Contributor Guidelines

If you think you might be interested in writing with FiCP, take a look at our Guidelines. Then email us at with a writing sample and explain how you would like to contribute. You don’t have to be a great writer; we are here to edit!!

Friends in Cold Places General Writing Guidelines

Vision: Provide a unique perspective on Washington Capitals, NHL, and local hockey by photographing and writing what we see and experience.

Writing Guidelines

Original Material

We strive to keep a positive perspective when writing, even if we have to deliver bad news about the Capital’s performance.

We use our own photographs as much as possible rather then using photos from other providers. When using other photos, we always reference the source.

We never place our logo on someone else’s gifs, photos, or graphics.

If we draw statistics from other providers, we source the information.

We try not to simply repackage other articles written by other news sources. Any such pieces will point back to the original by providing a link.

We do not use Wikipedia as a source but can use it to find original material.

Post Guidelines

write what you love

Posts should be between 500 and 1,000 words. Longer posts are acceptable on occasion or can be split between two posts.

We are all fans and we try to capture the fan perspective in our posts.

We try not to infringe on the personal lives of players. We do pull from their social media accounts but also try to use good judgement about things that are truly personal in nature.

We do not take photos of the families, especially player’s children, without their permission. For example, Mrs. Trotz does not like pictures or video to be taken of Nolan.

We do not use ‘foul’ language in our posts or our tweets.

We strive to be grammatically correct and to spellcheck before posting, understanding that errors happen.

We use our own photographs from the WordPress media for articles, as much as possible.

We do not use photos from Russia Machine, Nova Caps, or other blogs. But we may retweet RMNB or other good media pieces.


We write out of a passion for the Washington Capitals and hockey in general. Sorry, we can’t pay you but we do provide thank you gifts!

We are where the fans are and strive to write things from a fan perspective. We may interview fans to get a sense what fans are thinking. Or we may draw from social media posts.

We cover all things Caps and NHL.

We also cover local hockey events.

We support Warriors Hockey and will cover them as much as possible.

We also write pieces on local hockey in the hopes of expanding the sport in the greater Washington DC area.

This is a volunteer effort. We all have personal and professional lives. Contributors contribute as their schedule allows, although we would hope for at least one post a week.

If there is something local going on, or you are going to an away game; by all means write it!

Feel free to write about general hockey rules or playing experiences.

We are here to have fun. We keep it light. The blog belongs to all of us!