Capitals Round One Game One Winning Photos

The Capitals played an exciting game Thursday, 11 March against the Carolina Hurricanes. There were some ups (like a 3-0 lead in the first period) and some downs (like no scoring in the second) and some areas of frustration (letting the Canes score twice in the third). In the end though, the Caps were valiant and won the first battle in what many hope will be another long summer of playing. FiCP photographer Mel Abernethy was up close to the glass capturing some of the before, during, and after moments. Continue reading “Capitals Round One Game One Winning Photos”

Lars Eller: In the Capitals History and Photo Books

Lars Eller became the Washington Capitals hero over the summer. It was his sixth time skating in the playoffs – his second time for the Capitals. Those 50 previous games must have prepared him for the pressure cooker the Caps were in as they played one hard game after another. Eller just kept coming back for more.

You asked us for a photo gallery of our best Lars Eller photos. We are happy to oblige and add a little bit about why Capitals fans have come to admire this quiet man from Denmark. Continue reading “Lars Eller: In the Capitals History and Photo Books”

Capitals Smiling Faces

We love taking photos. We tell the Capitals story through the eye of the lens. And boys and girls, we have a LOT of photos!!

The Capitals have a lot of reasons to be happy this season. So we figured- why not a gallery of those smiling laughing faces we love so much!


Sometimes they smile just with their eyes!

There are those big laughs!

But mostly just those lovely smiling faces that make us smile right back.

Click here to see which photos the Caps have liked!

They Like Us, They Really Like Us (Our Caps photos that is)

We launched this media outlet at the start of the 2015/16 season because we wanted to showcase the best moments of the Capitals in photos. Players, other blogs, and fans were already using and liking the pictures our photographer, Brittney Marcum, took at practice and during games so we thought, why not just create our own site to share those great for the fans, and of course the players.

Our name, Friends in Cold Places comes from a joke that Tom Wilson and Michael Latta liked and used so many of our pictures that we had become their “friends” around the ice–their private photographer. In these photos- Brittney took a picture of Latts, it was picked up by the Caps on the jumbo-tron during the next game, he liked it, so we printed it and gave it to him to honor his grandmother. And a new website was launched!!

We added a few stories about the Capitals that we thought you might want to read, and here we are today. We still take lots of photos and we love writing stories about the Capitals, the Hershey Bears, and the experiences we have following them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy taking photos and writing.

So,  excuse us now if we toot our own horn a little bit! Continue reading “They Like Us, They Really Like Us (Our Caps photos that is)”

Caps Take Nats Park by Storm

Today, just days after winning the cup the team paraded Lord Stanley into Nationals Park prior to their game against San Fransisco. And boy did they look happy… Continue reading “Caps Take Nats Park by Storm”

The Many Faces of Braden Holtby

There are few things in life that make us (and we know many of you) smile than the looks of Braden Holtby. Today was no exception.

He was looking marvelous today at morning skate. Serene. Tranquil. Zen-like.

Whatever he is doing to keep in the zone and pucks out of his zone is working. Can’t wait to see more of him tonight when he blocks all those shots from the Golden Knights.



We’re Just Getting Warmed Up…

Warm-ups are always a fun thing to watch, and you most definitely want to get there early to get a good spot because it will fill up FAST! This was the fastest we have ever seen Capital One fill up prior to puck drop. If you are a Capital One card holder you can use the entrance on 6th street to get in a little bit earlier than the general public.

We love going to warm-ups to see the players emotions and they always come out pumped! Last night was no exception as this was the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals at home, and the crowd was just as pumped as the boys!

These faces are serious but you could tell they were seriously excited!

And it wouldn’t be warm-ups without a little TJ Oshie, Tom Wilson fun!

The Caps Practice Before the Madness

The Caps had their last practice before the big game 3 tonight and they were nothing but happy and relaxed.

Because we know this is what you really want look no further- here are our favorite photos from the day!

Capitals Weekend Practice: Ready for the Final Run

The Washington Capitals touched down in Las Vegas Saturday afternoon. First they held a crazy practice at Kettler Ice Plex, got cheered on by fans, and walked a runway to their cars. We have pictures!

Continue reading “Capitals Weekend Practice: Ready for the Final Run”

And They’re Off! Caps Players Head to Vegas to Chase Stanley

After today’s practice the boys were set to leave for Las Vegas in hopes of bringing home a two game series lead. But before they could leave on their five hour journey across the country Caps fans had to give them a proper send-off and that is exactly what we did. Two hours and a very red photographer later we ended up with some great photos of the boys that we KNOW you will love. So without further adieu;

Continue reading “And They’re Off! Caps Players Head to Vegas to Chase Stanley”