Capitals Pay Tribute to Former Coach Barry Trotz with Video and Standing Ovation from Fans

When the game between the Washington Capitals and New York Islanders went to a pause for a commercial break, all eyes inside Capital One Arena were transfixed on the video board above center ice. A tribute video was played honoring Barry Trotz, the coach that guided the Capitals to the franchise’s first Stanley Cup and won the hearts of Washington as the first coach to guide a D.C. sports team to a championship for the first time in 26 years.  Continue reading “Capitals Pay Tribute to Former Coach Barry Trotz with Video and Standing Ovation from Fans”

Coach Trotz on the State of the Caps

After the narrow win on Monday against the Buffalo Sabres, Coach Trotz had a few things to say today about their performance and moving forward:

Oshie Return?

“Make that decision tomorrow…He’s possible.”

Ovechkin and penalties:

“We have a very straight-forward relationship. Alex doesn’t hide from anything He mans up.”

“He understands that the best way to help his team is to not be in the penalty box…we need him on the ice…he knows as leader of our team he can’t be putting us down in terms of our man short as often as he has lately. I know he’ll clean it up.”

“If my message is no getting through the only thing I have is ice time.”

Burkovosky Slump–Out of the line up?

“I haven’t made a decision yet…he knows that he needs to get his game going …we have probably taken a step back from him so that the young man can figure it out on his own a little bit. Its part of the process…”

What about 9 and 74 being apart?

“I don’t know if i like anything. we’ll have to see. we switched pairs last night…don’t know if we will go there tomorrow.”

“Our four pairs have been pretty solid.”

PP goals

“Getting their confidence back. PP has been a focus of a lot of article, but they have come through big for us in the last couple of games. …working at it…little bit of a mindset…changing …have to have some success.”

}Osh in that diamond spot is as good as anybody in the the national hockey league.”

“Has hand skills to make something out of nothing.”

Sanford Return

“Talked to him…take it one game at a time. take it as far as next weekend and then have another conversation.”



Trotz Post Practice Thoughts 11/30/16

After a day off and a night of gambling, Coach Barry Trotz put the team through the drills this morning and continued to evaluate the lines and the health of players T.J. Oshie and Matt Niskanen.  Here are our fav takeaways from his presser after:

On the Lines:

“I put the old group together last game at the end…they gave us a real boost…doesn’t mean they will stay together tomorrow.”

“I know what will work. Nothing in stone on those lines.”

niskanen-on-the-way-back Niskanen:

“Need to talk to the trainers…if everything continues on the path that it was today, there is a very good chance he will play tomorrow.”


Still out at least through Saturday’s game.

Power Play Problems:

“When it’s going really good we score a lot of goals off those second and third sort of quick strikes after the initial bomb at the net or shot. And we haven’t been able to do that as well. Some of that is we don’t get seconds because we don’t force the goalie to make any saves.”

On Oshie and Niskanen: “We make a great scramble plays.”

Jay Beagle:

“Jay Beagle has an effect on our team in a positive way everyday.”

Oshie Gap:

“There are guys lining up for Osh’s spot because he is out and that’s great because you are going to get more ice time–but then you better produce.”

“Some guys can get it done and some guys can’t get it done and we find out.” (when players step in for injured players)


John Carlson Troubles

“Such a talent.”

“It’s not coming  easy for him. He’s playing catch-up.”

Zach Sanford Struggle

“Very detailed, he listens, he aborbs” “just hasn’t gotten a reward yet.”

“He’s going to be a good player for us.”

No intention of sending him down to Hershey, yet. UPDATE: Zachary was sent to Hersey after the press conference. 

Words of Wisdom!

“Something you just got to (I think it’s Mitch’s term) you got to defrag the computer because you are over thinking things.”

Click here for the full presser.


Trotz’s Take: Post LAKing Loss Comments

Following a comeback third period and OT loss to the LA Kings, Coach Trotz had these things to say:

Game Play 

I didn’t like our first 30 minutes of the game.

Needed to fix our battles: battles on the puck, the one-on-one areas, our management of it.

We were a little loose with the puck

We left them some prime chances.


This groups is resilient. They were down three pucks and they looked it this as a challenge…and they came back.

Our group will take second half of the game and say that’s what we need to do and the way we need to play.

First Period Problems

As a coach there is nothing more than I can say. It’s gotta start with the core–They’ve got to be ready. Everybody is trying to jump on us in the first and we are letting them. That’s something we’ve got to correct.

You give up an early goal, you got to kill a  couple of penalties,  they’ve  got another one, now you are in a big hole.

We’ve got to get a better start. be more ready. Be more committed to getting off to a good start.

LA Kings

The LA Kings are not going to let you come into this building and have an easy game.

