Let’s Vote Tom Wilson into the NHL All-Star Game

michael banner 2Greetings fellow Caps fans. Nobody unites people more in political crazy Washington, D.C. like the Washington Capitals do. With 30 other fan bases hating on one of our own fellow right wingers, it’s time to unite even more. Let’s all come together and vote Tom Wilson into the NHL All-Star Game

Voting Tom Wilson to represent the Capitals on the Metropolitan Division team would not only be a massive troll to Gary Bettman, the NHL and the Department of Player Safety but it’ll go to show how much our fanbase has embraced Willy. No other Capitals player (sorry Ovi) deserves it more this season.

Wilson began the season missing the first 16 Capitals games due to a 20-game suspension. Since his return he has tore it up both on the stats sheet and the scoreboard as the wins kept piling up. The Capitals are 8-2-0 since Wilson suited up for a game. Wilson himself has seen a spike in unprecedented numbers even compared to since he joined the top line last season. Wilson has eight goals and six assists, good for 14 points. He scored Sunday afternoon. He scored Friday night before he got ejected then didn’t get suspended! Wilson has scored six straight games.

All these reasons and more are why Wilson deserves this chance. As John Walton said at the championship parade this past June, “Girls love him, guys want to be him.”

Here’s how you can vote for Tom Wilson and the NHL has already decided to make this as tricky as possible. Go to this link right here. Under Metropolitan Division, scroll all the way down and click on “other”. From that point you will just need to type “Tom Wilson” in. Then click vote and click vote again nine more times. You can vote up to 10 times a day.

If every Caps fan votes for Tom Wilson 10 times every day until the polls close, I have no doubt Willy will be in the All-Star game. Let’s do it! It’ll be like John Scott a few years ago but better since he’s one of ours.

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