Capitals Visit Embassy of Canada and Stanley Cup

Our fan writer, Velvet Jackson accepted an invite to the Embassy of Canada for the 100 Greatest NHL Players Exhibit and Stanley Cup. Here is her story of her big night in DC that landed her on Washington NBC Channel 4.

Thursday night I got the chance of a lifetime an opportunity I could not pass up to get a photo with the Stanley Cup, or as some would say Lord Stanley. I always talk about living in the moment and here was my living in the moment. 

When I arrived at the Embassy of Canada for the big event, I expected there to be a huge crowd because in my past attempts to get a photo with Lord Stanley I was met with long lines and huge crowds. So to my surprise there weren’t long lines and I was able to get close to the beautiful piece of artwork . But I was scared to touch it.


And then I was told I could get close and touch it, I almost passed out from shock. Of course I realized that these nice Canadians did not know who I was and I giggled like Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians. I rubbed, stroked, squeezed, and finally hugged Lord Stanley before being reminded that there were others who were patiently waiting for there time with Lord Stanley.

I later left the embassy to join my Caps family at the viewing party at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, which I have to say the food was awesome. As I sat at the table surrounded by my Caps family, I could hear the Horn Guy and Loud Goat leading the all familiar Caps chants. Then my friend Miranda whispered in my ear that Lord Stanley is here so without another word I ran down the stairs as though I was Wonder Woman ready to fight an evil villain.

And there it was sitting like a beacon waiting to be celebrated: Lord Stanley. I pulled my phone out and like a reporter on a deadline I started to snap away because you can never have to many pictures of Lord Stanley. As the time passed, the Caps game was being played, but I was too mesmerized by Lord Stanley to even leave it’s presence. I wondered if I could raise it above my head but I also wondered after eyeing the Horn Guys horn on the table,  just how far I would get before he would realize it was gone. I took a deep breath and went back to my table to finish eating.

Oh the devilish things I think about when my mind is left to wonder. The night ended with the Caps winning and everyone bidding Lord Stanley adieu!!

As I was leaving I was interviewed by News 4. (Of course she was!!)  

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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