Kuznetsov the Pride of Chelyabinsk Brings Home the Stanley Cup

Traktor Ice Hockey Club is where Evgeny Kuznetsov began to make is mark on the hockey world. Chelyabinsk has always been home to the Kuznetsov family, although it was a home marred by the loss of a brother and a son. Wednesday was the day that all their sacrifices paid off as a proud and somber Kuzy walked the Stanley Cup into the Traktor.

Kuznetsov values his community and rich family roots. He supports the growth of hockey, including the special sport of sled hockey. In 2017 he donated uniforms to the youth team and acknowledged his support of a local orphanage. He doesn’t believe in making known his charitable works; however, it is clear that is a natural part of his nature. In an interview he said that he hopes one day to return and plant a new hockey school for children in Chelyabinsk.


This hockey town turned out in a big way for Kuznetsov and the big shiny cup! The long lines unfortunately meant that two hours set aside was not enough to get all the fans through. They ended up having to leave a little early because of the crush of the crowds, leaving many disappointed. Those that did were ecstatic! Rumor is he will return on Thursday.

The mayor of Chelyabinsk was there to honor Kuzy and his accomplishment with the Capitals. The regional governor, Boris Dubrovsky also visited the stadium and watched a game between Traktor and Vanguard (Omask) with Kuznetsov. The chairman for Vanguard also had time for his picture with the Cup.

Kuznetsov posed for photos with children and youth players from the hockey school.

And what would the day be like with good friend Stanislav Yarushin,  a well-known Russian television personality. And let’s not forget his lovely wife and daughter. He and his wife Anastasia were married on the ice in Chelyabinsk and she has long-supported his aspirations. And of course his dad who instilled in him a strong work ethic and is his biggest fan today.

After a day at the rink, it was party time Russian style. There were Cups stand, Photos, and music allll night long. Good times with good friends from throughout Russia.

Author: Maggie Marcum

Managing Editor for Friends in Cold Places.

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