Jill Sorenson Gets a New Gig

One of our all-time favorite Capitals beat reporters, Jill Sorenson, has a new job. And it isn’t in sports! She revealed to us this morning that she is starting an exciting new career as Director of Marketing and Business Development in the commercial construction industry. Jill told us “This is an awesome move for my career, a great professional challenge, and so amazing for my family life.” Continue reading “Jill Sorenson Gets a New Gig”

Our Thanks to Jill Sorenson

We met Jill Sorenson through the Caps Fan Club. She had come to speak to a group of die-hard Caps fans about the 2015/16 season and the skinny on players. She shared her personal stories about covering DC Sports since 2000, when she worked with legend  NBC’s George Michael. She graciously agreed to meet with us as we were launching this blog and was one of our first, and favorite, interviews of all times. Jill’s story continues to be read by fans month after month, even though the interview was in December 2015.

Today she confirmed what had been only rumored last week. CSN has decided not to continue their relationship with her. We are saddened and angered by the decision. As are many fans and others who cover the Washington Capitals.

Jill became a grand supporter of our little endeavor, understanding what it is like to be the new kid on the block and to be women working in a predominately man’s world of sports coverage. She encouraged us to keep going, even when we might have to fight for our place. She told us to be ourselves and cover the Caps in a way that is natural for us.

img_6293She then introduced us to other women in the hockey world – bloggers and players. Over the years since we first met, she always greeted us warmly and supported us on Twitter as we continued to carve out our niche of three women running a hockey blog which expanded to include a couple of guys and a few other women who write when they can.

And then there is the Jill who we watched provide insight into the lives of the Washington Capitals. Her stories were heart-felt and full of mutual respect as players opened up their homes and their personal lives to her. And you could see the respect she had from many of her co-workers at CSN and around Kettler and Verizon Center. Our hope is that she will land on a local network where she can continue to interview players and interact with fans as she has for so many years at CSN.

We can’t say enough about this wonderful lady. We wish her, and her family, nothing but the best. We so greatly appreciate the doors you opened to us Jill and the friendships (Wendy) we have made because of you. We can’t wait to see you back on the air, doing what you do best – covering DC Sports!!

Maggie, Brittney, and Mel

May there always be work for your hands to do
May your purse always hold a coin or two; 
May the sun always shine on your windowpane; 
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; 
May the hand of a friend always be near you; 
May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

National Women’s Hockey Gets a Boost

Women in sports always seem to get short-changed when it comes to coverage. The National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) has a staying power that is finally beginning to payoff.

It was announced today that Twitter will broadcast the 2017/18 NWHL season via live streaming!!!!

Here is the complete statement from Twitter as reported by Greg Wyshynski.

According to the NY Times: “The list of games to be available exclusively on NWHL.twitter.com or twitter.com/NWHL, will be announced in September. All other N.W.H.L. games will remain available for streaming on the league’s website.”

Well done ladies!! We will be watching and hope other hockey fans will join in to help expand this group of talented professional hockey players.

FiCP Goes to Hockey N’ Heels

By Brittney Marcum

Hockey N’ Heels 2017, hosted by Courtney Laughlin, was in my opinion, much improved from 2016. The previous year the Caps only used one of Kettler’s rinks; however, this year they utilized both, making the sessions much less rushed and giving us time to truly enjoy them.

Once again there were three on-ice sessions, as well as three off-ice. First up,  our group (the red group) went to learn about face-offs from the legend Rod Langway. He explained to us how to hold the stick as well as why players get thrown out and replaced at the circle. We had so much fun going against each other and unleashing our inner Jay Beagle!!

Next on the agenda was a lesson in goalie skills from the man behind the beast, Coach Mitch Korn. Mitch explained to us the importance of the different pieces of goalie equipment and gave us directions on how to use them. We even got take a go at playing goalie for ourselves. We also spoke to him about how long goalies really have to react to those pucks flying at them from all angles and his responses were astonishing. He said that goalies watch video of players on other teams shooting so that they know what to expect come game time.

Our last on-ice activity was broom ball with Daniel Winnik and Nate Schmidt. Our half of the group was playing alongside Dan Winnik who explained we really needed to moonwalk while playing as to not fall over on our butts… If you must know I definitely fell on mine. Nate Schmidt was really getting into it which made it that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.Brett Connolly and Philipp Grubauer hosted similar groups on the other side of the ice.

The off-ice sessions included a chat with Chef Robert Wood (SuperFd and Eco Catering) who has an AWESOME cookbook coming out, including recipes from  the Caps better halves. The food he cooked up for the evening was delicious[ the shrimp- pineapple skewers were my personal fave! We also got the opportunity to talk with Coach Trotz about his thoughts on how the team is doing and who their biggest competitor is. In case you were wondering he said it was the Blackhawks, and we all know how that went. The third off-ice session was a chat with Caps Alumni Craig Laughlin, Paul Mulvey, and Rod Langway. We discussed the expansion draft and the biggest changes they have seen in the game since they played.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend anyone trying it at least one time.

We want your input!  Let us know what you thought of the event good or bad!

FiCP Adds Another Lady to the Team

We are excited to welcome another contributor to our team: Emelie Shany. If you have been around Caps events you have probably seen her–she’s the one with the bubbly personality holding up signs! 

Emelie is a student at American University studying Law and Society who got into hockey during her senior year of high school. Originally refusing to have anything to do with sports her best friend got her into hockey and she is never going back. Her favorite team is the Washington Capitals but she also follows the Panthers, Stars, and Blackhawks. She loves to yell at the players both at an actual game and through the TV but loves them no matter what. You can usually find her having conversations with other Caps fans on twitter. 

