Ovechkin Fight: It’s a Real Head-Scratcher

Guys, it’s easy to be disheartened after a loss like Monday’s thrashing. We get it. It was painful, to be sure, and the frustration was clearly felt by our men in red.

And yet… we can’t seem to get over that one-two-three KO Ovi issued to Svenchnikov in the first period. What’s the story with that one?

As NBCSports reported, Ovi says that the kid challenged him, and he said “Ok.”

…That’s what it looks like on the tape, too, but what are we missing? The Great 8 hasn’t had more than a handful of fights. Ever. He’s played against rats, and finks, and rat finks, who probably play dirtier and in far greater stakes than Game 3 of the first round. So what gives? Why beat up a kid 40 POUNDS lighter than you?

Let’s go over motives, shall we? There are a few reasons why a seasoned pro would get into a fight:

  1. Because he’s pissed or has been wronged in some way,
  2. To defend a teammate,
  3. To rally his team when they’re in need of motivation,
  4. Because he’s playing the Penguins, and they are nasty.

The only one of these that applies in our scenario is #3, as far as we can tell. Yeah, Ovi and the kid had been sparring since Game 1, but that’s hockey. Ovechkin is used to that. So did he do this to rally the troops? Personally, I was amped when I saw that fight. I gleefully showed the other moms at soccer practice (who were maybe less than impressed, but whatever, we can still be friends.) But upon the third rewatch or so, I started to feel a bit sick about it. Svenchnikov goes down hard, and Ovi has barely broken a sweat. It was a grossly uneven spar, and seems out of character for our great leader.

We’re definitely not trying to jump on the “it made me sick” Brind’Amour bandwagon, but we would love some more explanation from the captain. And for that matter, once he can start thinking straight, we’d like to hear Svenchnikov’s side, too.

What do you guys think?

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