Do We Really Need to Worry About Kuznetsov?

We have been watching Twitter and the comments about Evgeny Kuznetsov’s less than impressive showing in the playoffs so far. Should we be worried with what some are calling a lackluster play?

Let’s face it- there are only two players who have really stepped it up: Nick Backstrom (5 G) and Alex Ovechkin (4 G).

Sure Kuzy is not playing at the same level he did in the 2018 playoffs. And yes his play is erratic: he doesn’t record a point every game. He has five assists and zero (0) goals in six games. He seemed hesitant to shoot the puck the first few games but is averaging four shots a game now. A goal on Wednesday would certainly turn around the negative perception.

How about Lars Eller- hero of the final round? He has one goal. He has been pushing through but not getting the puck into the net. His shooting is just as erratic as Kuzy- he gets a couple off every other game. We could use some of those precision shots from him.

Next up let’s talk about Tom Wilson. Six games, four points (2 G, 2 A). Again we have an inconsistent performance. But hey- he isn’t spending as much time in the sin bin so that’s something right? He is getting off some decent shots and hopefully he will make them count in game seven.

So bottom line is: don’t lay this dismal Capitals playoff round on Kuzy. As a whole this team needs to improve their consistency and synergy on the ice. There is no doubt that they want another Stanley Cup; however, they all need to have the Ovechkin fire in their belly if they are going to be victorious on Wednesday. We haven’t seen that yet.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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