Caps Captain to Redskins

After the scrimmage and off-ice work Sunday, players headed home. Except for our captain. He was on his way to the Redskins vs. Colts home opener.

Meanwhile Redskins linebacker Preston Smith came to FedEx Field rocking the red.

Alex Ovechkin arrived to be a part of the ceremonial coin toss before kickoff. The Redskins hope to follow the Caps footsteps and win a Super Bowl. They blew out the Cardinals and Ovechkin showed excitement for their good start to the season so far.

By the way, that #8 was not a Kirk Cousins jersey.

Dmitry Orlov and his wife were part of the Russian entourage:

It wasn’t a great night for the Skins but it was for Caps fans! And there were take home gifts too!

Also, 100 days ago this happened.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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