NHL Trades and the Capitals

There is lots of fodder for thought floating around the internet about the NHL trade deadline and who is likely to move where. Although the Capitals pretty much sat tight with the last round of trades, they could make some interesting trades this time. The deadline is just around the corner: on 3 pm Monday, Feb. 25. It’s gonna be a fun week to watch!

Fans and hockey “experts” all have their viewpoints on who tops the list or who should top the list. It is time for wild speculation and serious thought about the Caps future with some players needing new contracts soon. It will probably be another trade of minor line tweaks for the boys in red. So let’s play along:

Andre Burakovsky is one name that seems to be on most fan’s lips. With a bridge contract ending soon, has he shown he has the necessary value added the team needs to finish the run to the final playoff round. Maybe the Jets? That said, they could surprise us and extend his contract?!?

Dmitrij Jaskin has been pretty much invisible to us with eight points in 35 games. The right wing forward might be better off not on the Caps lineup. He is part of the Caps fourth line shuffle and has yet to show coach he deserves a permanent spot on the line.

Yes goaltender Pheonix Copley signed a new three-year contract with the Capitals in early February; however, teams like the Carolina Hurricanes need a goalie real bad. There is talk they might be willing to deal Justin Faulk, a strong defenseman- but that $4.83 million annual cap hit might be a deal killer.


Marcus Johansson is up for grabs. He is still on the come-back tour from his injury and the Devils might be willing to deal. All we have heard since he left is what a mistake it was to let him go. Could he be on a return road we have seen the Caps pave in recent years?

Capitals need a center who can handle the play at the dot. Kevin Hayes with the Rangers might be in the offering. He is having a great year with 42 points in 50 games. And he is pretty hot in the face off. Might be too pricy for the Caps though, if the Rangers even deal him.

Gustav Nyquist of the Detroit Red Wings might be under the microscope for the Caps management team. The team reportedly is willing to consider offers. At 29, the forward is having one of his best seasons and upping the ante for a good deal.

Jesse Puljujarvi with the Oilers could be a good grab if he is available. He plays right wing and may need some guidance to become a top player with potential. And he wouldn’t cost too much either.

Need a new defenseman- how about Jake Muzzin from the LA Kings? He isn’t a great fit for them but he might have the offensive type of play the Caps like and need for the playoffs.

Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky?? Just kidding! But we do love the guy and the Caps have a history against him.


The biggest problem the Caps have is a caps space of less than $1 million, so shopping is a delicate balancing act for them. They need to add some depth to the lines, but they also seem to have locked themselves in to the team they have. And can we talk about Braden Holtby and free agency in 2020? Something the dealers are thinking about as they look ahead to a roster packed with expensive long-term deals. Oh and the expansion team in Seattle that will go shopping for the 2021-22 season. We don’t envy them their job!

What are your thoughts? Who is out and who is in?

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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