KeyBank Center Review

Today I went to KeyBank Center for the game. While the game itself was painful, the stadium was a pretty nice venue to watch a game. There was a very decent variety of food options and the food itself was good for arena food. I ordered a roast beef sandwich that was tasty and I enjoyed the food I stole from my parents as well. Continue reading “KeyBank Center Review”

When Hockey Hurts!

The Washington Capitals are known as the “Heart Attack Team.”

Did you know that watching a Caps game can actually increase your heart rate and increase your blood flow?  All this excitement can get you to a peak heart rate.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.54.47 AM

Heck – who needs the gym when we have the Caps and Knights to keep us on the edge? One of our team writers swears she looses at least three pounds every game just from watching.

We’ve all been there. And we want you to get through the FINAL RUN!

So have fun, laugh it up, cancel the gym membership and order tickets to a game,  and pace yourself friends. We gotta make it to the end.

Stanley Cup Game 369



Capitals First Round Prediction by stats

Thursday starts Washington’s first-round series against Columbus. This will undoubtedly be a hard fought game on both ends. The real question though is: who will end up winning? Stats show a lot about what has happened and what will happen. You know the saying: history tends to repeat itself. We Caps fans have seen over and over again but hopefully not this year! So what do the stats show? Continue reading “Capitals First Round Prediction by stats”

Lars Eller through Stats

Lars Eller has been an incredible addition to the team and has helped the Caps since his arrival last year. Eller was acquired in an offseason trade for a second-round pick in the 2017 and 2018 draft. Previously Eller played on the St Louis Blues and the Montreal Canadiens and racked up quite a few points with them as well. Continue reading “Lars Eller through Stats”

Another Turning Point for Capitals: A Fork Stuck in the Road

An Opinion Piece by Lily Rosenberg

This off season the Capitals have re-signed Dmitry Orlov, TJ Oshie, Brett Connolly, and Evgeny Kuznetsov. However, we have also lost many talented players in Nate Schmidt, Karl Alzner, Justin Williams, Kevin Shattenkirk, and most recently Marcus Johansson. They all deserve to be appreciated.

Nate Schmidt 
Schmidt was a ball of sunshine. He was just always smiling and he just had this charm. He was also just a very quick defenseman. He was such a good player and clearly the Vegas Golden Knights saw that too. He was snatched up by VGK last Wednesday and will work under General Manager George McPhee, as he did when he first played with the Caps.  He will be missed and I hope he gets one of the top spots in Vegas.

Karl Alzner
Alzner was a good defenseman. He has helped the Caps so much through the years he played with them. I have met him before and he was just a genuinely nice guy. Although he wasn’t too nice about one of the reasons he left saying:  the Caps “always get stumped in the second round.” I won’t hold a grudge. He signed a five-year 23 million dollar deal with the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday.

Justin Williams
We only had two years with him but it was a good two years. He was our Mr. Game 7 but the one game seven we had, he didn’t really help us. We loved his hair and his personality. He said on twitter the Caps “didn’t reach our goal but I will cherish the time I spent there.” On Saturday he signed a two-year contract with the Carolina Hurricanes for nine million dollars. We will miss him and his hair!

Kevin Shattenkirk
What can I say about Shattenkirk that hasn’t already been said?  We mourn only the promise we had when he first joined the team. Shattenkirk under-performed our expectations with his -7 points in the playoffs. He signed a four-year deal with the NY Rangers on Saturday for $26.6 million. I hope he helps the Rangers as much as he helped us. 😉

Marcus Johansson
This one really really hurt. Not only did I lose a good shirt but we lost a good player. Johansson was a clutch player and possibly one of the most improved players this past season. He was also just a kind person. He would always sign autographs and take pictures with fans. He had so much potential. Last night he was traded to the New Jersey Devils for a second and third pick by the Capitals in next year’s draft. While I will be excited to see him again, I will be sad to see him in the other teams jersey.

While I am confused as to Brian McClellan;s reasoning, I understand that things happen for a reason and I wish all of these players good luck for the future. I still hope we get a Cup before they do though. 

Oldies but Goodies Back for Capitals Alumni Game

Last night the Capitals gave us the experience of virtual time traveling by putting Capitals alumni on the ice to face off against one another. It was a very cool experience. The teams wore Red jerseys vs White jerseys for the match up.

alumni with refs

A few notable alums on the Red team were Capital’s legend Peter Bondra, Capitals current CSN analyst Craig Laughlin and their coach, former Capital Yvon Labre.

The White team also had some notable players like Olaf Kolzig, Mike Knuble, and Alan May. They were coached by another Capitals Legend, Rod Langway.

The game ended up 8-7 in the RED team’s favor due to a late game winner by Laughlin.

It was so much fun seeing the old guard playing together. There was a fan favorite for all the viewers!! 

Sidney Crosby’s Injury: Negatives and Positives

An opinion article by Lily Rosenberg.

On Monday night we beat the Penguins 3-2 in overtime, thanks to a beautiful goal by Kevin Shattenkirk. That was one of many important moments in the game. The other one happened 5:24 minutes into the first. Sidney Crosby was hit by Alexander Ovechkin’s hockey stick, which sent him flying into Matt Niskanen, who held his stick up to protect himself. Meanwhile Crosby was knocked out by the hockey stick and fell on the ice, hitting his head and sustaining a concussion. It was announced yesterday that he won’t play tonight.