Maybe down the road when we run into each other again, it will be a good reminder for us

Bottom Line

If we play the right way, I think with our depth ,we have lots of ability. We can set the tone a lot of times and force teams to react off of us rather than the other way around.







Trotz’s Take: Bruins Post-game 6 March 2016

Following the Washington Capitals OT win over the Boston Bruins, Coach Trotz had this to say about his Boyz and their battle to win:

Coaches  Challenge:

As soon as they scored the goal…both our video coaches really communicated well to the bench…I think they’re offside lets look at it

To me it was a turning point in the game. This is four games in five nights for gets two nothing, .don’t know if we are able to get two points   Huge turning point

I thought our penalty kill was outstanding. your best penalty killer is always your goaltender and Grubauer was fantastic.

I liked our battle.

  • There’s a lot of battle on our bench.
  • There is commitment
  • You see the guys getting stitched up and all that
  • I think it was a real good hockey game from both sides.
  • I take a lot of pride in this group
  • They’ve got real good leaders.

Adversity Battle

They are battling through some adversity.

  • the adversity of playing four games in five nights,
  • the adversity of getting to the hotel and probably getting to sleep after 3
  • fighting through five on three

Fourth line:

I don’t know what they call that line…

  • they come hard I think they have take on the personalities of their centerman
  • its a credit to Beags as that missing element
  • Daniel has fit in and has played really well on that line is
    • making plays
    • doing a real good job on the penalty kill

I really like that line, you can throw them out there against anybody and they are hard to play against.


He is on the ice all the time, that’s number one. The odds go up when you are on the ice. He’s been so solid all year. He’s one of those guys that flies under the radar. He doesn’t want a lot of credit. He is one of the most popular guys in our room he been making a big case for himself top defenseman in the hockey league

Ovi Boarding Penalty

I saw it on the screen I watched again. Ovi is a big man…he’s got him by 30 40 pounds…no intent…Miller unfortunately got hurt…doing his job



Trotz’s Take: NYR Post-game comments, 3/4/2016

Following Friday night’s loss to the NY Rangers, Coach Trotz had these comments about the game:

About the Performance:

I thought we played pretty well, actually.”

“I thought we came out with a pretty good game plan.”

“I didn’t think the first was too bad.”

“I thought in the second period that we dominated that period.”

“I thought in the third we had a pretty good push on but they did a really good job defending.”

“I thought they had a couple of key saves.”

“We couldn’t’ get it tied up.”

You don’t want to give a goal up the end of the period—you don’t want to give up a goal the first two minutes the start of a period.”

Beagle, Richards, Winnik were outstanding—I would not want to play that line a lot—they were good.”

“We played the right way”

Trotz said he told the guys after the game: “I’ll take that game any day of the week

There are hockey gods and the way we played against the Leafs I think that was their way of going, you gotta give us one back for that effort.”

Road Trip

The Caps head off on a four-game road trip which after Boston takes them to the west coast and play against the Anaheim Ducks, the LA Kings, and the San Jose Sharks. Coach is looking forward to the trip, saying: “Great for us to get on the road a little bit, we’ve been home for a long time we may be a little stale. Get on the road and see if we can pull the game a little back together”

Bruins: “We are gonna get marked up by all the teams that we’re playing, Boston is playing very very well right now who knows what happens. They might be a first round opponent. Still a lot of hockey to be played they’re gonna come out ready to go tomorrow night”

Ducks: “…and then we head to Anaheim that’s five games seven nights that will be a tough one. Anaheim’s has won 10 or 11 in a row right now They’re playing real good hockey right now, they’re in first place and they are gonna want to mark us up and see what we’ve got to offer from this side “

Kings: “…and then we go to LA and they are fighting for first place and we’ve seen them once”

Sharks: “…and then we go to San Jose, who played us in game two.”

I think they are all fighting for first place within a point or two of each other and they are sort of peaking at the right time.”

Trotz’s Take: Post-Practice 3/4/2016

Here are some of the highlights from  Coach Barry Trotz’s morning press conference.

Same line-up as we saw against the Maple Leafs.


“…is fine. I can see him in the lineup tomorrow.”

“Your are either hurt or injured…right now he is hurt.”


“They are an active D.”

“They have four good lines”

“They fore-check hard”

“Gotta take care of the active D”

If Raanta is in for Lundqvist in the goal:

“Make sure we are getting traffic and putting pucks to the net”

“I don’t think the way we play with Raanta in the net will change.”


Trotz told him he “is not a rental player…here for another year”

“Get fully engaged, immerse yourself”

He will have a “big role in the PK, late games, and the shut down line”


He’s “got a dimension where he can turn something into nothing–where you see some of his goals. But, he can turn nothing into something the other way too. That is where we want to get some balance in his game.”

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