Barry Trotz, Lane Lambert, and Mitch Korn Reunite with Old Friends and Get Their Stanley Cup Rings

michael banner 2What would the site Friends in Cold Places be without the word friends? No, not just “in cold places”, that doesn’t make sense. What we love about this site is that we’re all friends. Our hockey team is our friends, other fans of the Washington Capitals are our friends and when players and coaches leave the Caps and face them on the opposition, there’s always special moment where they see their old friends again and there’s no love lost whatsoever. That’s what transpired hours before the Capitals concluded their New York tour in Brooklyn going up against the Islanders and the coach who led them to greatness less than six months ago. While we would’ve loved to see Barry Trotz behind the bench, looking to steer the Capitals ship towards more glory, he ultimately had to do what’s best for himself and his family. We missed him on banner night. We missed him during the highs and lows of this young season but on Monday night, the players got to reunite with him.

In October both Jay Beagle and Alex Chiasson got their Stanley Cup rings. Last month it was Philipp Grubauer. It was finally the turn for a future Hall of Fame coach to get his. His fellow assistants, assistant coach Lane Lambert and goaltending coach Mitch Korn each got theirs too. The players were delighted to see them and each coach had great things to say about the memories they shared together. A couple of F-bombs were dropped too but that’s okay.

You can watch the full video below:

All of us at FiCP congratulate Barry Trotz, Lane Lambert and Mitch Korn on their hard work and dedication to the Washington Capitals getting rewarded with a ring they can wear proudly forever!

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