Oh What a Banner Night for Washington Capitals and Their Fans

It is hard to put in words the emotions from the Washington Capitals Banner Raising Opening Night – so we put it in photos so you can share the experience like we did!

We arrived early and captured some great moments as the Caps walked the red carpet. More photos here.

The outside got buzzing before too long with fans filling up the sidewalks the closer we got to the doors opening at 6. The excitement was palpable.

The Stanley Cup was on display outside the COA – first on “the steps” and then in front with the media. Fans were able to get close enough for some selfies. Even Washington Nationals Ryan Zimmerman was part of the festivities. Remember when Ovi met him on his turf with the Cup?

Once inside the fans were able to see the status of the renovations. Still not all the way there but so much easier to get around during intermission. There is so much more Caps memorabilia on display since winning the Cup. For those wishing to spend a few extra dollars, the was plenty of replica jewelry available. Upstairs the renovated PWC Club was packed with plenty of folks looking for a drink or a bite to eat.

And then the moment we all came to witness unfolded in front of us. Our team coverage gives you a sense of the emotions from jubilation to tears and back to exuberant screaming for this team that made us all believe.

One of the most poignant moments occurred when Tom Wilson, fresh from a Player Safety hearing and 20-game suspension, skated on the ice surprising everyone. Agree or disagree with the hit and the outcome, there is little doubt that these fans want Willy on the ice with this team!

When Alex Ovechkin, the Caps Captain, skated out, it was with his best friend Lord Stanley. That’s when the tears really began to flow in the Arena. Ovi did a lap around the rink for all the fans to see the shiny trophy.

Fans serenaded the Caps this time!

Finally came the moment the Capitals and their extended family waited for since Ovechkin hoisted the Cup 7 June 2018. As the team captain once again picked up the Cup and skated toward the grand banner holder on the ice- a bit of red began to appear.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the words began to appear: Stanley Cup Champions. The flag was unfurled and then paused for one more team photo!


Up, up, up it went until it found its permanent place in the rafters. There was a moment when the Arena was still, watching in awe, before the fans exploded in uncontrollable excitement.


The feeling hung over the Arena as the game began and one , two goal happened before two minutes were even off the clock. And each time the fans could look up, smile and chant: “back to back!”

Fans attending the game at Capital One Arena left with their own replica of the banner to hang up at home as they relive every proud moment and wait for the Capitals to go

Back to Back!

Back to Back!

Back to Back!!!!!!


Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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