Our Favorite Washington Capitals Photos 2017-18

It has been the best season ever for us and the Washington Capitals. We have grown as a blog, thanks to many new friends. We thought we would share some of our favorite moments and pictures with you. 

We have to start with the Cup celebrations- from us chasing a bus down 66 to Nats Park and then the parade.

But before all that, there was training camp at Kettler (now Medstar) Capitals Iceplex in September 2017, where we watched players jump through hoops for a spot on the NHL roster. There were some changes during the summer of 2017 and everyone was anxious to see what this newly-shaped team would do in the upcoming season.

September 23-23 the NHL brought the Stanley Cup to DC for a precursor visit. Actually, it was here for the NHL Centennial Celebration!

And then came the home opener and red carpet walk – these dudes always looking so sharp!!

Game one at home was more exciting than we could have ever expected. As we reported: “… the first  period when Ovechkin scored in 20 seconds: and Oshie in 46 seconds, followed by Ovi again in under three minutes. He was not done! Before the end of the period Ovi scored his third goal, making it six in two games. Moving on, he went ahead and recorded a fourth goal, just ‘cause he wasn’t done yet!” What a way to start the season.

We celebrated the new season a new way as season ticket holders. The annual party was held at the Capital One Arena with many of the players available for photos and autographs. It was a night to get behind the scenes and see where the players “live” before and after the games. (BTW we hear that the Caps have sold out of season tickets after their big win!)

There were games and practices and lovely Cap’s faces! We may have some favorites… including former Cap Nate Schmidt at practice in Vegas.

Who doesn’t like a man in lavender? We do, especially when it is for a good cause. The Caps’ Hockey Fights Cancer November 2017 Drive raised $130,242, according to the Capitals.

And we smile every time we look at the photos of Tarik El-Bashir deck in stripes for an intermission game with the Mites on Ice.

Tarik (2017-11-23 turkey best

And then we were off to Las Vegas with the Caps Road Crew and Capitals Fan Club to witness the Caps first game against the newly minted Vegas Golden Knights. Ok, we confess, we really just went to see Nate Schmidt!

The Caps had their outdoor stadium game but we were all about the Hershey Bears outdoor game. We joined all the Caps roadies to chill outside. We had a chance to see some of the guys who were driving back and forth to play with the Caps.

The Scarlet Caps hosted the annual Hockey ‘n Heels at Kettler. We had a blast with a group of ladies who love hockey. And we had a chance to play with Grubi, Chandler and Vrana! We love covering fan events.

Not that we are stalkers or anything, but our Twitter King did sit behind them for a Wizards game…

We love covering practice and games and bringing the Capitals story to you through our photos.

The Golden Knights made their first appearance in DC. We were Schmidtened with them, we must confess.

As the regular season came to a close the Capitals hosted the Jerseys Off Their Back evening. Less fun than in previous years but still fun to watch special fans light up when they get a players actual red sweater!!

And then we were in the playoffs. The final round was amazing. Viewing parties and games at home.

We sent the Capitals off to Vegas in style and then it was time for major celebrations in the streets! We were there for all of it!!


We know how the season ended!!! The Capitals and fans celebrated for days and days. We covered as much as we could- fanning out as a team. There was the pitch at Nationals Park – and maybe a little drinking – before the boys headed to the fountains.

Then there was the parade!! What an amazing day of friends from all over the globe coming to the street of Washington DC to celebrate the monumental event.

Fan had a chance to see the Stanley Cup and have their picture taken – well some did!


We want to thank all of you who keep us going with your comments and your likes! Mel Abernethy and Brittney Marcum brought you some pretty cool photos that inspired other blogs to step up their game! Maggie was there to help get everything published as the three ladies continued their third season of running FiCP.

This is who we are, know our faces and be sure to say “hi” when you see us at MedStar Capitals Iceplex, Capital One Arena, or the many Capitals-related events we attend. We work as a team – here, there, and everywhere together!

chris brittneyChris Cleveland stepped it up as our Twitter King and now Social Media Guru – even though he has been IR with an upper-body injury this summer. He and photographer Brittney have been giving you great photos and video coverage after the playoffs while the rest of the team writes the narrative.

We welcomed these new writers to the team:

BryceBryce Jurkovac, a US Army vet who also plays hockey. He brought you great player analysis all season, from the perspective of a guy who plays the game. He takes our polls and writes what you think about players and the season as it progresses. He will be helping us to understand some of those strange game calls and moves.

parade caitlin manner bestCaitlin Manner is a USAF wife, a huge Capitals fan, and a busy buy mom of three. . She has written some great pieces from the fan perspective – including how to cut through lines for great food at Capital One — ok maybe she meant how to get a beer during intermission…

William Seward, another US Army vet  who hails from northern Minnesota where hockey is in their blood. He is a certified U-12 hockey coach and brings an off-beat humor to his posts. He knows all the ins and outs of practice and hockey moves.

velvet fatimaVelvet Jackson works at Capital One Arena and is in touch with you the fan on a personal level. She brought sorties about fans enjoying the games and helped us follow the Stanley Cup from parade to Fan Fest.

img_4994Michael Marzzacco joined the team this summer and already he is lighting up the reads for us. He will be at practice and games and telling the Caps story as he experiences the game from behind the glass. He is great at finding the best in everything the Caps do.

Daniel Johnson came on board just at the Caps hit their winning steak leading to the Stanley Cup. He will be back to provide more great analysis before and after games!

Returning this season are:

img_1770Maggie Marcum – the FiCP managing editor and  storyteller. She makes sure the team is writing what you want to read! And she helps out with the photography and videos too.

2017 draft Trotz Lily
Lily Meet Coach at NHL Draft

Lily Rosenberg writes for her high school paper about the Capitals. She too played hockey and knows the score–she has a thing about statistics! She may sneak in a n occasional Blackhawks piece just o expand our NHL knowledge. She hits the road with her family throughout the year so expect more on-site commentary from her

luisLuis Felipe Rodrigues brings us the story from the perspective of someone who watches the Capitals outside of the DC area. He lives in Brazil and is doing all he can to get friends in hot places interested in hockey!

Amanda White (Amanda from Winchester) writes for us when she has a chance. Another US Army vet, she is busy raising three kids who may have a future in hockey!

The 2018/19 season is nearly here. Training camp will be starting 14 September. There will new players added to the roster and some that we have seen in RED for the last time. And there will be a new coach.

Stick with us, and please ask your friends to give us a like too, as we go #backtoback for another GR8 year!

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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