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Changes are happening at FiCP. Following the Capitals win over the LA Kings, Michael Marzzacco formerly announced to our followers that he is moving on to a new writing opportunity. We are really excited for him and wish him success there. He will let you know where he is soon.

We started FiCP because we love hockey, we love taking hockey photos, we love writing, and we love engaging with other fans on Twitter and other social media platforms. We wanted to be a place where we could make new friends and where those friends could have a platform to share their opinions about hockey, especially the Washington Capitals.

We aren’t going away, yet. However, we have lost a lot of our writers as they springboard to other profitable blogs or their lives get busy. That means for us to survive, we need some new friends.

Do you want to write about the Caps for the fun of it? Do you want to share your photos with other fans? Are you a roadie who wants to talk about your trip? Season ticket holder who has a story to tell? Do you just have this hockey experience in the community, with Warriors or other groups and you want others to know about it?

We would love to be where you can do just that. Send us an email at and we will make it happen for you!

Meanwhile- here is Michael’s goodbye in case you missed it:

“I would like to end this article on a personal note. This story is my final article with Friends in Cold Places. It was a tough decision and one that I did not take lightly. This isn’t the end of Caps content from me though. I am joining up with a different site. Things are still finalizing so I want to wait until I make an official announcement.

I want to thank Maggie, Brittney, and Chris for taking me under their wing this past summer. Even though I’m leaving they’ll always be family.

Support your bloggers. We love the pro journalists who cover the Caps and we got a lot of great ones, but the more people who write about the team the merrier. Every once and a while stories from the fan side of things provides a fresh new perspective. That’s probably one of the best joys of blogging. We are your voice. We love providing original stories and photos to all of you and we don’t do it for fame or money, we do it for fun because we love it!”

All the best to you Michael- thanks for being part of the FiCP family!

Maggie Marcum, FiCP Managing Editor

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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