Capitals, Canada, and Black Hockey History Museum

Fan FiCP writer Velvet Jackson shares with us about her visit to the Canadian Embassy for the National Hockey League’s Black Hockey History Mobile Museum. We are blessed in DC to have the opportunity to learn more and to celebrate the accomplishments of black hockey players.

I the chance to once again take another awesome tour. I toured the NHL Black Hockey History Mobile Museum at the Embassy of Canada, which again proves their awesomeness. ( read about her first trip here) For me, it was amazing. I learned about the founders, trailblazers, and history makers like Willie O’ Ree, the first black hockey player in the NHL. and, I learned just how few black hockey players there really are in the NHL.

I kind of know why because–it is not a sport that is played among black kids or even encouraged. I am always excited when I hear that the NHL has acquired a black player but I also understand how tough it can be for them and all hockey players. These guys sacrifice so much to play this sport and if they have families, it can be equally difficult for them.

While I was there I got a chance to chat it up with a father whose son plays for the Fort Dupont Ice Arena Hockey Team. He was wearing a jacket that night with their logo. I know for the few black hockey players it can be challenging because unlike most of their teammates, they do at times get racial taunts yelled at them. When something like that does happen. it makes me even happier when I read how the team came to their defense. I just hope that hockey becomes just as big as basketball has in the black community.

I appreciate when events likes these are held and other ones like when the Capitals have the Hockey Is For Everyone nights. However, I do have one gripe with the Capitals.

As I was standing in front of the gloves that Devante Smith-Pelly wore when the Stanley Cup was won, my happiness turned to sadness to know that he was first put on waivers and sent to the Hershey Bears. I get that they had to free up money to acquire Carl Hagelin. But Geesh Caps, you have made it almost impossible for me to meet that tall, fine drink of water that we nickname DSP!!! I know he is only in Hershey but for me to get the chance to go to Hershey is like me getting the chance to run my fingers through John Carlson’s hair. LoL

Afterwards I went to Penn Quarter’s Sports Tavern, which has become my new favorite place to watch the Caps game.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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