Meet Lily – Our Newest Writer!

FiCP is so excited to welcome Lily Rosenberg to our team of talented writers.

Lily, who hails from Bethesda, is a sophomore in high school. We first met her this summer when she gave us this brilliant synopsis of the Jason Chimera situation:

We knew then that she HAD to join our team of all women writers and photographers.

Lily has been following hockey since she was seven years old and started playing hockey when she was eight. In her free time, she keeps stats about every team in the NHL — just for fun!! Her other interests include acting, music, and baseball.

Look for some personal insight articles, some great analysis pieces, and more videos in the weeks ahead.

We here at FiCP believe you are never to young, never too old, and never too much of a girl to know and love hockey. If you have a passion for hockey and some good writing skills, send us a message and you too can become part of the only blog totally run by women who love hockey!!


Welcome to a new blog for fans of the Washington Capitals that promises to bring you great photos and articles about all things hockey. Not only will you find the best pictures of  your Capitals players but watch for pictures of the Hershey Bears and local hockey teams in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region. We will be hitting the road to bring you stories about fans traveling out of the area and of your favorite team on the road.

We are big fans ourselves and we our at most most Caps=related events. If we can’t make it, we would love to have some of you follow the events for us. Just let us know you are going and we can collaborate. If you have that special photo with a Caps player, let us know and we will share it with other fans. If there is a story you would like us to write on – just send us a comment and we will do our best.

We are here because we have so much fun being a part of the Caps community and that love has spread to a general love of hockey in the DMV. We hope you will catch the Red Rocking Spirit with us as we travel meet with friends from cold places.