks!! 

And thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We will miss you!

Love your fans in DC 

We are humbled that Brooks chose one of our photographs in his thank you post to fans. Remember to bring your tissues to the game tonight for the tribute.

Waivers, Laich, and Beagle

The Washington Capitals announced on Saturday that they were placing Brooks Laich, the only player that has been with the team as long as Alexander Ovechkin, on waivers. With the return of center Jay Beagle seemingly around the corner, the Caps are finding they need to free up some room on the team salary cap. If another team picks up Brooks they also pick up the balance of  his $4.5 million contract.

  • The salary cap—the maximum amount a team can spend on player salaries—is a complex calculation of the percentage of earned revenue that is further complicated when adjusting for the value of the Canadian dollar and the Canadian TV market.
  • Roster movement also requires constant adjustment to ensure that the teams stay above the minimum ($52.8 million) and that they don’t bump too close to the maximum or “hard cap” of $71.4 million

Although Laich has been healthy this season, in 59 games he only has one goal and six assists as he centers the fourth line. He hasn’t scored since November 5th against the Boston Bruins. In the past five games Brooks has demonstrated the drive to succeed that he is known for with three shots on goal, two in one game. Despite his efforts and the hopes of Caps fans that this season would be his breakout season, the numbers prove otherwise.

 What‘s the Waivers Thing?

Article 13 of the Collective Barging Agreement (CBA) includes the rules that regulate how a player is moved from the NHL to minor league affiliates. As part of the process a player is first offered to other teams in the NHL before being sent down. Teams have 24 hours to claim a player and if he is not claimed by another team, his team can send him to the minors. Note that a team does not HAVE to send an unclaimed player to the minors. If they don’t sent him send him down after 30 days, he must remain in the NHL.

What About Jay Beagle?

Jay Beagle sustained a hand injury on 30 December 2015 and has been out since. He began working out with the trainers before team practice and joined the team for practice 20 February and was cleared for contact three days later. In the team interviews Saturday he indicated that he was close to returning, perhaps this weekend but certainly this week. He said he is feeling stronger. To bring Jay off of the injured reserve list though means that Washington will need to make room for his salary.

Moving Forward

From a salary cap perspective, in this case, if Brooks isn’t picked up and the Caps decide to send him to Hershey to play with the Bears, the Capitals would free up $950,000. It would give them the ability to acquire a player for whatever gap they believe they have. Add in a little John Carlson on the Long-term injured reserve list for a few weeks, also gives them a bit of freedom on the salary cap, according to Chuck Gormley of CSN. Right now it’s a roster movement game to open the door for the return of Jay Beagle or the acquisition of a new player. And then when Carly is ready, the legal minds at the Caps will have to sort it all out again. Let us not forget additionally after the trade deadline there is not roster limit to how many players a team can carry.

The Laich Slide


The Capitals have been known for making big trades throughout their history. In 2004, longtime Capitals fan favorite Peter Bondra was traded to the Ottawa Senators for 21-year-old newbie Brooks Laich. He played his first full season in 2006 after playing up and down with the Hershey Bears in 2005 during the NHL Lockout. For the past 12 seasons, Laich has become a hometown favorite and is the only player that has been with the team as long as Alexander Ovechkin.


Laich has been one of the leaders in the locker room, a positive influence on younger players but he has also been outspoken about the team,  especially after a loss. There are times that he has very positive things to say about the team and his teammates. He is never one to hide his opinion. For example, he was outspoken during the 2012 collective bargaining agreement negotiations saying, “At some point you have to dig your heels in and fight.” The players dug in and the NHL owners declared a lock-out.

No matter how he plays, Laich has endeared himself to fans. In April 2010, Washington Post reporter Dan Steinberg shared the story of how Brooks stopped on his way home (in his suit mind you) to help a woman and her 14-year old daughter change a tire—the same night the Caps were eliminated from the playoffs. Ever the gentleman! He has always been the private one—until he met Julianne Hough, his fiancé. He is now a bit of a celebrity, turning up at Hollywood events to support her (like “Grease Live!”) and is mentioned in numerous articles–including a rather revealing article in Cosmopolitan. He’s still just as humble as ever, often giving props to his teammates at every opportunity,.

There are those who think that his best years may be behind him. In 735 career NHL games, he has notched 323 points with 133 goals and 190 points. He recently passed Rod Langway’s eighth place hold on 726 games played in Caps franchise history.. From 2007 to 2012 he averaged 20 goals a season with a career high of 25 goals in the 2009/10 season. Perhaps more impressive was his assists average of 27.4 per season during that timeframe. For many years, Laich has been a solid player and key contributor to the Caps top nine players. Then 2012 brought injury. Between the lockout and numerous injuries, he only played nine games that shortened season.

He missed the better part of the 2012-2013 season for a number of injuries including a groin and shoulder injury. In February 2012, Laich took an awful hit in the Caps game against the Bruins and was assisted off the ice. Though he initially denied the injury, Russian Machine Never Breaks reported that he was seen later walking out on crutches and in a knee brace.

Unfortunately, this season has been rough for the Caps veteran. Although he has been much healthier this season, in 52 games he only has one goal and five assists as he centers the fourth line. He hasn’t scored since November 5 against the Boston Bruins. Despite the hope that this season would be his breakout season, the numbers prove otherwise.

So what is next for Brooksy? He has one year left on his contract with a lot of buzz that the Caps could trade him. The question remains: who would risk trading for an injury prone 32-year old points-declining player? Or will he finally break out and redeem himself with Washington fans? Only time will tell…

Written by Christopher Johnson and Maggie Marcum

Photos by Mel Abernethy, Brittney Marcum, and the NHL Capitals

Caps Practice Update 2-3-16: An Updated Pictorial 

Things were a bit “spirited” at practice today. Not a light practice, as the coach out them through tough drills. The players were visibly tired and a few had short tempers to boot. Here is what we saw, judge for yourselves what is going on behind the scenes…


Holtby slashes Laich, Hard…


Laich doesn’t like that… proceeds to yell quite a few F-Bombs


At least someone was having fun..


A goalie and his Korn



What to Expect: Caps-Habs Re-Match.

Caps Daily Glass Bump: Pregame 26 December 2015

h hol

Photos by Brittney Marcum

The Washington Capitals will face the Montreal Canadiens for the second time this season. Last time we met T.J. Oshie earned himself two goals and helped bring the Caps a win. The Capitals are in a six-game winning streak and will be looking to secure their lead quickly.


The team returned to the ice at Kettler Iceplex this morning after a four day winter break. They received an extra day above the NHL-mandated three days, probably for good behavior! Not only did the players look happy to be on the ice the rink was packed with cheering spectators.


h crowdOutside the rink, fans stood for over an hour to get shots of their favorite players (more on that later).

Check out our post from this morning to read more about the Canadiens. (The Canadiens are Coming)

What to Watch for Tonight

Line-up looks to be the same:

8-19-77, 90-92-14, 25-83-43, 21-46-65

h burk h laich

We need to see some activity from Andre Burakovsky and Brooks Laich. Burkie has one assist in five games while Brooks is 0 for 5.





habs chimeraJason Chimera is one goal away from joining five other players on the team with 10 or more goals.


T.J.Oshie and Alex Ovechkin: Who will finally bring us a hat trick???


Ovechkin is eight goals away from 500 NHL career goals.

Coming Up

Practice is scheduled for 1130 at Kettler on Sunday

Next game is away at Buffalo on Monday at 7pm on CSN-DC and MSG-B