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Friends in Cold Places is the only DC area sports blog run by women who love hockey. Our full team has seven ladies and three gents contributing in various capacities. We are the only blog with two professional photographers, eight writers, (including one brilliant lady in high school), a guy writing from Brazil, one crazy tweeting-dude., and an Army vet. There are

We provide a unique perspective on hockey–just writing what we see and experiecne as we follow hockey. We bring you original images and personal stories  from fan experiences about the  Washington Capitals. We are all about the photo and the story behind the pictures. Many Caps players use our pictures for their own IG photos and profile shots..

We aren’t writing from the living room or the basement. You can find us a Kettler Ice Plex for practice, at Capital One Arena for games, and anywhere friends of the Caps are hanging out. Most of us are season or partial-season ticket holders so we can bring you an insiders view of  Caps-related events.

We also follow local hockey because Caps hockey is such a strong influence in our community. The military holds a special place in our hearts and we hope to be expanding our coverage of USA Warriors–especially the women who are playing.

We believe in the Capitals tradition of giving back and if you flip over to the Community Support page, you have an opportunity to join us in financially supporting some of our favorite organizations. We’ll be holding fund raisers throughout the year for these special causes.

We would love your suggestions to make this a real fan-driven blog, unlike any other. Let us know if you would have a passion for writing and a love of hockey and we might just have a place for you here !

Maggie Marcum, Managing Editor


Your Writers and Contributors

Ashley Reid: Brings you game recaps and highlight stores. Ashley is a BIG Holtby fan! Just ask her about Braden Holby.

Mel Abernethy: Brings you personal stories from the stands as well as stories about Caps players. She got the Caps bug from her father and has been a fan from the beginning. She’s also part of the management team.

Brittney Marcum: She writes the Practice Write-ups and Game Recaps (And anything the managing editor asks her to do!) She got hooked on hockey in high school, especially capturing natural reflections of the players. Also co-founder and part of the management team.

Bryce Jurkovac: Bryce makes sure his family sits for to watch every Caps games–and tweets of course. This Army vet living in North Carolina provides pregame insight, player evaluation, and a real-hockey understanding to the blog. He pursued the hockey dream by playing in recreation leagues, junior hockey leagues and got as far as D3 ACHA Ice Hockey for Liberty University. He may bring us some coverage of games in Raleigh.

Lily Rosenberg: Hockey player with game analysis from a life-long lover of hockey. She is our youngest writer; a junior in high school. She also follows the Blackhawks so don’t be surprised to see some posts from Chicago from time to time!

Chris Cleveland: Chris is our tweeter king and will be writing some analysis too. He’ll be doing some analysis for us and may write the occasionally article on the Blackhawks or other visiting teams.

Stephanie Judge: Stephanie has been around hockey for a good long while. She knows her stats. You may know her from an other blog, but she is one of our jewels now! You can find her at games and practices. She brings a wealth of experience to our growing blog.

Arianna Howard: A recent high school grad with an nack for the arts, Arianna wrote for her high school paper. She covers Caps games, some local hockey, and interesting topics from around the NHL.

Luís Felipe Rodrigues: Writing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Luis will bring the perspective of a “friend in hot place.” He is Founder of the Washington Capitals Brasil and a tropical contributor to Friends in Cold Places. He has been Washington Capitals’ fan since he was a kid, at 06 years old, from 2000-2001 season. 

Focus Group

Brittney Marcum, Photographer

Mel Abernethy Photographer


Send us an email at friendsincoldplacesdc@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the team. We are looking for passionate followers of hockey (not just Caps hockey) who also happen to be good writers. You set your availability and we work with you. We write for the love of hockey–’cause there is no money being made here…yet! 



  1. I responded to your post on facebook last night about going to a practice. So excited to attend a practice. We were planning on attending Friday but I’ve not yet seen the details on that. Do you think it is too soon for that post? We are just trying to make plans to take off work and inform school for our lil guy.

  2. Thanks so much any other tips we may need to know? We are coming from the eastern shore of Maryland. What time do you suggest getting there?

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