Capitals-Vegas Knights: Stanley Cup History

June 7, 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Washington, DC

The Stanley Cup Final

All week we have been watching videos of that perfect night. It was amazing for the Vegas Golden Knights and the Washington Capitals.

Hats off to George McPhee for putting together a team that made the Stanley Cup 2018 series exciting to watch. No one – NO ONE – expected the Golden Knights to make it into the playoffs let alone the final round. It was an amazing achievement for a group of guys who never played together. And it was a brilliant season for Marc-Andre Fleury, a goalie that just about everyone in the league respects.

We aren’t sorry about how it all ended though.

The Washington Capitals exorcised all their so-called demons during the playoffs. They eliminated the Pittsburgh Penguins and they advanced past the second round. They ignited a new rivalry to the south with their defeat of the Tampa Bay Lightning. And they showed the world they were not the loser team some around the NHL pegged them to be as they advanced to the final round.

May and June were nail-biting months for Capitals fans. For the first time most fans could remember, there was real hope in the air.

Game after game- with only one loss- the Capitals moved closer and closer to hoisting Lord Stanley. Even today we find ourselves catching our breath just thinking about Game Five!

The Capitals were a band of brothers on a mission. The fans were the energy beneath the Weagle. They lifted themselves and us higher and higher until all hell broke loose when that final buzzer sounded in Vegas on June 7, 2018 and Alexander Ovechkin screamed the scream we all screamed.

It was a night we will never forget. It was the best of all seasons.

Grab your tissues. Grab a friend and a beer and relive that night. NBCSports Washington is airing “All Ours: Bring Home the Cup” at 6 pm followed by a replay of the winning game at 7 pm. RMNB is hosting a watch party starting at 7. Space is limited so RSVP is needed. Or just make your own party and bring a few friends in red to rock with you!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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