Capitals Gave Fans Some Great Memories

Alright so the 2018/19 season didn’t go the Capitals way, but man did the summer of 2018 and the season of celebration that followed give fans memories that will last a lifetime. The best were those that included fan time with the Stanley Cup!

Fans got their first real glimpse of the Cup at a Nationals game. The players were still on an incredible high- figurative and literally!

There was that glorious day on Constitution Avenue with load of friends! We were on huge RED FURY alert.

The season ticket holders were invited to take their pictures with Lord Stanley.

Who can forget Fan Festival with the heat and the lines, and the big shiny Cup?!?

The Capitals had their personal journeys around the globe drinking and dining and dancing with their new close friend.

Eventually the Cup returned to Washington DC for opening day ceremonies. But not before fans had a chance to sneak up the steps for more pictures.

On the red carpet we had the joy of cheering for the champs again and getting a first glimpse of this enormously beautiful rings!

There were lots of other fun things for the fans from going to games, STH party, Hockey and Heels, skating at Capital One, and hanging out with other Caps friends.

Before the regular season got underway, Monumental upgraded Capital One Arena with new seats and new food choices. Even the player’s wives were enjoying the new start!

This one ended up on Varvara Orlova’s IG- we had some fun with her and Nastya that night!

Ovi and Copley watching a preseason game.

It all starts with a great practice. The Capitals are one of a few teams that welcomes fans in for practices. Some days the fans have a chance to meet their favorite player. Sometimes they get a glimpse of spouses or the media who we watch and read for the best stories.

Games Games Games. At home and away. Our friends were everywhere rooting in the Caps.

Our friend Velvet Jackson even made it on TV when the Stanley Cup made a brief appearance in Penn Quarter before the playoffs.

As the Capitals ended the regular season and began the first round of the playoffs, they gave the jerseys of their backs to some very excited people.

This year has been the best year to celebrate the win and fans cherished every moment of it right to the last moment at Capital One Arena. It’s where we shared our signs, cheered a lot, and rocked the red like never before. Wherever fans went they found new friends!

If there was something to buy, you can bet we were ordering it! Just ask Twitter King Chris Cleveland! He and the delivery people got to be close personal friends!

The first Stanley Cup Champions shirt after the big win!

Let’s not forget it was the year that Evgeny Kuznetsov finally got his own bobble head! One of the best reasons to go to a home game!

Hands down the best memories came from opening night and seeing that big red banner unfold and rise to the rafters. Every game since all fans have to do is look up to remember that it wasn’t a dream.

No matter how the season ended, they can’t take away what an incredibly fun season this has been for Capitals fans everywhere. We sure had a great time and we will keep bringing you these stories as we to shift gears and plan for next season.

Don’t forget there are trades and deals to be made in the coming months. There will be development camp and training camp. There will be travel stories and local hockey stories. FiCP will keep on keeping on with you!


Thanks Chris and Brian for keeping Twitter hot and Brittney and Mel for some great photos.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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