What’s in Your Cup??

The Stanley Cup has been on a world tour this summer and as it visits many different cultures on its journey, players and Caps personnel have filled it with any variety of things.

Surely, Lyla Oshie’s addition was one of the sweetest things put in a cup– or was it this adorable puppy??

Ok let’s be honest- mostly it has been filled with champagne or some other alcoholic beverages.

And because Alex Ovechkin did it first, there have been Cup Stands at most stops, including the Jimmy Fallon Show in New York. A tradition that started and ended with the Caps!

Some players and their families filled it with their favorite foods – including family traditions. Our personal favorite with Madison Bowey and his grandmother’s borscht.

And some have gone the family-friendly route loading it with fabulous deserts  like candy or ice cream.  Sooooo much ice cream!

And let’s not forget the fans who have sat their tiny tots on top for photos they will treasure for a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see the one with baby Sergei Ovechkin!!

Sometimes – the Cup was the food!!


The Cup gets a little rest now before returning to Washington DC and the raising of the championship banner at Capital One Arena. Rest well shiny silver cup until we meet again.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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