An Upgraded MedStar Capitals Iceplex – Welcomes Players and Fans

As we first reported in August 2018, the former Kettler Capitals Iceplex was undergoing a transformation into the new MedStar Captials Iceplex (MCI) . Mounmental Sports entered a new agreement with MedStar which included new naming rights for the ice rink that sits on top of Ballston Quarter mall.


Because we are always at the rink – we were able to watch part of the transformation. Our home-away-from home is all pretty again!

One of the most notable changes to the ice rink is the switch from red to blue in honor of MedStar’s color scheme. We began to see the change last week as the Capitals logo was peeled from the wall behind the bleachers in the Caps rink. Then came the patching and painting and a huge new logo. It is flashy and just what a Stanley Cup Championship team deserves!

No matter where you look, the MedStar stamp is everywhere – from doors to posters.

All the signs have now been changed to a blue background with the signature logo applied – even the daily schedule for the ice rinks includes the logo.

You will also be seeing a new backdrop for the media sessions:

Mci 2018-09-14-1046)

Be sure to give Medstar Iceplex a follow to find out about upcoming open skates and other activities.


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