Crosby has recorded 11 points (four goals and seven assists) in the eight games the Penguins have played in the Playoffs. He has four points (two goals and two assists) this round. He has then helped out with four of the 11 goals they’ve scored against the Caps. In the regular season “Sid the Kid” has scored 44 goals and gotten 45 assists adding up to 89 points.

For the Caps, it goes without saying that the Pens playing without Crosby could benefit them. In his NHL career, Crosby has scored 20 goals and 40 assists against the Capitals in the regular season. In addition, he has scored 11 goals and eight assists in the playoffs.

However, it could also really be bad for the Caps. This could be “kicking the hornet’s nest.” No doubt the Penguins are very angry and are likely to be much more damaging towards the Caps–meaning this will be a physical game. Although the Niskanen hit wasn’t intentional and he was trying to protect himself, he will still have a retribution target on his back. And then there is Evgeni Malkin who will step up and take Crosby’s role. The Pens have played 117 games without Crosby, with only one of them in the postseason. During those games Malkin recorded 66 goals and 88 assists.

And lets not forget Phil Kessel with four goals and eight assists in the playoffs so far. Or Marc-Andre Fleury who has been a real block against Caps scoring.

So there are the positives and the negatives for the Caps. We don’t wish ill will on Crosby and hope he will be back to himself soon. That said, all and all I think it will help the Caps not to have him in the game tonight. It is probably going to make them a bit easier to beat and bring the series back to DC.

Chandler Stephenson: Back in the NHL

We were all very freaked out to hear that Chandler Stephenson was called up from Hershey due to the fact we assumed that a center was injured. Barry Trotz has confirmed the call-up and he has also made it clear that no center was injured. 

77th pick overall, Chandler Stephenson is just there as a backup. 

Stephenson has played 13 regular season games with the Caps; four during this past season and the last one the loss against Florida to close out our season. He hasn’t gotten a point yet in the Majors; however, he is a pretty decent point scorer with 38 points this season down in Hershey. 

This year he has gotten 10 goals and 28 assists, more than any other season in the AHL. In the 2015-2016 season, he played only 46 games and got 28 points with 7 goals and 21 assists. This past season wasn’t his most point scoring one in all the leagues. He played in the WHL for a few years with the Regina Pats and on his last season with them, he played 69 games and got 89 points. He scored 30 goals and got 59 assists. 

Points aren’t the only thing he gets a decent amount of. He has gotten 212 penalty minutes in total. This season he servesd 42 penalty minutes with Hershey. He also has two penalty minutes with the Caps last season. 

Let’s hope that if he plays he will get more points and fewer penalty minutes. Welcome back Chandler. 

Should We Give up on the Caps?

An opinion piece by Lily Rosenberg

Frustration and the playoffs go together like peanut butter and jelly. Stress, frustration, distrust, and scared describes so many Caps fans during the playoffs. Every year I look on the Caps Facebook groups and I see how many fans don’t believe. We can be down three games to one, or even be down two games to one; it doesn’t even matter.

Look this is so frustrating. We shouldn’t give up when times get tough. Did we do that at the beginning of the season? No, we didn’t, so why should we do it now?   Continue reading “Should We Give up on the Caps?”

Playoffs: Very Superstitious

The playoffs are coming up and that means, even more superstitions than during the regular season. Everyone has their own superstitions and they constantly evolve and change, depending on wins and losses.  Even Cap’s players have traditions and habits they repeat before each game.

I am very superstitious, as are many fans, and I have two main superstitions:

I have to play NHL17 before Caps games, but I can’t play the team we are playing.My second one is a very strange one. I was bored and the Caps were going to play the Senators later that night. I jokingly said to my Oshie poster. “Score a goal for me.” Later that night I saw him light up the net with an awesome goal!! That was the only goal scored that night for either team. I now always ask Oshie to win for me.

Anyway enough with my superstitions what about the rest of the fans? I asked the Facebook group Washington Capitals Hockey Fans what their superstitions were and I heard some really funny and awesome superstitions. Fan Jennifer Rubio’s tradition was awesome. She said “I have a group of friends who are Caps fans and we chat in a direct message group on twitter. One day I wanted to use the praying hand’s emoji to indicate my hope for us to win that night. Unfortunately, my eyesight wasn’t so good and I ended up using a nose emoji instead.” Jennifer went on to say, “My friends and I laughed and laughed, but we won that game. So now if it’s before a game we all tweet a bunch of noses at each other for good luck”

Another really cool superstition is the superstition of Kregg Smith and his daughter eight-year-old London. On home games, they go to DC and park a few blocks away from the Verizon Center. They then walk to the Us Navy Memorial Plaza and walk across all the contents, When they’re done walking across the continents, they jump on the city where the opposing team is from. In addition, they always go to the Verizon Center exactly an hour early and watch the warm ups from the penalty box side. After,  they get a donut with strawberry frosting and sprinkles.

The last cool superstition belongs to Jeanaleah Harman. On game days she doesn’t wear the opposing team’s colors and on the 19th of the month, she sleeps in her Backstrom jersey. We like the jersey part!!

All these people have such amazing superstitions and I’m sure that isn’t nearly half of the interesting superstitions Caps fans have. Here’s hoping that they work in the playoffs.

What are your game day superstitions? Any special playoff ones?

p.s. Thanks to everyone for their answers on FB.