She will be sharing her thoughts on the players and their performances as well as her experiences with hockey in general. 

Let us know if you too would like to join our growing team of female hockey writers. We might even take a  couple guys too since Chris Cleveland is feeling a little outnumbered with the eight women we now have at FiCP. 

Lily – Our Newest Writer Shares Her Hockey Story


Lily’s Hockey-Loving Family



We all come to hockey through different avenues. Some think women come to hockey differently than most men; however, our stories are much like the men who love hockey. Somewhere along the line we are exposed to a practice or a game–and we are hooked for life. Lily Rosenberg was like that, as you will read below.


I come from a long line of hockey fans representing both the Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks. I attended my first game was when I was 14 months old. But the experience that really opened my mind to hockey happened when I was wight. It was late when I went to bed thinking of my American Girl dolls. Little did I know that I would wake up the next day with my head next to an Alex Ovechkin bobblehead!  My dad had attended the game, got the bobblehead, and left it there as a surprise for me when I woke up. Continue reading “Lily – Our Newest Writer Shares Her Hockey Story”

Caps Red Rockers Getting more Show Time

The Washington Capitals Red Rockers are finally getting a chance to show that their talents go beyond just cheering on the steps during games.

During the World Cup of Hockey they have been doing some dance routines when the ice is being scraped and the crowd is sitting waiting for hockey to happen. 

And we love it! Let’s hope we see more of these great ladies during Caps regular season.

Meet Lily – Our Newest Writer!

FiCP is so excited to welcome Lily Rosenberg to our team of talented writers.

Lily, who hails from Bethesda, is a sophomore in high school. We first met her this summer when she gave us this brilliant synopsis of the Jason Chimera situation:

We knew then that she HAD to join our team of all women writers and photographers.

Lily has been following hockey since she was seven years old and started playing hockey when she was eight. In her free time, she keeps stats about every team in the NHL — just for fun!! Her other interests include acting, music, and baseball.

Look for some personal insight articles, some great analysis pieces, and more videos in the weeks ahead.

We here at FiCP believe you are never to young, never too old, and never too much of a girl to know and love hockey. If you have a passion for hockey and some good writing skills, send us a message and you too can become part of the only blog totally run by women who love hockey!!

Hockey: Family and Community

An inspirational story by one of you FiCP contributors and photographers. Mel shares how being a part of the hockey community is about more than just watching games. Thanks for writing this Mel. We are glad you have joined usl!!

I remember going to caps games when the caps weren’t really that good of a team, but it was time I got to spend with my dad..and that’s all that mattered to me.

My dad passed away this past July from a stroke. He was only 73 years old, even in the hospital towards his last days, I would talk to him about the Stanley cup playoffs.. Was it going to be Chicago or Tampa Bay?

My dad shared his passion for sports with me and I grew up knowing more about DC area sports than any kid in my school. At current events contests in 8th grade; I used to answer every sports question with no problem and my friends were like how do you know this stuff?!  I would say, my dad taught me and quizzes me about it daily!

mel Caps Center Warmups
Warm ups at Caps Center
As I grew older, and got my own car I would go to caps games on my own with my friends. I showed them how fast and exciting hockey was. And my quest to capture that excitement in photos led me to start my own business selling pictures at Baltimore skipjack games  (Caps AHL team at the time)


It was great until I got sidetracked by love. I even got my ex-husband to start taking photos. But his love for drugs and selling my cameras for his addiction turned my love into anger and I chose to take another path.

I now found myself so busy trying to get my captains license for my new job, that I had no time to get to games and had missed hockey so much. My dad and I went to the last game of the season in 2009. It was like old times. Dad shouting profanity at the refs and me getting that quality time with my dad!

I started taking pictures again at games and going to Kettler to watch practice like I used to at Mt Vernon with my high school buddies. Since my dad has passed; I look for him in the Verizon center. I know he’s there with me-as soon as someone yells profanity I’m positive that’s him there with me.  I just recently lost my mom in January; she was so supportive of everything I did. So not only is my dad with me; now I look for my mom at games too. She’s the one not yelling profanity and helping me find great fans like Maggie and her daughter Brittney!

I am so happy to be a part of such a positive and supportive team Just like Washington Capitals hockey team, these ladies are in it for the win and make sure everyone is on the same page to be successful.

The cover picture is from a caps alumni game at Laurel Garden Ice House, the right picture is from a Navy hockey game, and bottom left from fan appreciation day at cap center .. My dad showing off!

Mel Abernethy

Photos From Behind the Scenes of Hockey N Heels

On January 12, Scarlet Caps hosted Hockey N’ Heels. Although there is some controversy about the event name, it is an opportunity to bring more women into the hockey fandom. This event taught all aspects of the game including: face-offs and slap shots, player nutrition, information about equipment. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from the pros and to make new friends.

I’ve been to Hockey N’ Heels in the past and have been impressed with what I learned from players, coaches, and even the other fans I met. As this wasn’t my first rodeo, I was the resident expert in my group of friends (or so I labeled myself), which included the ladies from FiCP:  Brittney, Renee and me, as well as my mom. My mom even got interviewed by Fox5 and was on the 11 o’clock news. She thinks she’s a big shot now! Once we checked in we were put into four different groups– we naturally Rocked the Red as the Red Group. Continue reading “Photos From Behind the Scenes of Hockey N Heels”