The 2019 Armed Forces Hockey Classic

Don’t have much going on over Memorial Weekend? Feel like watching hockey being played for a good cause for FREE?

“The Armed Forces Hockey Classic (AFHC) is a tournament where military veterans the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy come together to compete against one another while raising money for the United Heroes League (UHL). The UHL wants to ensure that all 5 million military kids are able to develop critical life skills through sports. This intense focus on youth development and serving the families of our military service members motivates the UHL to keep programs focused. This focus has inspired 115 professional athletes and over 30 professional sports franchises to lend their name and support to the UHL.”

The Washington Capitals have supported the UHL since their start in 2009 along with many other franchises, like the Minnesota Vikings and the Los Angeles Kings. Players/coaches who have contributed to this cause have been Nicklas Backstrom, Karl Alzner, Bruce Boudreau, Taylor Chorney, Matt Hendricks, Nate Schmidt, and many others!

This event is being held just outside of Dallas, Texas in North Richland Hills. Veterans, local and country-wide, are gathering there to play the greatest sport for an excellent cause. Coordinators have stated that they have received donations and incoming participants from places like Alaska, Colorado and even the DMV! The winning team of the tournament will get to hoist the James “Maggie” Megellas Championship Trophy. Who knows, you may see someone you’ll recognize!

2010 AFHC Champions – Team Navy/Marine Corp.

The tournament will begin May 25 @ 10:00 am EDT, first puck drop @ 10:15 am. All games will be live-streamed via Facebook here. For more information on the AFHC and the UHL, click here. Have a wonderful weekend!

What A Night for Caps Fans in DC

Yesterday I waited like so many fans until it was game time. I was so anxious all day but thankful I didn’t have to work my day job because I wouldn’t have been able to get anything done. I arrived at my other job at the Capital One Arena PWC Club early.  I usually just go inside the Vault  and stay but I couldn’t on Monday.  I just had to venture out before it was time for me to clock in. Continue reading “What A Night for Caps Fans in DC”

The Greatest Show On Ice – Alex Ovechkin

Well, last night was full of awesomeness and greatness. It was so worth braving the cold, snowy rain just to see Ovi score six hundred. Okay, I know I am getting ahead of myself so I will take you back to the beginning before the game and before Ovi scored.

Getting the Ice Ready for Ovi to Score!

That morning I was getting ready to work my day job, and yes I have two jobs that I enjoy.

I was told some years ago by a wise and humble person that whatever you do in this life, make sure you enjoy it. Soon after I was headed to my job as a hostess and on my way there I stopped by Chipotle to get two tacos and the funny thing about me stopping at Chipotle is they know exactly what I want. Once inside I am reminded about where I am.  It’s like I miss the arena; but I don’t. I missed the ringing of the cowbells and the chanting of the fans but the coldness of the ice I don’t miss. 

As the fans started to enter Capital One Arena, my anticipation of the game increased. I was on edge for a good portion of the game just waiting with baited breath for the moment when Ovi would make history. So to make time go somewhat faster, I just went on a short walk through the arena snapping photos. I returned back to the restaurant where fans were still anxiously awaiting Ovi to make history.

img_0151I was standing next to my customer when it happened!! I couldn’t believe it at first so I waited until the replay . That’s when I slid out of my shoes and did my praise dance! I almost took off running but I had to remind myself that I was at work. If I wasn’t at work, I would have been running up and down the restaurant screaming 600 like Quasimodo in the movie Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

While I have seen many jubilant celebrations during my years of working at the Arena, this was different. It was more electric. I gathered my composure and returned back to my hostess stand and the only thought that came to me was R. Kelly’s song I Believe I Can Fly.  I don’t have a reason why.

I can’t wait to for the next Caps game to see Alexander Ovechkin, the greatest player of all time.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

About Monday Night…

So Monday night the Caps loss was hard for me because of all the preparation I did to be able to stay up late. I was working the Wizard’s game last night at Capital One Arena and after seeing it go into overtime, I realized I had to leave. I grabbed my personal’s and ran out.

I truly believe the hockey god’s were with me because I was able to catch both of my buses in the snowy rain, which is something that never happen. I soon bust through my kitchen door yelling to my hubby “What I miss?” as I slung my purse onto the table and tossed my coat onto the floor.  

I began to do the shoe dance which landed me on the bed only to see that the game hadn’t started/  I took the time that Joe B  and Craig Laughlin were talking to get my supplies which consisted of two two-liter cokes, M&M’s, Snickers and an energy drink.

As I began to watch the game it happened . The one thing that all who have the DISH know all to well: the dreaded loss of signal. I could only scream and cry out in agony, and beg my hubby to do something about it. Of course he just looked at me and turned on his side to go to sleep, leaving me contemplate my demise.

mmAs I sat there looking at a blank screen and the two two-liters of coke I drank, the half of Snickers and the few M&M’s I had left,  I began to tweet my agony.

In the end I missed the game so I didn’t know if Ovi made six hundred.  I do now….

Hello Beautiful Readers

Hey friends, meet Velvet. She is one of our new writers and she will be bringing us some behind the scenes articles on the Capitals. She has spunk and and we promise you will love her pieces.

My name is Velvet Jackson and I am a DC native who is a fun, energetic social butterfly. I’m a mom of four, grandma of two, fur mommy of two cats Boo Boo & Butter & a wife to CJ.

I’m a published author my book Strut Of The Puck is available on amazon and I have a blog: The Geeky Chicky. I have a love for writing and telling stories but when I’m not blogging,writing books or spending family time I work part time as a hostess at the PWC Club located inside the Capital One Arena.

I have been a fan of the Washington Capitals for seven years. I don’t have a favorite player because I consider all of them to be great, but I do have a school girl crush on one player. I will not say who and it is not Alex Ovechklin.

I’m excited about this beautiful opportunity that has been offered to me and I can’t wait to share my love of the Caps and DC sports with everyone.

Follow Velvet’s Cap stories on FiCP and here too:





We join with other Washington Capitals’ fans in wishing Mike Vogel a very Happy Birthday.

You know him as @VogsCaps on Twitter and as the source of the best news about the Caps through the officially sanctioned blog: Dump ‘N Chase. He is considered by many as a pioneer in his field as the Senior Editor and Content Strategist as Washington Capitals and has modeled a higher standard than most when it comes to electronic media, i.e., blogging and great on-line interviews.

We are always inspired by him and appreciate the first-hand information he provide and are thankful for his insights.


USA – Finland World Cup 1st Period Round the Rink

Verizon Center is rocking!! Wes Johnson was in his rightful spot and Slapshot was all patriotic waving the flag!!!

TJ Oshie was first to score! Go Caps!!

Power play for USA but nothing makes it to the goal.

PP for Finland with a little more than two minutes left and with only one SOG, they returned to five on five without scoring. 

LA Kings Jonathan Quick was barely challenged stopping 11 SOG. 

End of second it is USA leading 1-0

Washington Caps Development Camp Day Two Mornings 

Caps prospects were on the ice for their second day . The players were split between two rinks; player testing on the public rink and goalies on the Caps rink.

And fans all over were sharing thoughts about the players and the next season.

Lucas Johansen also took to the ice for the first time today after being under the weather for the first day of camp. 

Bears players also joined the goalies on the Caps rink.