They Like Us, They Really Like Us (Our Caps photos that is)

We launched this media outlet at the start of the 2015/16 season because we wanted to showcase the best moments of the Capitals in photos. Players, other blogs, and fans were already using and liking the pictures our photographer, Brittney Marcum, took at practice and during games so we thought, why not just create our own site to share those great for the fans, and of course the players.

Our name, Friends in Cold Places comes from a joke that Tom Wilson and Michael Latta liked and used so many of our pictures that we had become their “friends” around the ice–their private photographer. In these photos- Brittney took a picture of Latts, it was picked up by the Caps on the jumbo-tron during the next game, he liked it, so we printed it and gave it to him to honor his grandmother. And a new website was launched!!

We added a few stories about the Capitals that we thought you might want to read, and here we are today. We still take lots of photos and we love writing stories about the Capitals, the Hershey Bears, and the experiences we have following them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy taking photos and writing.

So,  excuse us now if we toot our own horn a little bit!

There is nothing more encouraging then to have the people you want to honor use your photos themselves. That has happened several times over the past three seasons of our coverage of the Caps. On occasion, they have even asked us to send them copies of photos for their own use.

Hands down our favorite is Alex Ovechkin. Alex used a photo we took of him kissing then fiance Nastya when he celebrated his 500th goal.

There were the times when players like Tom Wilson or Nate Schmidt used one of our photos for their own profile picture.

It always made us smile to see one of our pictures end up on a player’s Instagram account. By far our best subject and user of FiCP photos is Tom Wilson, followed by Nate Schmidt.  What’s really fun is to post a photo, have a player use it, and then watch other players and fans like it! Warms our hearts.

What would we be without Michael Latta???

And despite what you may think – we were the first to capture the Wilson-Burky pre-game bromance routine. It became the rage after Tom shared our photo.

We love taking pictures of Nate Schmidt – then and now.

We were touched when Brooks Laich used our photo in his farewell statement on IG.

Brooks liked our posts and we liked him!

Instagram Laich likes

They liked a few too!

Andre Burakovsky has had his fair share of injuries. The black eye surprised all of us. Mel caught it, Burky used it, and it went viral!


The Hersey Bears liked our photos, which we think is pretty awesome. We plan to spend more time up there this season to capture the players you may not yet know.

The wives and girlfriends have gotten in on liking the photos and sometimes using them. Gina Carlson and Lauren Oshie especially like photos of their guys so we always try to capture fun shots of them!

Vrarvara Orlova frequently likes photos of her husband. We had to laugh a little when Vravara cropped out Dima for her own photo!

Some of our photos and video get picked up by other outlets. Our photo of the decorations left by Marc-Andre Fleury on Brooks Oprik’s car during the playoffs in 2016 was picked up nationally. The Vegas Knights retweeted the selfie Brittney took with Nate Schmidt during practice when the Road Crew made it out to Vegas. And even local news outlet NBC Sports Washington used our video of the time Devante Smith-Pelly was hit with a puck during practice. They even used the video that night on the broadcast.


We are often surprised when we look back over our photos to see the number of likes from you and the players. Every now and then one catches us by surprise. Such was the case when we recently discovered that Penguins Evgeny Malkin liked a photo from development camp in 2017. Now that is an extended reach!!

Instagram like Malkin

We began this adventure as a mother-daughter team and over time we have added a few more writers and one photographer, Mel Abernethy, who is no longer working with us. Stick Tap to Mel for all her contributions and her friendship those first lean years.


We very much appreciate the attention from the players; however, we are even more humbled and thankful that you keep clicking and liking and sharing our contributions. We’ll keep Rocking the Red and capturing more moments as we go back-to-back in 2018/19!!

Tell us what you want to see more of. We are hoping to bring you even better photos from different angles around Capital One Arena and MedStar Ice Plex.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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